Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.5

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.5 (LP)

This compilation serie is fucking impressive, this is the 5th volume and 80 bands has been introduced so far. And it's ONLY swedish bands, Turist i tillvaron is the proof that the swedish scene are fucking strong. There is bands from north to south and east to west and every volume have lot's of good bands from all kind of punk genres. I guess that everybody knows that we have a b big pile of good hc/crust bands but it's the soft/punkrock bands who have impressed most, like Vånna Inget, Nobelkommittén and Glidslem from the earlier volumes.

On this volume I will put some highlight on Brottsvåg! and The Volcano, two good punkrock bands. Gatans Lag is good as always, their song about hipsters is one of the best tracks this year, I have liked their street-ish punkrock from the beginning. More punkrock will you get from Math and the Blah Blah Blahs, Hjärtattack and Jealous Cowards. There is some good hardcore acts on this volume where Angelpiss is the first band out and probably the best as well, both Fredag den 13:e and Sub Alert has never been a disappointment for me and not this time either. Spiknykter and Utbrott are two new acquaintances and I like their hardcore punk.

UX Vileheads
sounds a bit like The Exploited and that can never wrong. Lurken Boogie Band is pretty fun but I think you have to be a swede to enjoy them, or? So who's left... Blåslampa, Vinnarcirkeln and Nedslagsplats. None of them are bad but the standard is high and all bands can't really make it all the way. A big thanx to Sörling who release this compilation serie, Vol. 6 will be out in March 2013.

GALE - Ecuadorian Grindcore

GALE, is formed in mid-2009, playing a dirty and rotten hc punk, which was reflected in our early demos. After several lineup changes, our rhythms became increasingly rapid and violent. Recording our first album "2010", giving concerts in different cities and participating in several national and international compilations. In July 2011 we recorded our second album, "Eres una Niña y te Encanta la Verga" with a much more accelerated sound.

The musical influences of each member have given the band a unique sound, focused on grindcore. We just finish recording our third album "Todos Valen Verga", it will be produce by Hybrid Music Records

GALE currently has a stable line-up which is formed by:
Pablo Muñoz - Vocals
Christian Armas - Guitar
Luis Cuysana -bass and vocals
Andrés Utreras - Drums





Review: The Bristles - Bigger than punk

The Bristles - Bigger than punk (CD)

Listen and learn... To Bristelize something is to take an orginal idea an make it heavier, harder and often better because of the rock n roll touch. That's exactly what The Bristles anno 2012 does. In this case is the original idea old school US hardcore like Minor Threat or Gorilla Biscuits but after the Bristelizing is the output something else, it is the sound of The Bristles. I think you know by now that The Bristles was formed in the early 80.s and they are just as pissed today as they were back in the days, the biggest difference is probably the lyrics, which are more mature today. And the political lyrics are fucking excellent with always current topics about the sick society. Two years have passed since their last album was released, I really liked that album (Reflections of the bourgeois society) and they continue almost like that album ended, but "Bigger than punk" is a bit harder but still with the punk rock feeling. The cover is awfull, but the music contents is fantastic. Finally, the reggae song Spirit Way isn't bad at all. 


Death by armborst - Slave state

Death by armborst is a new acquaintance, I don't know much about them but I got an email from them with a youtube link. This is a pretty new song and the video is pretty new as well



Unfixed video

Unfixed are a new project band founded by members of Meinhof. They are based in London,
visit their Bandcamp for a preview of their new album.

Unfixed - Fucking liar


Prins Carl - Swedish punkrock

Princ Carl from Västerås, Swedenare just about to release a new album. It is Noise of Sweden who release it. And you can get that album and much more from HERE And don't forget to visit Prins Carl who is together with Slaktrens the only good things hailing from the shit city Västerås.

Prins Carl - Your life your dream

Prins Carl - Emmy's song


Send your top-5 and win a 7"

Hey, it's time to summarize 2012. I want you to send your top-5 bestof lists. It can be about whatever you want. Like best moments/gigs/records/venues/ etc etc... but it has to be related to 2012. If you send your list to me at schizodistro@gmail.com will you have a chance to win a 7" from the distro. So come on. All top-5's will be published on the blog in December. I will put all lists in a hat and pick one of them, the one I pick will win a record from the distro. So, good luck...


News: Schizo Fanzine/Blog/Podcast

The situation of my mental health is still pretty bad. But my intention is to get Schizo #9 out before the end of the year. I will update this blog when I feel better. And the podcast will be a second priority. I am really sorry for all this. Reviews and stuff like that will come. You can as always read/download the earlier issues of Schizo Fanzine for free. If you wanna send stuff for reviews or wanna share something, just get in touch: schizodistro@gmail.com 

The Barcrawlers, I play the whistle
 Oh, by the way. It's now possible to listen to Burnt Cross on Spotify, I have upload their last 7" which I co-released, just press this link. And I hope you share this info
Burnt Cross – Break the law, not the poor


Interview: P.P.P Records

P.P.P is a new label from Sweden. Their first release was Spotlicks - Spott, bett & tårar 10". I will review that record soon in the future. I wanted to know more about P.P.P so I sent a few questions, and Pontus sent the answers pretty fast. 

1. Hey Pontus and Paul, the name of your label is P.P.P., I guess that two of the P's comes from your names, but what about the third P? How did you come up with the idea for a label?

Hey Micke! That is correct it is our names, the third P can stand for whatever you want haha. No it stands for Pålle, Pontus, Punk, we didnt have any good ideas for the labelname so we had to settle with that. We have had the idea for a label for some time and often when we drank a few beers we talked about it. So one day we decided to really do it, both of us are recordcollectors so we thought it would be fun to see how it is to actually release a vinyl by ourselfs.

2. Your first release was the Spotlicks 10" Spott, bett & tårar. How many copys did you press? And what do you think about Spotlicks?

We ofcourse like Spotlicks and what they do, otherwise we wouldnt release anything with them. The 10" is pressed in 500 copies.

3. What will your upcomming releases be? Any special bands you dream about to release?

There are some discusions about the next release but nothing is carved in stone so I cant say anything more at the moment. It would be really cool to release something with some favourite band, like Bäddat För Trubbel or Discharge haha

4. I know that Spotlicks are your friends, is it bands like them you will focus on or would you encourage bands to send their demos?

At the moment there is really not any need to send demos but maybe in the future. The next band that we release anything with (if everything goes as planed) are also friends to us, everything goes much smoother when we know tha people in the bands. It is ofcourse fun to help some friends band if we like what they do.

5. Are you just gonna release vinyl, or will it be any CDs in the future?

We will stick to vinyl, both me and Pålle are vinyljunkies and dont really care about cds.

6. Please, introduce yourselfs, have you been in any bands, made any fanzines etc? And please, list your top-3 gigs and records (from your collection)

My name is Pontus, I have played in a few punkbands but nothing really serious, we had fun though! Me and a frined wrote a fanzine called "Tristess Zine" a few years back, we released four numbers and had a great time doing it. Pålle have played in a few bands but its long ago, he played drums in HCHC a hardcore band from Stockholm.

Top 3 gigs and records are always hard but something like this:

Electric Wizard at Nalen, Stockholm a week ago. Probably the best gig I have ever been to.
The first time I saw Asta Kask when they started playing again. They played in Kafe 44, Stockholm and it was total chaos, so good! I think it was 2004 or something like that.
Ättestupa in Stockholm 2009 or something like that, great band and a great atmosphere!

Records, much easier:
Shitlickers - Cracked Cop Skulls 7", the best hc release ever.
Darkthrone - Panzerfaust LP, one album I always return to
Black Sabbath - We sold our soul for rock n roll - double LP, this is what started it all for me, early Black Sabbath is probably the best band in the universe.

And ofcourse Spott, Bett & Tårar! haha

7. Okey, let's finish this... anything you wanna add about P.P.P. Otherwise feel free to write what you want

Thanks for the interview! Good luck with your fanzine/blogg. If anyone want to order the 10" from us drop us a line att ppprecords@hotmail.com or at facebook.com/ppprecords


Schizo Info: Interviews, Podcast

Due to my current mental health situation will the podcast be postponed to next weekend. I hope it will be better soon. But the fucked up bureaucracy with rules of how long you are aloud to be sick listed have put me in a tough situation.

My new doctor (the third in just 1,5 years) has decided that I am much better now, after just 2 meetings, and without to tell me her thoughts did she tell the Social Insurance Office lot's of things so the whole situation became so different from what we had get along.

So I have been suffer of much more apathy and anxiety now, the cause why I got my sick list period extended was just that I was gonna avoid this problem. But this doctor had second thoughts. I don't know what is gonna happen now... But I am glad that I have my wife who supports me more than 100% 

Well, I have updated the [interview section] where you will find links to all interviews I have published on this blog. Some of the interviews are just parts of longer interviews which you will find if you go to the [Read / Download Schizo Fanzine section]

Interview: Buiten Gebruik

Yay, here is an interview with Buiten Gebruik from Holland. This is just a part of the entire interview that you can read in Schizo Fanzine #7. It's my friend Billie who answered my questions. In the fanzine is there also a couple of questions to Billies daughter Darcy.

So, how is it to play with the other lads in Buiten Gebruik. You told me about a new member in the band, who is that guy? You have good experience from other bands, what is the biggest difference between Buiten and your last band Sangre? What have you guys played in before?

it's just big fun with these kids to rock. With Cleverson I have had bands since 2000 and Peter was allready in the last line up from sangre. Only Leon is for us (musical) a new Jack but as a person he is also one we just know as a good friend... The new bandmember you talk about was when we asked Big John from the Exploited to play second guitar. he promised a few times to come a round but he never did. never trust a Hippy! Extra line...John is a cool guy....

The difference between Buiten Gebruik is the line up (new drums, one guitarinstead of 2 and one vocal instead of 2) and the language of the lyrics. With Sangre we sang in English because of the 2 nationalities of the vocalists (Polish and Dutch) but now I'm on my own i wrote all the lyrics in Dutch. And the name is Dutch too....BTW it means Out of Order! The music remains to be some sort of Dbeat!!

What do you prefer to write about? Is there still topics left for you to write about?

Good one, .the topics are indeed so hard to find. I should just sing about war as a Dbeatsinger but I did so far only 2, just because....uhm...uhm....Discharge does it too. Other lyrics deal about the problem that is from all times, that it's so hard to fit in society, that some friends are stupid, religion is a thankfull subject and let's not forget, the upcoming populism in Holland! Not even upcoming....just populism

Just another question about the tour we did earlier this year. Which place did you like most? Was the tour as you had expected from the beginning?

Fuck, which place I like most, I liked it all very much. Amsterdam I was expecting shit but quite some people showed up. Heerlen was typical last minute booked, in St Etienne we were lucky to play on the afterparty of a few days festival and Marseille was so hard to have any audience on a monday but so nice just to hang out there, a fucking weird city, and Liege was as always so fucking nice and drunk. That's why I couldn't hardly breath or talk in Louvain. Fuck the missing audience... it's just so good to see that there are people worldwide standing by to help us out with our stupid bands and give us food and shelter, sharing it all...man we are the happy few

What have you guys played in before?

Let's say, Buiten Gebruik contains members of Sangre, Fleas and Lice, Olho de Gato, Betercore, Boycot, Skint and probably some more...  Matka Teresa, Extreme Noise Error.

Buiten Gebruik @ Facebook



Spotlicks - Jämna plågor (Video)

Spott, bett och tårar is the name of the new Spotlicks 10". Jämna plågor is my favorite track from that 10" I will review that release in a few days and here's a video I made, with pictures from the Eurotour 2011 they did with me as some kind of tour manager. Get in touch with Spotlicks: spotlicks@gmail.com or @Facebook

Spotlicks - Jämna plågor


Review: The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

The Rebel Spell - It's a beautiful future

This album was released 2010, but it also could have been released around 1995 on Fat Wreck Chords, because it's that kind of music. I thought I was done with this genre, well I still listen pretty much to a few of the classic bands, but haven't been interested in any new bands since around 1999. I have to say that even if they sound much like Face To Face, Strung Out, Good Riddance (the list can be long) is The Rebell Spell a band with own ideas and I really like the melancholic touch in the vocals. This is not "skatepunk", not at all, so don't be affraid of that if that's a term that scares you. This is their second album and the difference isn't too big, the tracks on the first album was more straight on while it's more melodies and better composed music on this album. This Canadian band will probably get much positive feedback from Germany where this kind of melodic US HC always is popular. 


Review: Bottom Feeder - S/t

Bottom Feeder - S/t

This danish band will probably please a lot of different people, people who like slower crust via people who like death metal all the way to people who actually are into sludge, the last-mentioned genre is what they call themselfs. I use to think that this slow music is boring, but I really like Bottom Feder, they are dynamic even if the music is slow. This EP consists of 2 tracks and I think it is their second EP, it would have been fun to hear their 1'st and hear their development. These two songs have a total length of 12.30 minutes.


Schizo podcast is up

Alright, the podcast is up. You'll find it here:


Playlist: 1. Dogmatist - Demo, 2. Spotlicks - Jämna Plågor, 3. Buiten Gebruik - Indonesia, 4. Burnt Cross - Ian Tomlinson, 5. The Barcrawlers - The Craic was 90, 6. Sir Reg - Feck the Celtic Tiger, 7. M.O.R.A - Nollatoleranssi, 8. Riots - Oslo City, 9. Rövsvett - Nazzesvin, 10. Rövsvett - Kaffe, 11. Skitslakt - Den sista mohikanen


Schizo Podcast up on monday

The podcast have been a bit delayed because of  some technical boring shit. But it will be up on monday, hope you will be back and listen. And it's not live, I mix the whole thing and will make it possible to download as an MP3, maybe will I find some way to stream it as well. Do you have any ideas of how? Is Soundclad a good way? Cheers!


News: The Bristles

"The Bristles new album Bigger than Punk will be out November 2 2012. The album title’s follows the Dead Prez’, but concerning punk; the music is only a soundtrack to the revolutionary struggle.

The album co
ntains 11 tracks like “A Womans Work is Never Done” that deals with male chauvinism, “Holidays in Thailand” about western sex- and drugs tourism, and “the American Dream”, one of the biggest lies ever. The album also contains a dub song, Spirit Way, about drug abuse. An abuse the members of the band have put behind them.

The release is a cooperation between Switchlight Records, Turist i Tillvaron, Noise of Sweden and Heptown Records, and will be out both on cd and vinyl.

The album is produced by Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden & Vånna Inget)."

The Bristles @ Facebook

Trailer for the new album

Checkpoint Sweden, from their last album "Reflections of the Bourgeois Society"


Schizo Podcast

 Yes, Schizo Fanzine, Schizo Distro, Schizo Blog, and now Schizo Podcast. Yes that's true. I will record this podcast weekly, and it will be around 30-45 minutes. So if you want your band to be played, send your MP3's to schizodistro@gmail.com

Here is a couple of things I want from you

* MP3's (If you wanna send records or other stuff, ask for my address. I will always review everything I get on the blog and in the fanzine)
* If you're gonna send your music, don't forget to send some band info as well. 
* Info about tours and gigs
* Ads, you can record your own ads for the podcast
* Suggestions about topics

Podcast content

* Music (Punk, HC, Oi!, Crust, Ska, Irish)
* An old school chapter where I highlight old Swedish bands
* An irish chapter about bands who play all kind of irish folk music
* Thoughts, opinions, rants

I will always have a playlist for every show as well as contact info to all related stuff I talk about or play.

So come on now and help me to help you. Questions, suggestions, tips etc...



Against modern football

I support Hammarby (Sweden) and Celtic (Sco) as you probably know by now. But there is one thing we all need to unite against... Against modern football. There is too much business, money rule and supporters treats like criminals. I have been pepper sprayed some times and been beaten by the police a couple of times, and most of the times have I honestly been innocent. I have been ripped off so many times by expensive tickets, well the list can be long. And all I wanna do is to watch my team, party with my friends and I am NOT a Category C supporter. But still, the cops, association and media have their view that we are just a bunch of thugs. Here is a couple of links that I recommend you to watch, and "like" if you use Facebook.

Please, comment if you have any more links or if you have any opinions of this topic


Love the game, hate the business (Facebook)
Against modern football (Facebook)
Capitalism is destroying football (Facebook)

Försvara medlemsdemokratin - Bevara 51% regeln (Facebook. Swedish)

Antifa Football

Ultras against racism (Facebook)
Antifa Football teams (Facebook)
Antifa Ultras & Hools (Facebook)

Hammarby related
Ultra Boys (Web)
Bajen Fans (Web)
Bajenland (Facebook)

Celtic related

Green brigade Ultras  (Facebook)
Underground Celtic Supporters club (Facebook)

Ultras & Cat-C

www.ultras-tifo.net (Facebook)
Ultras Liverpool (Facebook)
Tifo O.Marseille (Facebook)
Ultras Inside (Facebook)
Ultras Livorno (Facebook. Italian)


Hail Hail Glasgow Celtic radio Facebook / Web

Charlie and the bhoys (Facebook)


And here is one of my own songs... Sjuttisju - Hat (From Skit i stan Gullmarsplan)
You can get both my records from iTunes, the are also available from Spotify,
where you can buy them as well
Skit i stan - Gullmarsplan (iTunes)
Ett lag - En kärlek (iTunes)


Review: Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

Songs for snakes - Charcoal Heather

A whole bunch of bands come up in my mind when I listen to Songs for snakes. Not bands I ordinary use to listen to, but still, bands I don't mind listen to. Like Descendents, Fugazi and Hüsker Dü. American indie/punk with a lot of melancholic melodies. I am not sure I would play this album at a party, but alone while driving a car with some deep thoughts about life would be perfect. The minor key chords dominate and the vocals fits perfect to the music. I can just congratulate Songs for snakes to a great job, this album is really nice. Sidewalk Rider and Half Life must be the strongest tracks among many strong tracks. Another good thing with Songs for snakes is that they are a DIY band, that will always be a good thing in my book. 

Review: Dogmatist - Obedience

Dogmatist - Obedience
(Raw Birth Records - rawbirthrecords.blogspot.com)

Alright, do you like raw, distorted hardcore with a japaneese/finish sound? Well, then you're gonna get this record. And Dogmatist isn't from even Japan or Finland. It's a Danish band and sound quite like Kylma Sotaa, Disclose and a bit like Anti-Cimex and many more. It's a total distorted blast and the sound is still good. I like the vocals, they reminds of D-clone. Dogmatist was formed earlier this year (2012) and I hope they will exist for a long time. It's always fun with bands who is this good hailing from countries that is not so famous for the genre. Don't be surprised if there will be a Dogmatist interview in Schizo Fanzine in the future because these 8 tracks was totally brilliant.

News: Down to kill

Down to kill released a LP on Righteous Anger Records. That album is called Born to die. You can listen to those13 tracks for free here: http://righteousangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/born-to-die

About Righteous Anger Records
Righteous Anger Records is a small non-profit DIY label, distro and promotions based in north Wales, UK. We are part of a worldwide collective of DIY labels, bands and artists. Our other half is a Righteous Anger Promotions who put on gigs every now and again in north Wales including past Dirty Weekend Festivals.

Righteous Anger Records
Righteous Anger Records @ Facebook


Tune into the resisstance

Ungovernable Resistance have done some changes in their air time. The punk edition will from now on be on fridays. You will get more info here: http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is the updated flyer and a new flyer I've made for U.R (Please share them if you want)


I recommend: Dogmatist from Denmark

Recommendation Week 41 - 2012
I will start to update once in a week with a band I really wanna recommend. It will be bands in all genres, big or small, old or new... it doesn't matter. The first band will be Dogmatist from Denmark who play distorted and raw hardcore. They was formed earlier in 2012 and the plan was to do a Finland tour in September which I don't know if they did. Here is the A-side from their demo called "Obedience"


Schizo interviews

Here's just a few of all interviews I've made. Read all interviews in the fanzine where you will find even more (and longer) interviews which you can read or download for free... just push the read/download button. I must say it's a really good mix of band and genres, I am really satisfied, it's all good bands and people. This list of bands will just grow for every year, I love this.Enjoy!

Dissekerad (Swe)
Meinhof from (UK)
Moral Dilemma (UK)
Gelo (It)
Toxik Ephex (UK)
Really Fast Records (Swe)
Partiya (Belarus)
Ungovernable Resistance DIY (UK)
Subculture (UK)
The Bristles (Swe)
Extensity (Spain)
Sörling/Turist i tillvaron (Swe)
Asta Kask (Swe)
Power is poison 1 I Power is poison 2 (NL)
Glidslem (Swe)
Sir Reg (Swe)
Makabert Fynd (Swe)
Spotlicks (Swe)

Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Fin)
                                              Here is some fanzines I made in the 90's


Interview: Dissekerad

Dissekerad are a pretty new band from Stockholm, Sweden. They deliver classic D-beat and consist of members from Makabert Fynd among others. It is Mattis who answered my questions about their new tracks, gigs and much more. So sit back and enjoy...

Okey, here we go, please start to introduce the band, members, other bands etc

Well, I'ts me Mattis on guitar, Poffen- vocals, Andre- Bass and Pyri on the drums. We started up like 6 months ago when we celebrated my birthday. I've always wished to have a band with Pyri and I've played with Andre before when he used to be Makabert fynds bass player. Poffen still plays with me in makabert fynd. We made a demo and I was really saticfied with the outcome so we kept on playin. 1 year ago i ment..hehe To include, Pyri is my neighour

Pyri and Mattis

Aight, so what kind of music is it, is it another Dis-band with the Discharge logo, or why Dissikerad?

We play straight swedish d-beat hardcore. I can't say we sound a lot like Discharge. The idea of the name come more from what it means than a Dis-name. I came up with it when I wrote some lyrics a while ago. But ofcourse... I love Discharge!!!!

Okey, and you have recorded 11 tracks this weekend, what will you do with those tracks?

Its gonna be an LP on some label. We have offers but we have not yet decided which one we will use. Maby we'll do an european release and an american, as I said.. we havent decided yet. We are still mixin it and we'll see when its finnished. To add.. we also have wishes on some labels that we will send to..

Okey, sounds cool. Have you done any gigs, or will the gig 22 october be the first?

We did a gig on the Punks 44 gig this summer and we will play with D-Clone, Kylmä sota, mob 47, Desperat, Sex dwarf etc on october 20th. After that we dont have any gigs booked. We will probably get some after the LP is released

It's a great line-up for a gig. What do you expect for that gig?

Well, we are really honored ofcourse to play with all those great bands. I really think its gonna be a killer gig. Lots of punk rockers that will tear down the place..hehe Oh.. Kontatto is also playing

André handle the bass

Haha, we hope so, I wish I could come that evening, but it doesn't work. Yeah, Kontatto is really familiar with Sweden now, it's a good band and good people. By the way, which labels do you want to release your LP?

Hm, well there's a bunch of awesome labels. Skrammel is one ;0), D-beat & rawpunk, De:nihl, Prank, Feral ward... I can keep goin on for ages hehe

There is a lot of good swedish labels at the moment, that's cool. What do you think of the diy scene in Stockholm and Sweden?

I think its great! Its turning up great new labels and clubs/venues more often now. Stockholm can get better I think, if you compare to other countrys in europe we can still get better

Yeah, I guess you have been around pretty much with Makabert Fynd and have seen a lot of difference. What and where would be the perfect gig for Dissekerad?

I think the gig october 20th is gonna be perfect. I also think we would fit Punk Illegal and Svartmyra

Yeah, it seems like Punk Illegal will be back next year so we can just hope you'll play there. What do you think about Punk Illegal?

I've been there twice and I love that festival. Both of the times I went there I saw a bunch of awesome bands. I also think the park they use is really cozy and the atmosphere is super. Great festival!!

So well, if we try to end this, you have the gig and the lp for the future, but if you would dream, what would you want to happen more in the future then?

Well, to make great records,gigin and having fun!

Okey, any last words?

See you at kafe 44!

Dissekerad @ Facebook

Dissekerad - Undergången är nära

Interview: Meinhof

Here's an interview with Meinhof from UK. It's Jarek who answered my questions about the band, the scene, Sweden and much more. A big thanx to him and to the band who I consider as one of the best existing bands in this genre right now. 

Ok, let's go. Please, start to introduce the band members. Do you play in other bands as well? And what else do you do except playing punk?

I play the guitar, and mostly do the songs... Rosy sings and plays the bass, Frank is our drummer. I also play in Unfixed, but it is like playing in the same band, haha... Well, it is hard to say what else I do except playing punk, as I am a normal, regular person doing loads of stuff every day... Even if mostly it is connected with punk, then still I wouldn't know where to start...

Ok, well we don't need the long story now so let's continue. You have done at least two gigs in Sweden, at Punk Illegal, what do you remember from those gigs, and the festival?

The fest is very impressive and well organized... I think this organizing must be a Swedish thing, haha... I remeber great shows, cool punx from allover the world and nice atmosphere! I noticed, that the last time we played, in 2011, there was not really good turn up... And the event did not happen this year... Must be some problems with the fest, I guess.

Yeah, the most things with Punk Illegal is really impressive. The festival will probably be back in 2013. And while we are into the DIY thing, what do you think of the DIY scene of today? You have toured many countries so you must have seen pretty much?

The DIY punk scene is pretty the same all over the Europe, however it seems, that it is better organized in some countries... I don't wanna point them, as usually we meet very cool people who try their best with the opportunities they have at their hands, so I wouldn't make feel someone "worst" because of his origin... In general, the scene is still strong, but unfortunatelly there are less and less people involved in it, year by year... Maybe that's not the best to compare to 90's... but yes, 90"s were massive compering to contemporary scene.

And if we continue with Meinhof in particular, how would you describe your music and your lyrics for those who will see/hear you for the first time?

Definitelly we play d-beat, as I consider "d-beat" as the way to play the drums, not a style... We are trying to make it a crusty way, but with a healthy dose of melody... Our lyrics usually express our "polical" views, and there is loads of sadness and depressive stuff on them, but on the other hand, we are trying to spread some optimistic stuff as well, as I personally think, that punk is the only solution and answer. At least, it is working for me!

That 's true, so I guess your opinion for fashion punks and poser punks etc is not the best?

Well, there is an importance for punk to be "colorful", if you know what I mean? This way, punk was never fully commercialized or fashioned by music business. In short, there is a space for so called "fashion" punx, however I don't feel qualified to judge other people by the music they listen or clothes they wear... I think attitudes and beliefs are much more important, so it is more complex thing...

Last year when I was on the Spotlicks/Buiten Gebruik tour did I met older punks who didn't know what a "distro" was for an example. Well, we might not be able to judge people but I thought it was strange. Ok, so which bands will you get your influences from?

I think, that some punks are not well aware of DIY punk scene existence, so maybe it is better not to judge them, but to try, but to try to introduce it to them... Some of them will get it quickly, I bet. Some of them will be assholes anyways, haha... OK, what influeces? Swedish hardcore, of course!!! Hahaha...

Yeah, one of them actually bought a record from me, so I might have learned him haha. It's really strange for me, if I look at swedes in general to understand how we can be one of the countries who influence bands from all over the world with aggressive music. We are not aggressive people. I guess it must be the free music school the kids learn to handle their instruments. Please, write a few lines of each album you've released

I did an interview with Victims drummer some years ago, to my own punk zine... And that's what he said; Swedish kids are better provided and looked after by government to be good musicians... First album, "The Rush Hour Of Human Misery" is a traditional crust-punk with untraditional "drummer"... "Under The Burning Sky Of Future Events" is our expression of love to some talented Swedish kids, especially Avskum, haha... And the drummer is already traditional! "8 Drops Of Blood" is our best achievement, in my personal opinion. And the last record, "Mother" could be a side B for "8 Drops Of Blood", haha...

Ok, as we'll keep this interview pretty short will I ask you if you have any last comments and what is your future plans?

Thanx for interview. My future plan is to play with my 5 yeras old son, Erik.

Meinhof @ Facebook
Meinhow website


Schizo will be back soon

During the summer have I've been very slow with updates, and so even after the summer. But don't worry, I will be back soon with more continual with reviews and more stuff. I really hope you enjoyed the summer.



Gig: Gatans musik (amazing line-up)

Punk till förmån för Stockholms hemlösa.

Situationen för Stockholms hemlösa ser mer desperat ut än tidigare år och antalet uteliggare ökar. Gatans Musik, med hjälp av ett gäng oldscholl Punk band och Fryshuset anordnar Stödgala där all eventuell överskott oavkortat går till Situation Stockholms verksamhet.

Banden som spelar är:

ALONZO & FAS 3 [sthlm]
BITCH BOYS [sthlm]
THE BRISTLES [landskrona]

Ingen åldersgräns. Öl/vin-bar finns på övervåningen/balkongen.

Pris: 160 kr i förköp / 195 kr på dörren.
Info om biljettsläpp inom kort.

MORE INFO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/401368779928417/

Comming soon: Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta 12"


7" For sale: from my private collection (PART 1 & 2 of 3)

Ask for details... schizodistro@gmail.com


3-way cum - Battle of opinions [Sound pollution]
Swedish crustpunk recorded back in 1993. Black vinyl

Against Me!
Tracks: Jordans 1.st choice, Those anarchopunx are mysterious, Reinventing Axl Rose, We did it all for Don. Black vinyl

A.O.C - Rapelle toi didier [One by one Rec]
Really good Oi! from France. Black Vinyl

Chiatiks - On en a bavé [Crânes Blasés Rec]
French Oi punk from the 90's. Limited 937/999. Black vinyl

Colt 45 - Usch då. From 1987. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Visst fan! From 1988. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Huu jaa. From 1990. Black vinyl
Swedish punk band who released these 3 7"s

Constant State of Terror - Liberation [Inflammable Material Rec.]
This is one of my favorite bands from The UK. Good hard punk. Black vinyl

Cruelle Section - Oi! E.P [One by one]
Don't know much 'bout this French Oi! band. This ep was recorded 1997. Black vinyl

Endless Struggle - Leathers, studs and punks [Charged rec]
Poserpunks who play really good streetpunk. Black vinyl

Forca Macabra
Raw hardcore/trash from Finland. Black vinyl

The Gaia - No.1 [Six weeks]
Raw hardcore from Japan. Released 1994. Black vinyl

Hazardous Waste - Another warning [Lazy Records]
Hardcore from Finland. Released in the mid-90.s. Black vinyl

Hellkrusher - Dying for who [Tribal war]
Raw punk from UK. One live side and one studio side. Black vinyl

The Informers - 45 rpm
UK Punkrock. Don't know more about this 7". Black vinyl

Kazjurol - Messengers of death [Uproar Rec]
This is the Swedes first 7", released on legendary Uproar Rec in1987. Black vinyl

Kurbits IR - Inget liv [Really Fast]
13 fast Swedish rawpunk tracks from 1996. Black vinyl


NOFX - Single of the month #1. Black vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #9 Light blue vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #10. Black vinyl
Fat Wreck Chords released 12 7"s, one of each month with NOFX 2005

Otakt - En alternativ livsstil
4 tracks of Swedish punk from 1987. Black vinyl

Razzapparte - Gente senza poesia [Resta rude Rec]
Italian Oi/Street. 5 tracks on Black vinyl

The Rude Kids - Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers
Really RARE 7" from Sweden. This is one of the most classic song. Black vinyl

Skitsystem - Beväpna er
Limited 85/245. A really cool EP with Skitsystem playing a cover of the famous Ebba Grön song Beväpna er. I suppose this EP is hard to find now. Red vinyl

Stalin's Daughter - Oktoberfest
Cool US Hc/Punk from 1988. Black vinyl

TEST A - Sound der strasse [Oi Hammer]
German Oi! from 1997. Black vinyl

White Flag - Live! Bleeding' in Sweden 1986
Classic band, recorded this in Gävle, Sweden 1986. Black vinyl

V/A Never again - An anti-fascist compilation
Totuus, Wind of Pain, Hiastus, TPL, Forca Macabra, Kirous, Ghost of mankind, Uutuus
Nice compilation from the mid-90's

V/A Emergency Broadcast Systems - Volume 2
Assück, Crain, Schedule, Friction
punk/hc/grind. Black vinyl

V/A Oi! It's party time for real. Working class kids Vol.3 [One by one rec]
Bovver '96, A.O.C, The Suspects, Riot Squad
3 US bands and 1 French. Oi! on Black vinyl

V/A Six ways to fuck shit up [Pumpkin records]
Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, Dead Subverts, De Reclassering, Power is poison
Anarch punk compilation. Black vinyl

Asta Kask / Crispy Nuts Split 7"
Sweden Vs. Japan. Playing 2 tracks each And both bands play a cover of the other band


Interview: Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma from UK is one of my favorite bands. I missed them at Punk Illegal when they played there for some years ago, too bad, but I hope I will get another chans sometime. Here is a part of the interview that will be published in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out before the end of 2012.


Hello, tell me about your summer 2012, you did a tour with the legendary D.R.I, did you have a good time on the roads?

Yea the D.R.I tour was great, for the most part is was us and D.R.I with metal bands every night due to them being a "cross over" band. We always liked the idea of playing with bands of a different genre, and weren't too sure how a predominantly metal audience would take to our music. But fortunately they where open minded and seemed to really enjoy what we where doing. It was cool to see guys in Manowar t-shirts down the front waving devil horns and head banging, which isn't what we're used too so it was a refreshing change and a lot of fun
Please, write some lines about each member of the band

I'm Craig- I play guitar, I sing, I have an unhealthy obsession with movies, Chloe plays bass and sings, loves yoga, and is doing a phd in english literature. Pasty plays drums and is called Pasty because he is from Cornwall home of the cornish pasty

What is your lyrics about?

Our lyrics tackle things that we feel are important. Generally the things within society that angers us and  that we would like to see change. To summarise some of the themes without getting into specifics: Exploitation, struggle,  injustice, and our governments roll within international politics etc.

What is you influences, and what characterize your sound?

We all listen to completely different things, when we're touring what comes on the stereo in the van usually sounds like some kind of crazy spastic mix tape, we can go from listening to Tragedy to Motown classics, to Bob Marly to James Brown to the Swinging utters, to Fear and the Circle jerks, to Ike and Tina. We've NEVER made a conscious effort to sound like a particular band.

We don't really categorize our sound, its too difficult to do as our sound can change quite dramatically from song to song we just call ourselves a punk band, I find sub genres to be boring and tedious, and always under scrutiny from someone else's definition.

Read the entire interview in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out before the end of 2012


Interview (Schizo blog): Moral Dilemma about summer 2012
Schizo review: Moral Dilemma - Under surveillance 7"

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moraldilemma

Punk Illegal Festival 2013

Yeah, it seems like the best swedish punk festival will be back in 2013. They will have a meeting about the festival in the end of September. It has been the most important punk festival in Sweden for a long time with lot's of Swedish and international bands. The two years I visited the festival was really fantastic. Even if I won't be able to visit the festival 2013 will I really hope that they will arrange it. Take a look at the Facebook page (in Swedish) and wish your favorite bands to the fest.

Punk Illegal 2013 @ Facebook
Punk Illegal @ Facebook

"What is Punk Illegal?
Punk Illegal is an active part in the No One Is Illegal network (IMäI), and is an autonomous, nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness and support hidden refugees here in Sweden. We organizing shows and an annual festival to support and raise money for this cause. The work is entirely DIY-based therefore we totally depend on the efforts of our volunteers."

Among the bands we've had you will find: Asta Kask, Assassinators, Atomvinter, Avskum, Baboon Show, Behind Enemy Lines, Beyond Pink, Conflict, Cress, Dia Psalma, Disfear, Diskonto, Doom, Drop Dead, E.A.T.E.R, El Banda, Extinction of Mankind, From Ashes Rise, Gorilla Angreb, Imperial Leather, Inepsy, Inner Terrestrials, Kamikatze, Kvoteringen, Martyrdöd, Masshysteri, Meanwhile, Mob 47, Moderat Likvidation, Moral Dilemma, Nuclear Death Terror, Oi Polloi, Palm, Project Hopeless, Regulations, Restarts, Riistetyt, Sju Svåra År, Skitkids, Skitsystem, Subhumans, Tysta Mari, Uncurbed, Varukers, Victims, Vicious Irene, Warcollapse, Wolfbrigade, World Burns to Death and many more.


Schizo banner

Here is a new banner I made which will be on http://www.podunkradio.com/ It's a simple banner but sometimes I really like it that way. Simple but informative. Please use it on your site if you want.


Download: Diskent - Demo

Diskent was my old band hailing from Haninge 25 km from Stockholm. We wasn't too serious but we had fun and recorded around 40 tracks. Bands that influenced us was MOB 47 and Assück. The line-up was: Micke - Guitar/Vocals, Daniele - Bass/Guitar, Jonny - Drums. We had another band called Pass Out together with 3 other members. Diskent just did one gig. Here is 15 tracks for free. If you want more info or have any questions, send an email to: schizodistro@gmail.com

Check out this if you wanna know how we sounds like.

Download: Von Bööm - Demotape

If someone from the band want me to remove this, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com (Wanna buy this tape? Send an email with a cost proposal)

Von bööm started in 84 and and recorded a demo, some of the songs are released on the LP compilation " Really Fast" # 3. The band played for a while but they decided to quit. In 88 the band started again with a couple of other guys. One demo was recorded. The band broke up again. In 95 the band started once again, and once again with other members. 2004 was the year for the latest re-union. Back with vengeance, old punks never die
I borrowed this info from: http://www.swedishpunk.com

This demo was recorded 1995, three new tracks and one old (Köpt kärlek) I guess that this demo is pretty rare. So download it now if you wanna hear one of all classic swedish bands original from the 80.s

Von Bööm on Youtube (this song is not on the demo)

Download: Pass Out, punk from Stockholm

Pass Out was formed sometimes back in 1994 and existed for about 5 years. Some of our highlights was the gig in Göteborg which was a blast. We did also a gig at Smash the discos who was arranged by Farliga Firman in Stockholm. I noticed that some people liked the youtube clip I have made. So I took our 2.nd and 3.rd recordings and zipped them into a rar.file which you can download for free.

Pass Out was a 6-piece band and we all had different influences I guess it's possible to hear that we're no copycats. I made most of the music and some lyrics and I was most influenced by punk and Oi! And that's probably our main sound. The saxophone made much for the sound too. // Micke (Schizo)

Please send your comments or if you want more info to: schizodistro@gmail.com

Here is 3 tracks, the first is from our second recording and the other two is from our third recording.


Review: M:40 - Diagnos (CD)

M:40 - Diagnos (CD)

Shit pommes frites. I love Swedish M:40 and when they kickstart with the title track Diagnos is it not hard to understand why. They are extreme, they are so fucking raw, and this is the best they have done so far. It smells Skitsystem and it almost smell Massgrav. The song titles isn't something you will laugh at... "Väck mig vid slutet", "Vid rännstenens skam" and "Vi bär på smittan", find an english-swedish dictionary an check those titles up. The lyrics isn't easy to hear so it sucks that they are almost even harder to read, fucking punk lay out. That's the only disturbing issue with this CD. My favorite tracks is the ultra raw "Diagnos", the desperate "Väck mig vid slutet" and the dark hardcorecrust song "Avfall".


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