Review: The Bristles - Bigger than punk

The Bristles - Bigger than punk (CD)

Listen and learn... To Bristelize something is to take an orginal idea an make it heavier, harder and often better because of the rock n roll touch. That's exactly what The Bristles anno 2012 does. In this case is the original idea old school US hardcore like Minor Threat or Gorilla Biscuits but after the Bristelizing is the output something else, it is the sound of The Bristles. I think you know by now that The Bristles was formed in the early 80.s and they are just as pissed today as they were back in the days, the biggest difference is probably the lyrics, which are more mature today. And the political lyrics are fucking excellent with always current topics about the sick society. Two years have passed since their last album was released, I really liked that album (Reflections of the bourgeois society) and they continue almost like that album ended, but "Bigger than punk" is a bit harder but still with the punk rock feeling. The cover is awfull, but the music contents is fantastic. Finally, the reggae song Spirit Way isn't bad at all. 

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