Statement from Good Times Records

I am really sad to hear that the great label Good Times Records will shut their label down.
They have released some really good skate hardcoretrash bands, so take a look at their
Myspace or find them on Facebook if you wanna know more about their releases.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/xgoodtimesdistrox


So after thinking long and hard bout it i've decided to call it quits with good times records. Lack of interest from everyone including myself is the main reason. Its been going for 5 years, and i have released some rad bands and made life long friends all over the world because of it. I still have four releases coming out, shock futuro 7 inch, john hussey demo, un quarto morto final ep and i hate this discography so be sure to get htem as they will be limited copies. Bands that wanted to do releases with me i'm sorry, start your own label and give it crack! I still have releases and distro stock so i will be selling it next to nothing so if you have bought something off me in the past expect an email with the list. I'm also not booking shows anymore unless its for one of my bands, no such luck, PDM or in defence when they decide to tour. So yeah thanks for all the support, but its time to put my time and effort into something different. Xx


Suffer the pain (swedish)

I got this mail from Suffer the pain


Checka in nya bandet Suffer The Pain (Punk/Metal). Demon The Death (som innehåller 4st egna låtar och Bloody Hammer, Roky Erickson cover) finns att lyssna på här: http://sufferthepain.bandcamp.com/ och kommer snart på kassett

Om nån är intresserad av att släppa The Death på vinyl så är det bara att höra av sig

Hade / Suffer The Pain


Review: Sir Reg - A sign of times

Sir Reg - A sign of the times (Spotify)


My friends are just getting more and more famous for every time I write about them. And that's sweet, I like Sir Reg, but... a big but, I can't I hail them as much as I want this time. A big reason
is probably that they are so fantastic musicians, the production is too good for my punk-ears. Sure, the songs are strong but I want it more dirty. I am not surprised that Paddyrock.com choosed this album as the best of the year, because it is really good "paddyrock" and not "celticpunk" even if the lyrics have interesting messages and not just "blah blah beer and whiskey". Another thing I like is the vocals, I have always been in love with Brens voice, I remember when we played Fishermans Blues in our band The Barcrawlers, but that belongs to the past. Come on bhoys and ghirls, get it more dirty for me before it's too late.

Listen to the tracks here, buy the CD if you like them.

Sir Reg – A Sign Of The Times


Review: The Radars - Anywhere but here (CD)

The Radars - Anywhere but here (CD)

I have never been a sucker for The Clash and even if it sounds like The Radars got much influences from them I will not say that this fullenght is a pure copy of The Clash. No, it's much better, MUCH better. It's almost like if they have taken over from where the swedish band Monster ended. But... it's even better, Monster had a couple of good hitsongs while The Radars delivers in almost every song. If I could re-write my top 10 for 2011 The Radars should be on that chart. All the catchy guitar and vocal melodies is magnificent. The feeling of skapunk is constant, even when it's not any backbeat, I guess that the horn-section together with the beats make the feeling even stronger. What else can I say? Well, the lyrics are short, simple but still very honest often about situations in life. I can just send a big congratulate to the norwegiean label Svindel Records who released this CD. And of course a big congratulate to The Radars for this success.

Review: Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary (CD)

Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary (CD)

Here's Burnt Cross again, and I guess you already know by now that they belongs to one of my favoritebands ever. Just like before is this CD co-released, this time by 10 labels, fucking impressive. This is a collection with the tracks from their previous seven inches. You will also get two covers (Mob violence by Apostles and They Kill Dogs by Existance) and demo tracks and one unreleased track. So this CD is for you who own all their 7" but don't own a gramophone (fucking collectors haha, throwing bricks in glass house). But this CD are also for you who haven't discover Burnt Cross yet. Uh ah, fuck it... this CD is for everyone who like anarchopunk in the veins of Conflict, Crass etc... I can just say that Burnt Cross is better than the old classic bands. Don't miss this band, get the CD now!

Review: Bersicker from UK

Bersicker (CD-r)

Bersicker is a pretty new band from UK. And they have a classic UK sound, I am thinking of bands like The Varukers and Chaos UK. The vocals are distinctive in the way that they are filled with echo, that sounds actually really good. There's 3 tracks on this CD, the first is just like an intro, but the other 2 tracks is hardcorepunk in the same high class as the best UK82 bands. It will be fun to see what Bersicker will release in the future. It wouldn't surprise me if they'll do a split 7" or an fullenght CD, because if they write more songs like these will they have material for a fullenght for sure.


Argentina punk (spanish)

Here's a documentary about fanzines and punk in Argentina. It's all in spanish,
I wish they could translate it because it looks really interesting...

UNA PARTE es un mega proto documental sobre la movida punk en Tucuman(Argentina) e incluye un capitulo sobre la escena hardrocker de 1980, dos capitulos sobre la movida hardcore y punk en 1990 y uno sobre la movida fanzinera


Sir Reg on tour February 2012

Here's the tour dates for Sir Reg's "Dying to rebel-tour"

02.02.2012 Swe / Helsingborg / Metalbaren Tivoli
03.02.2012 Ger / Essen / Cafe Nord w/ The Real McKenzies & The Porters
04.02.2012 Ger / Berlin / SO36 w/ The Real McKenzies & The Porters & more FolkPunkRockFestival
05.02.2012 Ger / Platenlaase / Cafe Grenzbereiche
06.02.2012 Ger / Berlin / WhiteTrashFast Food, acoustic Show (2 sets)
08.02.2012 Ger / Köln / Sonic Ballroom
09.02.2012 Ger / Jena / Rosenkeller
10.02.2011 Ger / Altenburg / Finnegan´s Irish Pub
11.02.2011 Ger / Castrop-Brauxel / Bahía de Cochinos
12.02.2012 Ger / Hamburg / Knust w/ Talco

SIR REG is for lovers of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Men They Couldn't Hang, The Dubliners, Dropkick Murphys and others in the celtic/folk/rock/punk style.

WANDERLUST out now on Gummopunx Records!

WANDERLUST ep(Ex Sick Mormons) out now on Gummopunx Records!
Only 500 pressed!
Recorded at the Amsterdam Recording Company by Sean!
Artwork by Kim David Bots!
 Wholesale 3 euros(From 5 copies is wholesale price)
Trades are also welcome.
Normal sale price 4,50 euro
In Holland 5,50 postpaid Europe 7,50 postpaid.
Listen to 2 songs here:
Or here:
Still availble on Gummopunx Records:
Funeral Oration-The Godsend lp
Amsterdamned Lp(clear/black vinyl(
Amsterdamned ep(White/black vinyl)
Sick Mormons 2nd ep


Crise Total from Portugal

Here's a mail I got from Manolo...

"Libertarian salutations people,hope you had a great start to this year and that it will be a lot better than the last one,here's a few things for your cool distro!Peace!(Manolo)
So in conjunction with http://www.nacion-libre.net we have put on their site 2 of our cd's up for FREE download,the '96 "E a crise continua..."released by Fast'n'Loud and also our 25th aniversary live cd with recordings done in the early '80's at the Rock Rendez-Vous venue "Bem viva no R.R.V.",so if you want them feel free to get them,it has been put together in one zip folder to make it easier to download,both artworks are in there...ACT,RESIST'N'FIGHT!!

Info & Download Page:
Direct Link to Download in OGG: http://www.nacion-libre.net/descargar.php?id=21

Direct Link to Download in MP3:

It's already out the split 7" between veteran HC/Punk bands White Flag and Crise Total! Both were born in 1983 and both are a reference of the International Punk scene. The Americans White Flag who are LA natives have visited Europe quite a few times and have in their portfolio tenths of releases and have over the years crossed ways with such bands as Social Distortion, Germs, Bad Religion and the Melvins amongst many others,their shows always marked by their polemic posture and their thought provoking themes,3 tracks that show them at their best. As for the Portuguese Crise Total,a cult band from the Portuguese underground and pioneers of the Anarcho-Punk Movement in that country we have here their first record with their new line-up since 2008 with original members Manolo(vocals) and Rui Ramos(guitar) and the new recruits Rattus(bass) from Albert Fish and Johnny(drums) from Asfixia,Simbiose,2 tracks showing their anti-capitalistic/political stance as always.

Edição/Released by: Zerowork Recs, Can I Say Records, Your Poison
Records, Oi! Shop.
Mail order(5 Euros+post):zerowork@hotmail.com


ilandsproblem (swe)

I got this mail from Robin/I-landsproblem. Review will be up later this week

"Hej kära bloggare/zineist

vi har spelat in 2 nya låtar, och folk gillar det... men vi måste få ut att de finns.
vi letar efter bolag och och hjälp att kunna pressa skiten på vinyl.

ladda ner/lyssna på dem här http://ilandsproblem.bandcamp.com
ni finner även förra demon med 5 låtar där med.

kan även tipsa om att boken "blod, eld död" är en jävulskt kul läsning.

ha det bra/ilandsproblem"


Fanzines as hell

Don't forget to take a look at http://punksishippies.blogspot.com/
the best online fanzine archive with lot's of zines from all over the world.
You can download/read/print the fanzines, some are new and some are old.

So, don't hesitate, go there now!


Reviews: A bunch of new reviews

Here's some reviews of records that I lost when I moved. But I found them again and here's the result. These reviews will also be published in Schizo Fanzine #8. Thanx for sending your releases to me. 

Always War - Vengeance prevail (CD)
(A poor excuse)

This kind of metal hardcore really bore me to death. But yes, they know how to play and it doesn't sound bad, but still... it's so boring. I don't really know what else I can write. If I had been more interesting in this music could I have done some namedroping but I don't have any bands in my mind that I can compare with Always War. Take a look at their myspace if you think you will like this. I am just glad that they didn't sent a fullength. This is a 5 track CD, settled in 11 minutes.

Braindead - Weapons of the weak (CD)
(www.5feetunder.com, Pumkin Records)

The first thing that popped up in my head was Citizen Fish because of the energetic skankin' punk mix. NOFX and Mighty Mighty Bosstones are two other bands I can't leave outside this review either but I have to say that Braindead have more punk in their sound and they really know how to handle their instruments. I have to confess, I really like this kind of punk. There is so many bands out there (especially at late 90.s) who have tried to play ska and punk but it always seems to be a big flop, but not this time. And the lyrics are well-written and not just silly shit. If you are a fan of Voodoo Glow Skulls and Skankin Pickle will you like this CD. Don't be surprised if this german band will be interviewed in Schizo Fanzine in the future. On this CD will you get 16 tracks and 50 minutes of joy. Great work!

Mad Pigs - W.W.B.L.O (CD)

So what do we have here...? Mad Pigs, hailing from Czech Republic and they mix CZ with english lyrics. The music is pretty close to streetpunk but it's very melodic and I feel some hardcore vibes as well. If I have to compare with other bands will I pick The Casualties, Agnostic Front and The Unseen. A small dose once in a while will be perfect for me, because I have nothing bad to say about Mad Pigs but this kind of punk isn't always my cup of tea. But yeah, a few tracks on a mix tape is perfect. I think I prefer the tracks when they sing in their home language, even if I don't understand a single word. But I like all east european languages. The cover says 10 tracks but actually it's 11 since the last one is a bonus. All in all, 11 tracks in 29 minutes. More punk to the people!

Manu Armata - No victory without strife (CD)

Here's a dutch band who play hardcore in the veins of Madball, Sick of it all and the rest of the NYHC bands. And Manu Armata make it very well. Their highclass hardcore will probably fit all hardcore kids out there because they are in my eyes almost better than many of the "original" bands. I must admit that I don't listen to this kind of hardcore very often, but I like it in smaller portions. So this 6 track + intro is perfect. 15 minutes of really raw NYHC. The vocals is the reason why I think they're better than Madball for an example. Excellent. The lyrics is very influenced by life, and to never give up without strife. And talking about strife, is the band Strife another band that Manu Armata remind me off. Give this dutchmen a big chance. Get their records from 5 Feet Under now.

Prisonbitch - Brain raped (CD)
(Good Times Records)

"You'll always be the first to throw a punch, you'll always be that last to use your brain" I love it, and I love that song - "Pandemonium" So what kind of band is Prisonbitch? My first intention was to write hardcore/grind crossover, it's close but they are so much more than that. They are angrier and harder than Gorilla Biscuits and their lyrics is down to earth but still pissed and attack poseurs, indie kids and other stupid people and groups that don't use their brain, thats the burden thru whole this album. And I've got in love with yet another band. I really like this fast and angry hardcore. And the lyrics... I wish it was me who've wrote them, it feels like they have been into my brain and stole them haha. All of you out there, don't fucking miss Prisonbitch from Down Under. 14 tracks in 21 minutes.

Snutjävel - Aldrig i helvete (CD)

Even if it can be a problem to write reviews is it sweet when bands ain't so fucking in to just one particular subgenre, Snutjävel from Sweden just play punk. They make it good and with lot's of energy. This CD is a documentation of their earlier releases + one track that is unreleased, 18 tracks all in all. There's two bands I think of when I listen to Snutjävel and that is Asta Kask and Svart Snö. The lyrics are classic punklyrics in swedish about the society, cops and other fucked up things. I hadn't heard much by Snutjävel before this CD and it's a great aquaintance. Get this CD if you don't wanna search around for their seven inches. I can really recommend Snutjävel if you like fast swedish punk.   

Violent Affair - Stand Trial (CD)
(Unrepentant Records)

Violent Affair is a punkband from USA and I would put them in the same genre as The Casualties and The Unseen. It's good power in their songs which fits a summerday in the park with a lot of beer. I really like the choruses but the vocals isn't really my cupcake. After I have listen to this CD a couple of times does it hit me that Violent Affair is good but need more variance, because all tracks almost sounds like one long track. Violent Affair is a non-fascist band, that's good and they have really good lyrics. And I will end this up by saying that I have heard lot's of bands in this genre who is really really boring so dont have a preconceived notion before you start to listen at Violent Affair. 11 tracks in 31 minutes. 

V/A Halvfabrikat Records - Promo 2010 Gruset i deras maskin (CD)

Here is a small documention of what Halvfabrikat released 2010. And they must be proud, because they have some really fantastic bands signed on their label. I will say that melancholic melodic crust is their niche, and that without to be dismissive, the class of the bands is high. Eskatalogia participate with 2 tracks, one in english and one in swedish, I like them more and more, but they have a new leadsinger now (or?) and it will be interesting to hear them in the future. I like Protestera, their female/male voclas are excellent. Human Errors song Police Bastard are of course a Doom cover, and I think they make it good. If you like norwegian black metal but not care about how satanic it have to be will Livstid be a good substitute, they are angry and scary as hell. Passiv Dödshjälp are one of the best bands on Halvfabrikat, they have just released a new fullength, read the review of that album in Schizo 7. I must say that Distress are one of the bands that play most traditional crust, dark and angry. Rest of the bands on this promo: Misantropic, Aktiv Dödshjälp, Years of decay, Sand creek massacre and Boredom.


Review: Pretty Shitty Kjell DVD 2011

Pretty Shitty Kjell (DVD)
Stockholm 22-23/4 2011

Pretty Shitty Kjell arranged a 2 day-gig 2011 with 8 of the best bands in the Oi!/Street/Punkrock genre. And this DVD give you 26 songs extremely good sound quality and 3 different camera angles. I can really strong recommend this DVD for all fans of basic but fantastic punkrock. Here's a brief summary from every band who played, and I promise, the line-up is fantastic.

The first band out is The Clichés from Norrköping, Sweden. Their 3 tracks is really what skinhead rock n roll are about. I hadn't realized before now how good they really are. Tracks: Monkey see monkey do. Two-faced stupid cunts & Skinhead II.

The best situation on this DVD must be when Thomas Botos from Agent Bulldogg enter the stage and take his first tunes. This classic band has almost been totally fucked by rumours... BUT! it's the best Oi! band ever in my eyes. I think Botos is the only original member at the time of the gig, the rest of the band are members from Antipati, except the bass player which I don't know if he's an original member. Tracks: Staden Vaknar. Mitt liv, mitt val & Livsstil.

3.rd band out are Evil Conduct from Holland. A pretty nice band, but the lyrics is so filled with clichés, especially their first song Voice of Oi!. Their other tracks is: Home sweet home & Skinhead 'till I die

Micky Fitz and his The Business are nothing else than pure joy. Fuck, I wanna see the entire gig, but I can't do anything else than just put their 4 tracks on repeat. They get up on the stage and blow everything away with: Harry May. Real Enemy. Suburban Rebels. Drinking and driving. The people in the pit seems like they are in heaven. I will always love The Business and the singalong at Drinking and Driving are amazing. 

 Antipati belongs to the top of the league in the swedish punkrock scene. I wrote it in a review in an earlier issue of Schizo Fanzine that Antipati doesn't have that skinhead macho style, and I like them for that. It's rock n roll and punk in a great symbiosis. Tracks: Clockwork organge horror show. Punk på Berns. Grabbarna. The Punk på Berns lyrics must be the best modern punk lyrics.

Clockwork Crew
must be the swedish band that have most UK-sound in their music and vocals, it actually remains me of The Business. I like their energy and their straight-on fuck-you attitude. Two of the members are also playing in The Clichés. Tracks: Taking it back. United Skins. & Smack, Smack.

Next band out is Major Accident, and they make it well but I have never been a big fan of them, even if they are a good band. But I don't know, other bands have probably caught my ears more. Tracks: (Standing on the) Sidelines. Fight to win. Step by step.

And yeah, Angelic Upstarts belongs to one of those bands that I took straight to my heart with a big bang. And it's fun to see them on this DVD, 4 tracks and so much joy. Please someone, gimmie their full gig now. Just the sight of Mensi make me glad. Their 4 tracks: 2.000.000 voices. Safe Haven. You're nicked. Solidarity.

So, wasn't that a fucking fantastic line-up? The coverart, layout and everything on this DVD hold 100% high standard. A booklet with info/interviews with all the bands will be enclosed. And I can just say that this 85 minutes production is superb. 


Cunt Crush, Swe crust from the 90's

And here's some shit from the 90's for all you Swedish crust fans. Cunt Crush (very cool name...not!) deliever 2 tracks.... Dom Ljuger by Mob 47 and I arslenas regim.
Please comment if you have any further info about Cunt Crush... G'nite for now

Digitalize it! Old swedish punk

My new project? Digitalize old tapes, so I have some rare, some shit, some good and some other...shit? But, do you want your cassette digitalized, get in touch then and I will fix that for you, I do it for free but I would really like to keep the cassette (just to upset Maria some more with tapes in the whole flat.. haha) Send me a email and we'll sort things out...

Here is a video I did with the swedish blues/punk/rock band Hela Huset Skakar. It's in swedish, but learn the lyrics and singalong for fuck sake =)

And here is another, rare motherfucker when Strebers play Häng Gud by Ebba Grön, at Ultrakåken aswell


Interview: Turist i tillvaron - Sörling

I am not a frequently blog reader, but there is one blog in swedish that I use to take a look at
once a day. It's Turist i tillvaron, written by Mikael Sörling. He has also released the fantastic
compilation LP's Turist i Tillvaron. They have become a big success in Sweden and I wanna
highlight this compilation for all people outside Sweden. Therefore will an interview with
Mikael Sörling follow... Oh, and by the way, here is the impressive line up's for the compilations...

Vol 1: Slöa Knivar, Strindberg som tortyr, Spotlicks, Ernst and the Edsholm rebels, Bäddat för trubbel, Dick Tracy, Abjekt, Black Feet, Suicide Syndicate, Epidemics, Kronofogden, Varsel, Beyond Pink, Snutjävel, Prins Carl, Glidslem.

Vol 2: Allvaret, Bittra Miner, Brottskod 11, Nars, Headons, Trubbel, Thurneman, Tomma Händer, The Baboon Show, Kaffekatt, Vindicate This!, Fru Dörr, Mimikry, Fubbix, Striker, Insidious Process.

Vol 3: Livet som insats, Antipati, Uppgång & Fall, Negatives, Total Aggression, Oldfashioned Ideas, Håll käften, vad vill du?, Scarlet Radio, Obnoxious Youth, The Flints, Vånna Inget, Vervain, Moralens Väktare, Ticking Bombs, Gråsuggorna, Hyrda Knektar.  Release date: april/maj 2012

Vol 4: Makabert Fynd, Burning Kitchen, Asta Kask, Nobelkommittén, Crash Nomada, Gamla Pengar, Aggrenation, Din Skevf, Desperat, Bombfors, Rännstensorkestern, Va!?, Våldsamt Motstånd, Tiger Bell, Le Muhr, Kapitano. Release date: later 2012

If you wanna get in touch with Mikael, send a email to: turistbloggen@gmail.com

Hey Mikael, you will soon release Turist i tillvaron 2. But what kind of response have you got since you released Turist i tillvaron 1?

So far I've only heard good things about vol 1. But I'm not that suprised, It's a great compilation done with a lot of love for the music.

How did you come up with the idea to release this kind of compilation?
I wanted to document the swedish scene at this moment, since it musikwise never have sounded it better than today. I did not want this to be a raw punk compilation or a crust comp or a street punk comp or any other subgenre to punk. I want Turist i tillvaron to be PUNK compilations, like old time favourite compilations as Really Fast, Life is a joke, Sicher gibt es bessere zeiten... etc. The idea? I've got it when I was out power walking last winter.

My opinion is that the swedish punk standard is very high, if you have to pick 3 bands from T.I.T 1, which will you choose?

Slöa Knivar, Spotlicks and Dick Tracy. Tomorrow I'll propably choose three others.

How many copys did you press of T.I.T 1 and how many will it be on T.I.T 2?

First press of vol 1 500 copies, second press 100. 501 of vol 2. No second press.

Do you know how many copys that have been sent out abroad? And yeah, how would you describe this compilation for people from abroad?

Very few actually. Just a couple for reviews to Germany, Finland, Usa, Canada, Czech Republic – maybe 20 copies of vol 1 and 2. A spanish distro bought 5 of each. I've got a lot of mails from distros/record shops in Usa and Japan, but they all stepped back when they heard about our fucked up postage prices. It sounds like a Really Fast-comp for 2011.

And for last, which is the swedish punk capital city right now?

Malmoe is still number one bandwise. But Gothenburg is really close.

And what do you wish for 2012?

That Aceh-punks gets all the mixtapes and that my football team, IFK Norrköping, do better this season.


Fuck Off from Sweden

This is a band that I always will adore. With two members that have meant a lot
for me at almost 20 years. Stefan Sundström and Johan Johansson (former KSMB,
Strindbergs etc etc) I bought this cassette at my first gig I went to 1991 and I guess
that I've played this tape more than 1000 times, that's true. It's live and I know all
comments from the audience and every single little noise. Here's three tracks in
one file. It's 1. Het på gröten (you will probably hear what orginal song it is),
2. Skitit (another famous song from the beginning) and 3. Supa som Sid Vicious.
Members: Stefan Sundström, Johan Johansson, Guld-Lars, Papa Mats, anyone else?
Gimmie a comment if I have forget anyone... Cheers!

Rare punk

I will, during the day, upload some rare shit, the reason is that I borrowed
a tape-converter from my old man, so I will give you a late x-mas gift by
upload some rare stuff, I hope you will like it. Right now will I convert a
demotape by the swedish band Raw Justice, a band that became one of the
worst band ever, you will see why tomorrow... Have a good night! And don't
forget to listen to Shebeen before you go to sleep. Uh ah!


2011... here's my life... lot's of pics

My life top-5
1. Maria
2. Moving
3. Our Cats
4. Hammarby
5. Rock n roll 

Bands top-5 [punk]

1. Burnt Cross
2. Anatomi-71
3. Toxik Ephex
4. Bombardiers
5. Kismet HC
Schizo Fanzine #7...

Sports top-5
1. Bajen Fans, we did it!!
2. Bajen Fans Hockey
3. Ireland to Euro 2012
4. guif-HAMMARBY handball
5. Boston Bruins Stanley Cup

Bands/Artists top-5 [non-punk]

1. Christy Moore
2. Gary OG
3. Wolfe Tones
4. Stefan Sundström
5. Johan Johansson

Spotlicks / Buiten Gebruik Euro Tour top-5
1. Billi with my Hammarbyscarf
2. To meet Filthy Charity again
3. All kilometres on the roads
4. Strange people everywhere
5. And everyone we met

Co-released... Schizo, Rawby, Tadpole and a bu

Simon Helg with the banner, Defend Söderort

My soon to be wife

Filthy Dave and me in Marsielle

Billi and Me somewhere...

And Staffan met a friend from the past
Isa the cat

Arrgh... Penny and Isa
The best animal ever