Video: Fokkum - Backward Rituals

Fokkum is a good band with good people. Here is a video I made today. I am pretty satisfied even if it's simple. Visit Fokkum at http://www.fokkum.nl  They will participate on Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 and have a couple of releases for sale. So get in touch with them if you like this.


Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1

Okey, the work with Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 is almost done. And my intention is to have it available on Spotify in June/July. It will be 22 tracks and bands from 13 different countries. Beside Spotify will it also be possible to get copys from Schizo Distro and from all bands. I have made the coverart and will soon make the insert with info about the bands. I will also interview all bands. Will let you know when it's all up.

All info about this project will be found here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Here is the playlist
1. Irritation (Swe) - Ingen lysande framtid 2. Fokkum (Hol) - Backward rituals 3. Frenzy of tongs (US) - Trouble 4. Demöralyzér (Cz) - Je tu ten den 5. Aterpe (Thai)- Ez zan Hil 6. Razorblade smile (UK) 35 years (go to hell) 7. Återfall (Swe) - Day of the rope 8. Los Más Peores (Arg) - Superficial  9. Rännstensorkestern (Swe) - Gulag 2 10. Mindless violence (Macc) - One spirit 11. The Bristles (Swe) - Gulag 12. Sewer trench (UK) - Prisoners of religion 13. Zudas Krust (Indo) - Raw, chaos, ungovernable 14. Spotlicks (Swe) - Apati 15. 40 Oz folklore (US) - Soapbox 16. Ratbite (Ukr) - Dead minority 17. Hyrda knektar (Swe) - Diamant 18. M.O.R.A. (Fin) - Feikki 19. Born wrong (Can) - Burn a debt 20. Sub Alert (Swe) - [T.B.A] 21. Filthy Charity (Fra) - [T.B.A] 22. Saturdays Heroes (Swe) - Tear it down

Well, if you have any questions or if your band wanna contribute on Schizo Punk Vol.2, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com


Schizo Fanzine #9 - Out now!!

AT LAST!!! Schizo Fanzine #9 is finished. Interviews: The Bristles (Swe), Moral Dilemma (UK), Slaktrens (Swe) M.O.R.A. (Fin), Återfall (Swe), Meinhof (UK), P.P.P Records (Swe), Gary Og (Sco), AFA Ireland (Ire) + Våldsamt Motstånd, Radio Bikini, Unfixed, System of Hate. 
More than 40 reviews, articles, mumbo jumbo etc... Please, spread the word that Schizo #9 is finished and out for free download:  http://www.mediafire.com/view/?s582yft5jmte2wa 

I will soon make it possible to download all pages as JPG-files and sort the pages if you wanna download a PDF and print it by yourself. I also hope it will be a printed version out this time. 

Check out Schizo Fanzine 1-8 here: http://www.schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/past-issues.html


Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1

All bands for the compilation are now nailed. In a few days will I update http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html and then you will know all info about the bands and other shit. This compilation will be released on Spotify but I will send the music and cover art to the participating bands so they can make CD's for their merch. I am really satisfied with this compilation. Lot's of good bands from all kind of punk genres and from around 10-12 countries. If you are in a band and will participate on Vol.2, send a mail til schizodistro@gmail.com


For sale: 7 inches punk

If you are interested in any items, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com and we'll discuss the total cost (shipping etc). All records are in good condition but some can have a few defects like some small price stickers. I will let you know the full condition of the items you want to buy. Splits and comps. will be added later on.

A.O.C.‎– Rappelle Toi Didier! (Oi!)
 Acid Reflux ‎– Secret Power EP (HC/Punk)
 Adolf And The Piss Artists ‎– Heroes? (Punk)
 Alptraum GmbH ‎– Create Confusion (punkrock)
 Anti-Toxin ‎– The Enemy Is You (Hardcore)
 Anxtv ‎– Neve Rosso Sangue (Hardcore)
 Artgerecht ‎– Punkrockstar (Punk)

Billy Boy E La Sua Banda ‎– Morte E Chupa Chupa (Punk/Oi!)
 Boiling Man ‎– Roadkill Museum (Punk)
 Boomtown Rats, The ‎– Do The Rat (Punkrock)
 Born Bavarian ‎– Guade Leit (Punk)
 Bulemics, The ‎– Burn Baby Burn (punk)

Chiatiks ‎– On En A Bavé...  (Oi!)
 Cruelle Section ‎– "Oi! E.P." (Oi!)

Dictators, The ‎– Who Will Save Rock 'N' Roll?  (Punk)
 Dischord ‎– Fuck Copyrights (Grind/Punk)
 Disgust ‎– Thrown Into Oblivion (Punk/Crust)
 Diskord ‎– Hdfh (Death metal?)
 Dissolution '77 ‎– Panic (Punk)
 District, The ‎– We Don't Want It! (Oi!/Punk)
 Dog Pound ‎– Counter Clockwise (Postpunk/Punk) (sold)

Eastfield ‎– Opening The Lid Of Todd's Peace Box (Punk)
 Eddie And The Hot Rods ‎– At The Sound Of Speed (Punk)
 Endless Struggle ‎– Leathers, Studs, And Punks (Punk)

Flip-Tops, The ‎– Secrets And Lies  (Punk)
 Fuck The Bureaucracy ‎– Fuck The Bureaucracy! (Punk)

Gaia, The ‎– No.1
 Garage Monsters ‎– Powerhouse!
 Guerrilleros De Nadie - Intolerancia
 Guet Apens ‎– Guet Apens (Oi/Punk)

Hazardous Waste ‎– Another Warning (Hardcore)
 Heads Kicked Off ‎– Heads Kicked Off (Hardcore)
 Hellkrusher ‎– Dying For Who  (Punk)
 Homewreckers ‎– I Want More (Punk/Hc)

Identity‎– Clouds (hardcore)
 Instinct Of Survival ‎– Instinct Of Survival (Grind)
 Invasores De Cérebros ‎– Invasores De Cérebros (Hc/crust)

Kill Your Idols ‎– Salmon Swim Upstream (Hc)

Lanciafiamme ‎– Lanciafiamme (Hardcore)
 Leave It To Me ‎– 1001 (hardcore)

Maloney's Touch ‎– Don't Kill Us (Punk)
 Misdemeanor ‎– You're Nothing (And You Know It) (Punk, rock, stoner)

Plague ‎– Just Say No (hardcorepunk)
 Pokers, The ‎– Ignite -(punk)
 Public Nuisance ‎– Cheap Sex And Booze (Punk)

Rancid ‎– Roots Radicals (Punk)
 Razzapparte ‎– Gente Senza Poesia E.P. (punk/Oi!)
 Resistors ‎– Force Of Habit / Ride To Get You  (punk)
Severed Head Of State ‎– Black Blood World (hc/punk)
 Short Fuse‎– Fruitless Efforts (hardcorepunk)
 Spittin‘ Vicars, The* ‎– Oddball / (Ain't Going) Back To Babylon (punk)
 Stalin's Daughter ‎– Oktoberfest EP (punk)
 Stitches, The ‎– Monday Morning Ornaments (punkrock)
 Sub Society ‎– Relaxin' (Ushc)

Taxi (16) ‎– Who's To Blame (punk)
 Test A ‎– Sound Der Straße  (Oi!)
 TKO's, The (2) ‎– Don't Pull The Plug (Punk)
 Trout – Three Wise Men E.P. (indie)

Undone ‎– The Other Side (emo, hc) (sold)

Weekend Warrior ‎– Se Repite (punk)