For sale: 7 inches punk

If you are interested in any items, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com and we'll discuss the total cost (shipping etc). All records are in good condition but some can have a few defects like some small price stickers. I will let you know the full condition of the items you want to buy. Splits and comps. will be added later on.

A.O.C.‎– Rappelle Toi Didier! (Oi!)
 Acid Reflux ‎– Secret Power EP (HC/Punk)
 Adolf And The Piss Artists ‎– Heroes? (Punk)
 Alptraum GmbH ‎– Create Confusion (punkrock)
 Anti-Toxin ‎– The Enemy Is You (Hardcore)
 Anxtv ‎– Neve Rosso Sangue (Hardcore)
 Artgerecht ‎– Punkrockstar (Punk)

Billy Boy E La Sua Banda ‎– Morte E Chupa Chupa (Punk/Oi!)
 Boiling Man ‎– Roadkill Museum (Punk)
 Boomtown Rats, The ‎– Do The Rat (Punkrock)
 Born Bavarian ‎– Guade Leit (Punk)
 Bulemics, The ‎– Burn Baby Burn (punk)

Chiatiks ‎– On En A Bavé...  (Oi!)
 Cruelle Section ‎– "Oi! E.P." (Oi!)

Dictators, The ‎– Who Will Save Rock 'N' Roll?  (Punk)
 Dischord ‎– Fuck Copyrights (Grind/Punk)
 Disgust ‎– Thrown Into Oblivion (Punk/Crust)
 Diskord ‎– Hdfh (Death metal?)
 Dissolution '77 ‎– Panic (Punk)
 District, The ‎– We Don't Want It! (Oi!/Punk)
 Dog Pound ‎– Counter Clockwise (Postpunk/Punk) (sold)

Eastfield ‎– Opening The Lid Of Todd's Peace Box (Punk)
 Eddie And The Hot Rods ‎– At The Sound Of Speed (Punk)
 Endless Struggle ‎– Leathers, Studs, And Punks (Punk)

Flip-Tops, The ‎– Secrets And Lies  (Punk)
 Fuck The Bureaucracy ‎– Fuck The Bureaucracy! (Punk)

Gaia, The ‎– No.1
 Garage Monsters ‎– Powerhouse!
 Guerrilleros De Nadie - Intolerancia
 Guet Apens ‎– Guet Apens (Oi/Punk)

Hazardous Waste ‎– Another Warning (Hardcore)
 Heads Kicked Off ‎– Heads Kicked Off (Hardcore)
 Hellkrusher ‎– Dying For Who  (Punk)
 Homewreckers ‎– I Want More (Punk/Hc)

Identity‎– Clouds (hardcore)
 Instinct Of Survival ‎– Instinct Of Survival (Grind)
 Invasores De Cérebros ‎– Invasores De Cérebros (Hc/crust)

Kill Your Idols ‎– Salmon Swim Upstream (Hc)

Lanciafiamme ‎– Lanciafiamme (Hardcore)
 Leave It To Me ‎– 1001 (hardcore)

Maloney's Touch ‎– Don't Kill Us (Punk)
 Misdemeanor ‎– You're Nothing (And You Know It) (Punk, rock, stoner)

Plague ‎– Just Say No (hardcorepunk)
 Pokers, The ‎– Ignite -(punk)
 Public Nuisance ‎– Cheap Sex And Booze (Punk)

Rancid ‎– Roots Radicals (Punk)
 Razzapparte ‎– Gente Senza Poesia E.P. (punk/Oi!)
 Resistors ‎– Force Of Habit / Ride To Get You  (punk)
Severed Head Of State ‎– Black Blood World (hc/punk)
 Short Fuse‎– Fruitless Efforts (hardcorepunk)
 Spittin‘ Vicars, The* ‎– Oddball / (Ain't Going) Back To Babylon (punk)
 Stalin's Daughter ‎– Oktoberfest EP (punk)
 Stitches, The ‎– Monday Morning Ornaments (punkrock)
 Sub Society ‎– Relaxin' (Ushc)

Taxi (16) ‎– Who's To Blame (punk)
 Test A ‎– Sound Der Straße  (Oi!)
 TKO's, The (2) ‎– Don't Pull The Plug (Punk)
 Trout – Three Wise Men E.P. (indie)

Undone ‎– The Other Side (emo, hc) (sold)

Weekend Warrior ‎– Se Repite (punk)

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