7 inch for sale

A bit of braindead – Totally wrecked (hardcore) 30 kr
Besk – What went wrong? (punk/hc) 30 kr
C.U.M – C.U.M (käng) 40 kr
Disconvenince – War on wankers (punk) 30 kr
Disorganized – Meningslöst krig (hc/punk) 40 kr
Fornicators – Brat & Punk division (punk) 40 kr
FZÖ – Den felande länken 40 kr
Happy Farm – On a mission for Batman 40 kr
H.A.T / Redleif Zombies (punk) 50 kr
Herman Huligan – s.t (punk) 50 kr
Kontrovers / Beoynd Description 50 kr
Krunch – Tjafs & Dalt 60 kr
M:Pati – Råpunk 40 kr
NOFX – The P.M.R.C can suck on this 80 kr
NOFX – Regaining unconsciousness (grå vinyl) 90 kr
NOFX – 7 inch of the month club #1 150 kr
NOFX – 7 inch of the month club #9 (blå vinyl) 100 kr
NOFX – 7 inch of the month club #10 100 kr
Pöbel Möbel – Imagination (punk) 130 kr
Rancid – Roots Radicals 130 kr
Slaktmask – On the desperate edge of now 30 kr
Sixten Redlös – I wish I woz an animal 100 kr
Stockholms Negrer – Jag är en vit neger 100 kr
Voice of a generation – Equality (Oi/Streetpunk) 50 kr
Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps 50 kr
The Wednesday Night Heroes / The Cleats (Oi/Streetpunk) 40 kr
V/A The Kids Tribute to Warzone 50 kr
V/A Underground Anthems (Decreto 77, Albert Fish, Red Union, Ultima Sacudida) 40 kr
V/A Oi! It’s party time for the real working class kids Vol.3  50 kr.
(Bovver ’96, The Suspects, A.O.C, Riot Squad)

Campary Records (News)

Butcher Knived "Gypsybilly"

To refresh,  Butcher Knives have mastered a , "Wildly diverse Gyspybilly sound wrapped in an untethered punk aesthetic.” (CraveOnline) on their debut album Misery.  With influences ranging from Mano Negra, The Clash, Johnny Cash, Gogol Bordello, and Bob Marley, to bluegrass, flamenco, traditional Eastern European music, rockabilly, and psychobilly, Butcher Knives mix multi-cultural sounds of traditional folk instruments with a high-octane punk rock intensity.  Butcher Knives stand for the fringe cultures by which they were inspired on their latest single and title track.


Butcher Knives - Tell me why

Pestens Tid (Swedish)

Pestens Tid är poporkestern från Malmö som sedan sommaren 2012 har gjort musik tillsammans. I mars 2013 släpptes debut EPn "När du vaknar" (pest 01) och den följs den 10 Maj 2014 upp av "Inte tänka, Inte höra" (pest 02). Albumet är ett samsläpp från egna etiketten Pesten fonogram tillsammans med Majken records, inspelat i Studio Motion under 2013 av Tommy Tift (Vånna Inget, Sista Sekunden) och producerat av densamma och bandet. "Inte tänka, inte höra" släpps på 12" vinyl den 10 Maj och digitalt den 17e maj. 

 Pestens Tid - Inte tänka, inte höra 

Dråp - Swedish crust

Dråp is a crust band from Sundsvall, Sweden. They've just released their debut album "En naturlig död". It's available as CD (EMF Records) and as an LP (own release). To get in touch with Dråp, check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DR%C3%85P/305747579538779

Dråp - Preparat


Schizo Fanzine Philippines and Syria Compilation

The Schizo Fanzine Philippines Compilation are released

Schizo Fanzine's compilation for the Philippines/Syria compilation forming part of the over all project between Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio, Schizo Fanzine, Insetus Zine, & Two Beers Or Not Two Beers Records.

Ungovernable Resistance started this compilation during the late summer of 2013 aiming to raise awareness & support for refugees in Syria, and people suffering in the Philippines who lost everything in the earthquake.

This is a charity compilation to raise funds for victims of the Philippines earthquake & Syrian refugees so any donations are sent to the UK Doctors Without Borders Pay Pal email which is help@justgiving.net.

Or you can go to our Just Giving page below, which is also a direct link to the Doctors Without Borders donation page. Details below. Plz claim 'gift aid on all donations to increase the amount for free'. Thanks.

You can donate directly to Doctors Without Borders via this link www.justgiving.com/resistance-diy or our Bandcamp. If you cannot afford to donate then please help spread the word about this compilation.


You will find all 10 compilations right here:
And the Schizo Compilation here:

Schizo Fanzine Philippines Compilation playlist

01. Körsbärsfettera - Det finns inget slut 02:03

02. Diskent - vägra anpassning 00:51

03. Eftah - Den enes lik 03:13

04. Återfall - Fråga inte 02:59

05. Spotlicks-Vill dra 01:32

06. No Fealty - Ravished 01:53

07. Pass Out - Fist of fury 02:25

08. VALJAKKALA - Huominen (KUMIKRISTUS) 02:00

09. Håll käften, vad vill du!- Reflektioner av ett annat land 01:35

10. Kamprespons - Punkelit 01:59


12. Opposition Rising - Get Off Your Ass 01:52

Better Not Born - Inner Void 02:44

14. Rännstensorkestern - Gulag 03:28

15. Kollapse - Father 05:53

16. Mörbultad - Den tid vi lever i 02:00

17. Kronsik Misantropi - Permanent Hybris 01:07

Schizo news (may)

I have problems with my computer, the screen of my laptop is broken. That's the reason why I haven't been active for a while. But I will try to post more often from now anyhow. Here is some Schizo News!

* Schizo #10 will soon be printed, I don't exactly know when at the moment, but it won't take to long time.

* Tragedi #2, my Swedish zine, will also soon be finished, I'm just waiting for one interview. I am really satisfied with the result so far.

* When it comes to my distro... I think I will put out all records for a big sale soon. And I won't run it anymore, maybe I will help some bands to sale their stuff. But Schizo Distro are almost dead. I will only focus on the fanzines and the blogs.

* As I wrote for a time ago will I only review physical records in Schizo Fanzine and in Tragedi Fanzine, but I will post reviews of digital digital on this blog.

So, if you want me to review anything, please get in touch, schizodistro@gmail.com and it's the same email if you want to contribute in Schizo Fanzine. I am always looking for scene reports and stuff like that.

Well, I hope everything is good out there. And as always, don't forget Ungovernable Resistance who deservs a shoutout... tune in to their webradio for lot's and lot's of punk http://ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.se/