Summer 2012: The Frenzy Of Tongs

And here is the story and the future about The Frenzy Of Tongs...

We are the frenzy of tongs and we’re from Providence, RI in the USA. The right people tend to get us, the rest, we annoy at best. We’ve been around for quite a while, but have little to show for it but a load of good times, a bunch of food fights (Chinese please), and sometimes good, but always entertaining, shows. We do just enough crap to still call ourselves a band while not going tremendously out of our way. the frenzy of tongs consists of: Justin Allen (guitar), Nason Aubin (guitar), Ojie Madriaga (drums), Oly Madriaga (bass), and Jenkins (sings, sort of), but anyone who wants to be a tong can be a tong.

Early on the first singer quit because of unceasing ridicule (he wanted to sing about “life”!), and Jenkins the bass player shifted to bass playing and “singing”. Somewhere along the way Ojie the drummer’s brother, Oly, quit his old band and took over on the bass so Jenkins could “sing” and play another guitar. This soon proved too heavy a workload so it was decided that he would just “sing”.  Recently, after Justin the guitar player chickened out of a show (because of a minor snowstorm), the tongs asked Nason a guitar player from the F.I.D.s if he wanted to play another guitar for the tongs. Since the F.I.D.s are even lazier than the tongs and he wanted to play in some sort of band, Nason said something along the lines of “I guess so” and joined up.

The main band’s influence would have to be Neutral Nation, but then we also like the Queers, Toy Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, Screeching Weasel, the Vandals, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, the Ramones, JFA, Agent Orange, etc. (as they say), etc. We are also influenced by comic books (the superhero-y kind), Chinese food, and Doctor Who.

This summer we’re planning to play a few shows, and then we’ll play a few more less planned, all with a bunch of bands way better than we are, shoot a video or 2 and finish working on our second CD which no one will buy.

And maybe finally finish building the band website @ thefots.com.

If you’re looking for some tunes check out this summer try some better New England bands, there’s a load of them!  Drop us a line at frenzyoftongs@hotmail.com  and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Also check out some radio podcasts:
Red Black and Blue Radio  http://www.facebook.com/Redblackandblue
Punky Radio www.punkyradio.com
No Sale Radio www.nosaleradio.org
Podunk Radio www.podunkradio.com
Cretin Radio www.tonyjones.org
PHC Radio www.phcradio.com

We don’t really sell stuff, per se, but if you want a t-shirt or a sticker or a logo printed on anything, again, drop a line and we’ll figure something out. You can, believe it or not, download our album The Piper at the Gates of Dumb on Amazon or iTunes. Or you can buy a CD (which is at least more entertaining because it has pictures) if you want to drop us a line.


Summer 2012: Clutches

If your band wanna be here, take a look at this page, answer the 5 questions and email them to me: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/2012/05/bands-what-will-you-do-this-summer.html


1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

Well,who is writing here is Fabbe.I play one of the guitar in the band (Clutches). Members:Adde-Drums, Calle-Bass, Fabbe (me) - guitar, Tommy (guitar), Maria  vox, Lobban-vox. The band started in the summer of 2007 or something around this time, out of the ashes of  another band. I can’t say much from the very beginning of the band cos’ I’ve been in the band around 3 years from now. The band went to a hiatus in 2008 due line-up changes. Either one guitarist Hanna and Gurran the bass left the band.
At the time I used to play in this band Raised by Drunks, they spot me playing in a traditional venue in Stockholm called Kafe44, then later this evening Adde och Tommy invited me to join in the band and I accepted imediatly for I’ve seen then before and my first impression was ”Fuck, they just play what I digg!” We started rehearsing again back in 2009 then we found Calle for the bass duties. Back to business! Not really, at least not fully as we wish. Just for record  we got only a demo from 2007 or 2008, and nothing has been done after that for a few reasons. One of the reasons among a few others was that we got another year in hiatus because I had to go away to Brazil, where I came from originally, and had to fix some paperwork down there, it took me a year long there.

The year was 2010. Then back in sweden we gotta start to rehearse again but due work, family and life itself we haven’t be able to record  yet but we’ve been working on a 12” Lp and hopefully soon we’re gonna get our asses into the studio. Great songs has been done. I’m sure no one is gonna get disapointed for whom already know us.

Influences? Everyone in the band has a particular taste and we put it  altogether when we play however I’d say the our tastes converge when it goes to blend in  80’s Trash metal, swedish death metal and käng punk (for those not familiar with the term basically I’d say swedish  d-beat, crust whatsoever)

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

First we’re going to perform our first gig this year with the amazing band Cross Stitched Eyes in Stockholm then keep focused in our rehearsal room working on a couple more new songs for our debut album.

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?

We got shirts,patches and badges.get in touch with us.How to spot us.Check it out by the end of  the interview how to contact us.

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd

That’s a hard one as long as I listen to a range  styles of music. Well,my own mixtape would have any song from the new Wolfbrigade record, The Baboon Show, Newton and the Neurotics, Entombed, Dismember, Iron Maiden, Queen, Radio Birdman, The Saints, Bathory, New Order the list could go on forever. Well I speak for myself,I can’t answer this for the others.

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

Thanks for the space spent on us. You’ve been keeping a good work mantaining the zine spirit alive. I just wanna leave our contact to reach us  for anyone out there interested in booking a gig,getting merchendasing or just greet us.You’re welcome.Keep the rock rolling on and show no respect for any sort of authority.Peace.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clutches/181643328520637
Myspace: www.myspace.com/clutches666
E-mail: clutches666@gmail.com

Schizo Distro, big sale

Here's the current distrolist, I have a big sale right now, so hurry up because there is just 1-2 copys left of each item. For orders, info or questions, send a mail to schizodistro@gmail.com


Schizo Fanzine #6 JPG files

Alright, here is another option to read Schizo Fanzine #6. Download #6 as a rar.file with JPG files. It's 52 pages and the rar.file size is 12 MB. Go to the read/download-section if you wanna read all 8 issues. [Download Schizo Fanzine #6 as JPG files]



Documentary: ANTIFA - Chasseurs de skins

This is a documentary about the french antifa-movement from 2008 with english subtitles. It's one of the best docus about this topic I've seen. All respect to Redwarriors and the other groups.

Paris beginning of the 80's the Skinhead movement came to France, and is about to make headlines for the decade to follow, at once provocative and racist crimes. Bands are formed and develop a real guerrilla warfare to counter the fascist offensive.

Their reasoning: the fight against fascism and racism by any means necessary even if their opponents turn against the violence they employ.

Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Release Date: 12 July 2008 (France)
Filming Locations: Paris, France
URL: http://youtu.be/EfDbTgb6uyc


Summer 2012: Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma from UK will be interviewed in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out later this year. Here is what the band have to say about the summer 2012. Answers by Craig Temple

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.

The band is craig- guitar/ vocals chloe- bass/vocals pasty- drums

We started around 6 years ago in London playing local shows, eventually we decided to record an album and hit the road and have been doing that ever since, touring all over the uk and Europe, playing festivals, squats, venues, you name it we’ve probably played it.

Our influences to begin with span pretty much the entire punk spectrum from bands like tragedy and wolfbrigade, to hardcore like black flag, and minor threat, to generation x, and eater to the partisans and gbh. Where our sound differs from other punk bands is that we aren’t afraid to play off other influences outside of the punk spectrum such as blues and folk. I would say the chess records back catalogue, delta blues artists like son house and bands like the gun club who merged those sounds with punk have also been a huge influence on songwriting and the defining intensity.

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?

We will be releasing our new 7” bigger cages longer chains through household name records on june 25th, We also have a short tour with thrash legends D.R.I in july and will be spending the rest of the summer finishing writing and preparing material for a new album which we intend to release early next year.

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?

We have both our albums on cd, (one on vinyl) two 7”singles, as well as t-shirts for sale the best place to pick up our stuff including our new 7” is from: moraldilemma.bigcartel.com

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd

I would say start with some crazy arm, a couple of tracks from the new inner terrestrials album, a few from the new skints album, something by the smoking hearts, some apologies I have none, then round it up with a little james brown at the end.

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

Doesn’t feel very summery at the moment in London, its bloody pissing it down!


Schizo 9 out before 2013

I have a couple of bands ready for interviews now, it's still a bit secret but it will be a good mix as always. I think it will be 44 pages, it use to change during the work. Do you have any suggestions of bands you want me to interview? Or do you wanna write scene reports from your city/country or just anything that fit this zine, like punk/football/society etc...? Write to me then... schizodistro@gmail.com

A big thanx to everyone who have download or read Schizo #8, if you have missed that, take a look here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/2012/05/schizo-fanzine-8.html



We are back. Monsterpost! Free punk compilations

Ungovernable Resistance is back, and their intention is to release a 10 volume compilation with DIY/music/punk for free. Download these compilations, I am sure you'll find lot's and lot's of good punk music in all genres. Don't miss this for fuck sake. More info here:
//Micke Schizo


Here is the first of many volumes from our 'We Are Back!' joint solidarity compilation created by Ungovernable Resistance DIY, A World We Never Made, Agamenon Project, & Death From Above. Please feel free to share & post on your blogs/sites as long as its DIY.

'We Are Back!' Vol 1 Track List

1. Antibodies - Insult to injury (1:56)
2. Blatoidea - Worldwide Drama (1:45)
3. Brutal Regime - Generation War (2:26)
4. DEATHWANK - Everything You Hold Dear Is Alot Ay Pish (0:07)
5. Deathwank - Who Remembers When The Taliban Were Rambos Friends (0:09)
6. Deathwank - Your Fucking Life Is A Fucking Soap Opera (0:08)
7. Defcon Zero - St Pauli - Anti Nazi (3:20)
8. Greed Force - We deny you (1:48)
9. Nazis Shouldn't Drive - Small minds (1:06)
10. Flowers Of Flesh And Blood - Shallow Times (2:49)
11. Ephemeral Foetus - Something's very wrong here (2:54)
12. Negative Inbred Parasites - Stupid cunt (0:51)
13. Directgov - Absolute Control (1:45)
14. Directgov - The Customer Champion With Teeth (0:58)
15. Nebukadnezza - Filho da Puta (2:42)
16. SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS - Fuck You (1:53)
17. Noise Complaint - Bomb the Bus (1:28)
18. P.O.A. - I Killed John Lennon (4:24)
19. Rash Decision - Captain Tom (1:17)
20. Rash Decision - Filthy (1:36)


Here is the second volume from our 'We Are Back!' joint solidarity compilation created by Ungovernable Resistance DIY, A World We Never Made, Agamenon Project, & Death From Above. Please feel free to share & post on your blogs/sites as long as its DIY. 

'We Are Back!' Vol 2 Track List

1. REFUSE/ALL - Numbing my Mind (3:22)
2. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - No Justice, No Peace (1:39)
3. Social Schism - Price Of Liberty And Life (2:49)
4. SiCKPiG - Anti Capatalista (2:21)
5. Sufferinfuck - Pigs Must Die (0:48)
6. Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Ice Cream Soda (Two Straws) (0:33)
7. Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Meet Me By The Fountain (2:20)
8. xHaroldShitmanx - Fuck You Dad, Gimme Some Money (0:14)
9. xHaroldShitmanx - When Drama Combines With Music And Dance (0:58)
10. Winds Of Genocide - A Nightmare Vision (1:36)
11. The Domestics - I want to be feral (1:17)
12. The Domestics - Never enough (1:05)
13. PIRANHA - Dead ends (2:23)
14. Puta Life - Eviction (1:22)
15. Puta Life - Paniko (0:51)
16. Shithouse - Cot Death Baby Swap (0:58)


Here is the third volume from our 'We Are Back!' joint solidarity compilation created by Ungovernable Resistance
DIY, A World We Never Made, Agamenon Project, & Death From Above


We Are Back! Vol 3 Track List:

1. Total Aggression - The World Keeps Burning (2:07)
2. Agamenon Project - Against the control machine (1:06)
3. Bring To Ruin - Career suicide (1:19)
4. Death From Above - prison in my life (1:56)
5. Triangle Fire - Glass Statues (2:24)
6. Power is Poison - Insult (1:54)
7. The Bristles - Porn Drugs Arms (genocide) (2:07)
8. Oiz II Men - Drinking song (2:17)
9. Scarred Society - Chain of debt (2:20)
10. Direct Effect - Moderate Rock (1:37)
11. Mora - Mun jutut (2:21)
12. Bad Taste - No man's land (2:20)
13. xcurraheex - take it back (1:59)
14. Dishumanity - Vetar Apokalipse (2:09)
15. Per Capita - No Control (1:02)
16. Glöm Dä! - Hundratusen Lök (1:32)
17. Endgate - Children of Chaos (3:14)
18. Devastation - Case of Cola (1:40)
19. Disciples of Anarchy - Hitlist (1:03)
20. N.W.77 - Frustration (0:56)


Here is the fourth volume from our 'We Are Back!' joint solidarity compilation created by Ungovernable Resistance DIY, A World We Never Made, Agamenon Project, & Death From Above. Please feel free to share & post on your blogs/sites as long as its DIY.

We Are Back! Vol 4 Track List:

1. Burnt Cross - Spectacle of the obscene (1:59)
2. Power is Poison - Resist rebel revolt (2:13)
3. Abhorrent System - Abhorrent System - Existence Is Futile (0:53)
4. Dirty Protest - Society Rules (1:15)
5. Pass Out - Oi! Oi! Hey! Hey! (3:07)
6. Orchard of the Living - X-Wing Commander (2:00)
7. Illegal Action - Suburban night blast (2:23)
8. Krapsmere - Evolutionary War (2:16)
9. Shithouse - Face Down in the Dirt (1:37)
10. Askgatt - Powerpunk moshcruel (0:40)
11. Gerk - No (0:50)
12. AbALO SISMICO - Guerra Urbana (1:59)
13. Noituus - Ei (1:01)
14. Macula - Meninx (3:10)
15. Triangle Fire - Red collar laborer (2:08)
16. Abayomi - Greed and Power (0:57)
17. Devastation - Zero Authority (1:53)
18. N.W.77 - The Living Corpse (2:31)
19. Spreading Evictions - Blinded by a closed mind (0:42)
20. CLOWN H.C. - EL EDICTO (3:00)


Summer 2012: Spotlicks

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.
Spotlicks from Sthlm, Sweden, Staffan - drums, Rikke - Bass, and Elin - guitar. We play old school punk.
2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?
We have a gig on Broder Tuck in Stockholm 7th of July. Hopefully we will soon release our debut-album, 8 songs that we recorded in January/February.

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?
We have our 7, you can order it from spotlicks@gmail.com We also have some merch, t-shirts for 100sek.

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd
Summer for me is SKA, like the Specials , the Selecter, Bad manners etc. At the moment I really like the compilation Turist i tillvaron, my favourite  is vol.3. /Elin
5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer! 
Thanks for a great blog and fanzine! Have a great summer Micke!

Summer 2012: Återfall (Swe)

Do like Återfall... answer the 5 questions and send your answers to schizodistro@gmail.com
Attach a logo/picture if you want... And I will publish your summer plans here

1. Please introduce the band, members, history, influences etc.
We're playing 2 shows this summer as far as we know, at some punkfestival in Bromölla and at Hygget 2012 somwhere in Småland with tons of other good bands. And We will hopefully finish recording our songs for an upcoming split with Ilandsproblem during the summer.

2. What is your plans for the summer 2012? Any other news you want to share?
If you wanna buy our 7" EP get in touch with robin_henriksson@yahoo.se

3. What do you have for sale and what's the best way to order from you?
The "Hygget 2012 festival" maybe

4. Let's namedrop a few band for the perfect summer mix-tape/cd

Anti-Cimex, Driller Killer, Harry Brandelius, Rose Tattoo, Milli Vanilli & Monstraat

5. Please, add what you want... Have a great summer!

EEEEEEEEEH check out http://aterfall666.bandcamp.com


Documentary: The day the country died

The Day the Country Died - A History of Anarcho Punk. 
(Roy Wallace / Ian Glasper / english / 2007 / 1:32:20 min)

Ian Glasper
This is one of  the best punk documentarys I’ve ever seen. It’s about the early anarcho punk scene in the UK. And it’s fun to see a british documentary that contains so much more than just the classic 77-bands. The many interviews with people from bands like Subhumans, Zounds, Rubella Ballet, Conflict and Crass are very informative. This is a documentary that portray the anarcho scene in generally and specific events in particularly, like the riots between punks and cops outside Brixton Academy when Conflict was going to play there.

It’s sad but true but many topics are still very current. And what people say about the punk in the early 80.s could be about today as well. This is a very interesting documentary, much because of the topics, it’s more than just all that crap about how sick Sid Vicious was as british punk documentarys use to be about. There is much more meaning in this documentary. The only thing I miss is that it could emerged what band they played when they play music. It is lot's of music and I guess you will find a couple of new bands.

This anarcho wave is far from the 77-wave when the punx just wanted to be rebels in the punk uniform and the bands just looking around for record deals insted of thinking  D.I.Y. This anarcho wave was about “freedom, peace and unity” and 100 % honest. 

Except all good interviews will you see a lot of rare live sequences. And the quality is perfect from the beginning to the end. This movie is fantastic and not a pointer that PC punx can use. It’s more a lot of sense and a big portion of truth. And it's also nice to see how people who were active in bands in the early 80.s have kept their ideals of what kind of society they wanna live in.

Have you seen any good documentarys? Please send me suggestions: schizodistro[@]gmail.com


Schizo #5 as JPG

I will make it even easier to download and read Schizo Fanzine. Right now is it possible to download Schizo Fanzine #8 as JPG files. I will make it possible to do that for every issue. Here is the download link for Schizo Fanzine #5 [Download page 1-48 as JPG files] 15 MB.

Here is some sample pages


Download Schizo Fanzine 1-8

You will find this info at the Read/Download section as well. But I just wanna remind you that it's free to download all issues of Schizo Fanzine. If you wanna print your own copys, use the [Download for print] where the pages are sorted for that cause. Distros, print how many copys you want, trade or sell. If you have any questions, just send an e-mail to schizodistro@gmail.com

Schizo Fanzine #1
24 pages. Interviews: Besthöven (Brazil), Disagreed Fanzine (Serbia),
Burnt Cross (UK), Pipes and pints (Czech Rep.) Harrington Saints (Canada)

"The interviews could of course be longer, but my intention was to introduce as many bands I had space for"

[Download PDF page 1-24]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #2. (East Europe theme)
36 pages. Interviews: Inepsy (Canada), Saturdays Heroes (Sweden),
Filthy Charity (France), Pints & Punx (USA), Drunk Nach Osten (Czech Rep), Campus Sterminii/Giuda (Italy) The Black Tartan Clan (Belgium)

"I like that East Euro theme. Much thanx to the hungarian scenereport and the Drunk Nach Osten interview"

[Download PDF page 1-36]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #3 (Fanzine theme)
40 pages. Interviews: Gonna get yours (France), The Nightmare Continues (USA), Project Hopeless (Sweden), Sir Reg (Sweden), Maniatikatz (Colombia), Forfucksake (USA), Ungovernable Resistance (UK)

"I like the genre mix and I introduce a bunch of zines"

[Download PDF page 1-40]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #4 (Females and punk theme)
40 pages. Interviews: Deadly Seven (USA), Glidslem (Sweden), Körsbärsfettera (Sweden), Baby Shakes (USA)

"I like this issue. Lot's of good guest chronicles by different girls"

[Download PDF page 1-40]   [Download PDF for print]

Schizo Fanzine #5
48 pages. Interviews: AUK (UK), Iszonyat (Hungary), Dead Subverts (UK), Under al kritik (Denmark), Atomic Pollution (Belgium), Wages of fear (USA), Radical Roots Fanzine (Hungary), Screaming from the gutter (Italy)

"New logo and some new ideas, I'm satisfied with this issue"

[Download PDF page 1-48]  [Download 1-48 as JPG files] 15 MB  

Schizo Fanzine #6 (Punk Illegal theme)
52 pages. Interviews: Al-Thawra (USA), Zudas Krust (Indonesia), Spotlicks (Sweden), Kansalaistottelemattomuus (Finland), Jason Vomit (UK), Power is poison (Holland), Cow Mag (Sweden)

"Better interviews, reviews and ideas than before. The Punk Illegal theme is still very fun to read"

[Download PDF page 1-52]   [Download PDF for print]
[Download page 1-52 as JPG files] 11.7 MB

Schizo Fanzine #7
44 pages. Interviews: Blanks 77 (USA), Buiten Gebruik (Holland), Besthöven (Brazil), Pistofficer (USA), Stage Bottles (Germany)

"Lot's of reviews and good interviews, but still much more than only inties and reviews"

[Download PDF page 1-44]

Schizo Fanzine #8
56 pages. Interviews: PARTiYA (Belarus), DJ Resistance (UK), Toxik Ephex (Scotland), Really Fast Records (Sweden), Subculture (UK), Sub Alert (Sweden

"The best interviews so far. 56 pages full of interesting, silly, serious things. Scene reports, thoughts and much more"

[Download PDF page 1-56] [Download PDF for print]
[Download 1-56 as JPG files]

Behöver hjälp med en gigrapport från PUNKS44

Hej! Finns det någon som har lust att skriva om punk44-helgen till Schizo fanzine? Du får 2 skivor som tack. Skulle uppskatta om du kan skriva på engelska. Hör av er till mig snarast om du vill ta uppdraget - schizodistro@gmail.com Finfina skivor finns att välja mellan, både 7" och CD
Jag hade ju helst önskat att få närvara själv, men tyvärr funkar det inte ekonomiskt. Hoppas ni som är där får det skitroligt, det är ju en hel hög band som man gärna skulle vilja se.