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77 - Socialgrupp 3

77 - Gullmarsplan

77 - Hat!


Interview: Extensity

Here's an interview with Jordi who play in the brilliant raw hardcore band Extensity.
They are hailing from Barcelona, and I can recommend everyone who like raw shit
to visit their BANDCAMP site where you can listen to or download their album for free.

1. Hey, please introduce the band

hi, we're Extensity from Vic, a town 70 kilometres from Barcelona.
We're Marc in the guitar, Albert in the voice, Joan in the bass and Jordi in the drums.
2. How would you describe your music and name a few bands that influence you?

hardcore/crust, nastiness and speed. There're a lot of bands. For me specially Intensity from Sweden, but there're others like Limp wrist, Los Crudos, Disfear, Motörhead, Propagandhi, etc...
3. Can you recommend some other good bands from Barcelona?

In Barcelona and around it, there're good hardcore bands. I cannot name them all because I'd forget one of them, but I can tell you some good ones we have played with most: El Punto Devil , Dissabte , Time to Change, The Outsiders, etc...
4. How would you describe a really good Extensity-gig? How many gigs have you done so far?

An Extensity gig is like... We start a song and we keep dovetailing the songs until the end, when we are exhausted and happy to have given our asses playing! I think we have made around 50 shows. In fact we don't count them. Most of them have been in Catalonia and some in Spain. We also did 3 shows in France. We don't usually play so far due to our jobs and studies.
5. What is your lyrics about? Have you ever thought to write english lyrics?

They talk about life in general, misfortunes, politics, feelings... We don't write them in English because it's not our language; We can better express with our own language. However there's a song in English called "Friendship".
6. What do you know about the swedish punk/hc scene

Personally, I really like the swedish scene. There're more bands every day and every time the level is better. When we used to skate, we lived the crop of swedish bands (Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All, Randy, Misconduct, Intensity, Venerea, Acursed, Kontrovers...) I hope one day I can play in Sweden hahaha!
7. And yeah, what do you think about the future, do you have any plans?

We can't talk about future. In this moment we have this up our sleeves and we must preserve it. We'll see what we do; we're motivated.

Thank you to give us the opportunity to appear on your fanzine. Let's see if we can surprise you and we come to your cold lands! hahaha! Cheers!


Review: Antipati - Quattro Stagioni + Extra allt

Antipati - Quattro Stagioni + Extra allt (CD)

This must be the perfect streetpunk album without no doubts. They are flirting pretty much with Agent Bulldogg, but copycats? No way! Antipati have their own sound. This album are infact almost like an Antipati-compilation where 4 tracks comes from the 7" Quattro Stagioni which was released by Kjell Hell. 3 tracks is from the split with Last Rough Cause and 1 track will appear on Turist i Tillvaron Vol.3. I fucking love how Antipati have written the tracks to Quattro Stagioni, when the music reflects the lyrics, where the summer and spring lyrics are in major keys and autumn and winter in minor key. This album, from the cover to the music, is so deliberated. Forget the past, Antipati is the future. Their punkrock hits me straight from the beginning to the end. And I have to admit that I drank my first beer since New years eve today (end of february) after I'd listen to this album. You will get 8 tracks/26 minutes of pure punkrock joy. And Antipati really show how to make a top class production but still have the sound of punkrock. I have praised the french Oi! scene, but hell knows if this isn't better.


Review: Kapitano - Den svenska synden

Kapitano - Den svenska synden (Promo CD)

This is a promo of Kapitano's second 7". The sound is very mature, and I can't decide which genre I'm gonna put them into. Swedish punk with a touch of bands like Coca Carola and Charta 77. But the vocals have more pop feelings than all the 1000's of similar bands. I can not agree with the press letter who describe Kapitano as a punk projectile that are about to detonate. I would rather describe Kapitano as a good swedish soft punkband with strong pop feelings. By the way, can anyone help me, please where have I heard the chorus from the first track - En sanning så säker before?

I will not reject Kapitano straight ahead, but it's not really my cup tea. But if you are into swedish bands like Mimkry, Skumdum and Coca Carola will you probably like Kapitano. The best track on this record is the bonus track Jag blundar inte mer which is exclusive just for this promo.

Review: Opposition Rising

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (Digital)

Damn!.. is the first word that pop up in my head the first time I heard this album. And that's a damn in a possitive way. Because this FREE album is totally fantastic. Opposition Rising from Boston mix the best NYHC influenced Boston HC you can imagine with hc-influenced ska. Not like Mighty Mighty Bosstones or something like that. They have a more modern touch, both when it comes to the hardcore and the ska parts.

Even if you don't like ska, don't be affraid, because the most parts is just pure hardcore. I have never heard this kind of crossover before. Imagine what would happen if you put Slapshot and Voodoo Glow Skulls together. As I wrote is this album free to download, but the LP is pressed in 1000 ex, different colours from a bunch of different labels. I just love all the 10 tracks but if I have to chose some favourite tracks will it be The Rich Are Killing The Poor, F.T.W and Pink-Slip Murded Suicide.


Review: Out of cage Compilation

V/A - Birds Out - Out the Cage comp. (Digital)

Here's a free compilation from Birds Out Records. And the main content is a mix between brutal hardcore and grind. The only band I've heard of before is Weelchair X4. The first band that really open up my eyes is Hoy Pinoy, their kind of grindcore satisfiy me very much. Another band that I like is Horrors that you've seen who play more crust influenced hardcore. I think this compilation can be something for people who like grind but also people who like deathmetal, just listen to Human Cull and you'll understand. The whole compilation is just like a big greyzone, I don't know if I will categorize it as a punk, grind, hardcore or metal comp. So fuck genres, this is brutal music for brutal people. And it's free, so don't hesitate for fuck sake. The last track is a pretty famous cover, Bite it you scum...  

Free compilation: Out The Cage Compilation

Why don't you try some new punk and hardcore? Download this compilation
from Birds Out Records. I'm sure you'll find some really good stuff there
I will review this compilation later on.

Out The Cage Compilation. FREE DOWNLOAD. Please Share

Track List:

1. The Afternoon Gentlemen - Bin Lurker 00:45
2. Lavotchkin- Shower of Bastards 01:58
3. Aghast!-We Fear Silence 03:57
4. Jungle Juice -Three Days 00:51
5. Drug Couple - Victor Crowley 01:45
6. Wheelchair x 4 - Buy Her Flowers 01:21
7. Get Destroyed - 100 Men Forcefed 00:45
9. Directgov - Betagov 01:27
10. Hoy Pinoy - School Desk Blastbea 01:15
11. PxBxS - Wastemakers 00:39
12. BBR - Get Away From Her, You Bitch! 02:15
13. XMAYONNAISETHEBASTARDX - Its Just Cool Beans 00:51
14. Horrors That You've Seen - Drop Dead 02:24
15. Human Cull - Death Ritual 00:40
16. The Hardest Season -Sleepless 01:56
17. Smiler - Be Nice People 02:02
18. Puellae - A Day of Red 00:24
19. Dr.Aids - Bite It You Scum (cunt) 03:19


2-day-fest: Punk 44 Stockholm

Alright, here's a 2 day festival in the beginning of june that you can't miss. 
Just check out this line-up and you'll understand why...

Makabert Fynd
Sex Dwarf
(Filthy Christians, saboteur)
Murdring Murders

And more to come...
If you want more info - check out this event on FB


New site: Skrammel Records

Check out the new site from Skrammel Records NOW!

And take a look at Trabuc Records as well

I hope you had a great weekend! Here's a classic motherfucker...


Soundtrack of today: Blanks 77 - Next generation

Soundtrack of today 16 feb. 2012
I will try to update this everyday, "the soundtrack of today"

Blanks 77 - Next Generation


Live: Jailbreak Academy (swedish)


Punkrock bandet JAILBREAK ACADEMY åker ut på en Sverigeturné . Under våren kommer bandet att göra 12 spelningar runt om i landet. Turnépremiär är på Arenan i Falun fredagen den 17e februari.

Under 2011 släppte bandet debut albumet CHAOS IS KING, var nominerade till en ROCKBJÖRN som årets genombrott, gjorde 30talet spelningar och i januari 2012 åkte bandet på turné i Tyskland och Schweiz.

JAILBREAK ACADEMY tar även med sig bandet HIGH VULTURES på 5 av turnédatumen.

8/3 ARENAN, FALUN. (Inspelning av en live EP)
16/3 PEACE AND LOVE CAFÉ, BORLÄNGE. (Akustisk spelning)
7/4 ROCKERS POCKET/BENNY HILL, NORRKÖPING. (Jailbreak Academy + High Vultures)
25/4 HAFFAS, LUDVIKA. (Jailbreak Academy + High Vultures)
26/4 CAFÉ CAOZ, BORLÄNGE. (Jailbreak Academy + High Vultures)
28/4 TBA, ÖREBRO. (Jailbreak Academy + High Vultures)
29/4 HARRY B JAMES, STOCKHOLM. (Jailbreak Academy + High Vultures)
(fler datum kan tillkomma)

För mer info om JAILBREAK ACADEMY:

Trash Family Production
070-66 11 079 (Niklas)

Download: Burnt Cross

Download Burnt Cross "Carcass Of Humanity" for free/donation: moshpittragedy.com


Live: The Dräperz i Sthlm 23 Mars (Swedish)

The Dräperz kommer från den stad som kanske har mest storebrorskomplex av dom all - Västerås. Den 23 Mars spelar dessa västeråsare i huvudstaden - Stockholm. Plats för denna happening är Club Dislocated på kungliga Södermalm. Broder Tuck står för lokalen,  en bra lokal speciellt när det är mycket folk på plats. Så därför SKA du, såvida du inte har något bra mycket viktigare för Dig, bege dig till Broder Tuck för tusan. Det är dessutom en Fredag, vilket innebär att du kan dricka öl, vilket innebär att du törs köra lite pogo.

På scen: The Dräperz, Ligisterna, Puffra
Checka in evenemanget på Facebook

Recension från Schizo Fanzine #7

The Dräperz - Praise the lord and pass the ammunition (CD)


The Dräperz is a pretty new band from Västerås, Sweden. They play 3-chord punkrock with a mix between Ramones, Templars and let us say Voice of a generation. Since I like that kind of punk is it not too hard to understand that I like The Dräperz. But, I would prefer that they do all songs in swedish because it doesn't sounds too good when Mr.Jinx sing in english too bad because the vocals are not bad at all, it's the accent who disturb me. The music is perfect for a sunny day in the park with lot's of beer. 9 tracks in english and 2 in swedish, one of the 9 is a cover (Highway star) by Zeke. I think that The Dräperz can thrive in the future.


Review: Extensity - La Gravedad De La Ley

Extensity - La Gravedad De La Ley

I fucking love it when good bands contact me and want me to review them. Extensity from Barcelona sent me an email and I downloaded their CD "`La gravedad de la ley", which is possible to order from the band, or listen to the entire album at their bandcamp, buy it if you like it. It's their ultra desperate hardcore that force me to pogo fucking hard. The music is a mix between Sick of it all and Gang Green. But Extensity are much harder and the vocals in particular are harder and so fucking raw. Maybe is Disfear the closest band to compare with. I will not say that any song is better than the other, because they are all good. 8 tracks in 9 minutes. And I want more now.

(I hope to get an interview with Extensity later on)

Review: Atomic Pollution - Peaceful protest

Atomic Pollution - Peaceful protest (Digital)

Atomic Pollution is back, free to download as always. And the lyrics, artwork, cover etc will be enclosed as well. I think this is the best Atomic Pollution has recorded. So I am glad that it 6 tracks this time insted of just 2. The sound is more angry now, and that is suitable to the lyrics.

The music is pretty much anarchopunk, better than many bands but not in the same class as Burnt Cross or Conflict. It would be fun to see how the sound should be if Atomic Pollution was a full band I can just imagine how "Free?" would sound. That's my favorite song on this release, Peaceful Protest (part.2) are good as well. I like when A.P make it angrier. Download this mini-ep for free, it's worth it, just visit atomicpollution.blogspot.com or download straight here: http://www.4shared.com/archive/EMDV76hE/atomicpollution_peacefulprotes.html

Related: Atomic Pollution interview in Schizo Fanzine #5. Download here


Music: Sjuttisju - Gullmarsplan

I wanna pay tribute to the best place in Stockholm... a place called Gullmarsplan.
This is track 01. from my (Sjuttisju) record "Skit i stan - Gullmarsplan" and. Sjuttisju (77)
is my Hammarby-project, and well, it's my blog so I decide the contents haha.

Related: I www.myspace.com/sjuttisju I Sjuttisju on Facebook I

Diskent - Swedish rawpunk

Here's 3 tracks from my old band Diskent. We were active around 1997.
Members: Micke - Guitar/Vocals. Daniele - Guitar/Bass. Jonny - Drums.
If you have any further questions, send an email to me: schizodistro[@]gmail.com
I will try to give you a download link in the future. Enjoy!

Sir Reg - Dying to rebel tour

Sir Reg are out on the roads again. And if you wanna follow their adventures, visit their
tour blog right here. http://dyingtorebel.wordpress.com/

RelatedSir Reg interview from Schizo Fanzine 3
Review: A sign of times
Dying to rebel tour dates

Visit www.sirreg.se for their latest news
And the time will tell if it will be a new interview later on.



Split CD available now: PARTiYA / AGATHOCLES «Crust’N’Grind Protest»!
PARTiYA: crust-punk with elements of grind from Belarus; AGATHOCLES: mincecore / grind from Belgium. Disk contains 16 tracks, booklet with photos and lyrics in russian and english. Released in february 2012. To download split or get more info check this link: http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/2012/02/split-cd-partiya-agathocles-crustngrind.html

CRUST | GRIND | PUNK | BLOG & DISTRO: http://primitive-distro.blogspot.com/

(Review will be up later / Schizo Fanzine)

Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.1

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.1 (Spotify)

This compilation, released by Mikael Sörling, will probably be just as classic as the famous swedish compilations from Really Fast. And just how Really Fast was arranged is this the best from the Swedish punk scene in the present. And you will find all kinds of different punk genres. Like the fast and furious Dick Tracy to streetpunkish Prins Carl via GBH-influenced Suicide Syndicate. Spotlicks, Glidslem and Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels has all been interviewed in earlier issues of Schizo Fanzine. And as you already know are Spotlicks one of my favorite bands, old school swedish punkrock, and Rikard must be the best bass player ever. Another band that give me 80.s punkrock feelings are Strindberg Som Tortyr. There is a bunch of bands I've just heard of but I have never listen to them. Slöa Knivar are one of them, and they surprise me in a positive way. I my opinion are Black Feet the best band on the entire compilation. You will get 19 tracks from 16 bands. And there is no band that sounds like any of the other. This is what Sweden can offer right now and the high class make me proud. Rest of the bands: Bäddat för trubbel, Abjekt, Epidemics, Kronofogden, Varsel, Beyond pink and Snutjävel.

Turist i tillvaron: sirling.blogspot.com


Review: More world, less bank pt.3 (7")

V/A - More world, less bank pt.3 - No borders no banks (7")

I can just agree with the press letter.. "All killers, no fillers". This EP contains of 8 bands and 8 tracks and I have to say that it's creame de la creame of Swedish raw/crust punk. Misär is the first band out, and the play classic swedish d-beat with spirits from the 90.s. Next out is Krimtänk, the soundquality isn't the best but they deliver as usual. Another band that deliver as usual is Slaktrens with their raw sound and grindparts, I love it. Eskatologia is a classic Halvfabrikat band, really raw and filled with melodic neocrust/minor key tunes. I like that in just right doses and it stands out perfect on this compilation. Passiv Dödshjälp is another faithful old servant band from Halvfabrikat and they have never disappointed me. Damn, the only band I've not heard before are Insidious Process, and guess what... It's the best band on this EP. So fucking raw and brutal. I just feel that I want more of them. Don't be surprised if you'll find an interview in this issue as well. I will always hold Moderat Likvidation as one of the best rawpunk band ever, but it was before their reunion, their song on this EP is far from their old stuff. The last band is another classic Halvfabrikat band, End of all, who play even more minor key melodic crust than Eskatalogia and they do it fantastic. I will recommend this EP for all lovers of Swedish crust/rawpunk, you will not be disappointed because this is high class all over.


Review: Saturdays Heroes

Saturdays Heroes - Backyard Troubadour (EP)

The young members in this band really start to sound mature. But since I can be a bit conservative will I just give Saturdays Heroes a warning, watch out for too good productions and watch out to fall into the american streetpunk syndrome. That's my opinion, but it seems like I am pretty alone to hate bands like Dropkick Murphys, US Bombs and Street Dogs, so don't listen to me. Well, one of these three tracks is a cover by DKM (Get up), and it almost sounds just like DKM. I don't like that, I prefer when bands record covers with their own style. But I will not complain more, Saturdays Heroes is a fucking good band, they belong to one of the best streetpunkbands in Sweden. So my warnings is just because I am worried to lose this band into a boring genre where all bands have the same sound - the fucked up american streetpunk wave anno 2009. Try to embrace more from the UK Oi! scene and I will be 100% satisfied. Because you really has the makings of a fantastic band.

(Release date: 1 march 2012)

Extensity. Hardcore from Spain


I got an email from Jordi, who play in the spanish Hardcoreband Extensity.
I will review their CDs soon, and meanwhile, take a look at their Myspace + Bandcamp
for some really good and raw hardcore. High class!

Myspace:   www.myspace.com/extensitytheband


Alfatec, really cool hc/punk from Italy

Alfatec from Italy have just released their first fullenght. I will review that album
soon, but until then can you check out this video with one of the new tracks.