Review: Kapitano - Den svenska synden

Kapitano - Den svenska synden (Promo CD)

This is a promo of Kapitano's second 7". The sound is very mature, and I can't decide which genre I'm gonna put them into. Swedish punk with a touch of bands like Coca Carola and Charta 77. But the vocals have more pop feelings than all the 1000's of similar bands. I can not agree with the press letter who describe Kapitano as a punk projectile that are about to detonate. I would rather describe Kapitano as a good swedish soft punkband with strong pop feelings. By the way, can anyone help me, please where have I heard the chorus from the first track - En sanning så säker before?

I will not reject Kapitano straight ahead, but it's not really my cup tea. But if you are into swedish bands like Mimkry, Skumdum and Coca Carola will you probably like Kapitano. The best track on this record is the bonus track Jag blundar inte mer which is exclusive just for this promo.

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