Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.1

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.1 (Spotify)

This compilation, released by Mikael Sörling, will probably be just as classic as the famous swedish compilations from Really Fast. And just how Really Fast was arranged is this the best from the Swedish punk scene in the present. And you will find all kinds of different punk genres. Like the fast and furious Dick Tracy to streetpunkish Prins Carl via GBH-influenced Suicide Syndicate. Spotlicks, Glidslem and Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels has all been interviewed in earlier issues of Schizo Fanzine. And as you already know are Spotlicks one of my favorite bands, old school swedish punkrock, and Rikard must be the best bass player ever. Another band that give me 80.s punkrock feelings are Strindberg Som Tortyr. There is a bunch of bands I've just heard of but I have never listen to them. Slöa Knivar are one of them, and they surprise me in a positive way. I my opinion are Black Feet the best band on the entire compilation. You will get 19 tracks from 16 bands. And there is no band that sounds like any of the other. This is what Sweden can offer right now and the high class make me proud. Rest of the bands: Bäddat för trubbel, Abjekt, Epidemics, Kronofogden, Varsel, Beyond pink and Snutjävel.

Turist i tillvaron: sirling.blogspot.com

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