Review: Opposition Rising

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics (Digital)

Damn!.. is the first word that pop up in my head the first time I heard this album. And that's a damn in a possitive way. Because this FREE album is totally fantastic. Opposition Rising from Boston mix the best NYHC influenced Boston HC you can imagine with hc-influenced ska. Not like Mighty Mighty Bosstones or something like that. They have a more modern touch, both when it comes to the hardcore and the ska parts.

Even if you don't like ska, don't be affraid, because the most parts is just pure hardcore. I have never heard this kind of crossover before. Imagine what would happen if you put Slapshot and Voodoo Glow Skulls together. As I wrote is this album free to download, but the LP is pressed in 1000 ex, different colours from a bunch of different labels. I just love all the 10 tracks but if I have to chose some favourite tracks will it be The Rich Are Killing The Poor, F.T.W and Pink-Slip Murded Suicide.

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