Interview: Extensity

Here's an interview with Jordi who play in the brilliant raw hardcore band Extensity.
They are hailing from Barcelona, and I can recommend everyone who like raw shit
to visit their BANDCAMP site where you can listen to or download their album for free.

1. Hey, please introduce the band

hi, we're Extensity from Vic, a town 70 kilometres from Barcelona.
We're Marc in the guitar, Albert in the voice, Joan in the bass and Jordi in the drums.
2. How would you describe your music and name a few bands that influence you?

hardcore/crust, nastiness and speed. There're a lot of bands. For me specially Intensity from Sweden, but there're others like Limp wrist, Los Crudos, Disfear, Motörhead, Propagandhi, etc...
3. Can you recommend some other good bands from Barcelona?

In Barcelona and around it, there're good hardcore bands. I cannot name them all because I'd forget one of them, but I can tell you some good ones we have played with most: El Punto Devil , Dissabte , Time to Change, The Outsiders, etc...
4. How would you describe a really good Extensity-gig? How many gigs have you done so far?

An Extensity gig is like... We start a song and we keep dovetailing the songs until the end, when we are exhausted and happy to have given our asses playing! I think we have made around 50 shows. In fact we don't count them. Most of them have been in Catalonia and some in Spain. We also did 3 shows in France. We don't usually play so far due to our jobs and studies.
5. What is your lyrics about? Have you ever thought to write english lyrics?

They talk about life in general, misfortunes, politics, feelings... We don't write them in English because it's not our language; We can better express with our own language. However there's a song in English called "Friendship".
6. What do you know about the swedish punk/hc scene

Personally, I really like the swedish scene. There're more bands every day and every time the level is better. When we used to skate, we lived the crop of swedish bands (Satanic Surfers, No Fun At All, Randy, Misconduct, Intensity, Venerea, Acursed, Kontrovers...) I hope one day I can play in Sweden hahaha!
7. And yeah, what do you think about the future, do you have any plans?

We can't talk about future. In this moment we have this up our sleeves and we must preserve it. We'll see what we do; we're motivated.

Thank you to give us the opportunity to appear on your fanzine. Let's see if we can surprise you and we come to your cold lands! hahaha! Cheers!

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