Review: Out of cage Compilation

V/A - Birds Out - Out the Cage comp. (Digital)

Here's a free compilation from Birds Out Records. And the main content is a mix between brutal hardcore and grind. The only band I've heard of before is Weelchair X4. The first band that really open up my eyes is Hoy Pinoy, their kind of grindcore satisfiy me very much. Another band that I like is Horrors that you've seen who play more crust influenced hardcore. I think this compilation can be something for people who like grind but also people who like deathmetal, just listen to Human Cull and you'll understand. The whole compilation is just like a big greyzone, I don't know if I will categorize it as a punk, grind, hardcore or metal comp. So fuck genres, this is brutal music for brutal people. And it's free, so don't hesitate for fuck sake. The last track is a pretty famous cover, Bite it you scum...  

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