Valjakkala is a band from Sweden, formed back in 2010 by Chris (Bombstrike), he wanted to play oldschool-finnish hardcore the '83 way. Chris is the only member from the first line-up, the current line-up is:
Chris - Vocals / Guitar (BOMBSTRIKE)

Not bad at all. Take a look at their bandcamp - http://valjakkala.bandcamp.com/
You can also find them on Facebook


Pickled Pooh Distro

Here's another distro...

Pickled Pooh Distro List
ALL PRICES INC P&P within the UK
For details, contact: pickledpooh@hotmail.co.uk

Virus 'Virulence' £5.00
Liberty 'Just Talking Reality' £4.00
Sensa Yuma 'Kickin and Screamin' £6.50
Burnt Cross 'Mankind's Obituary' £5
Burnt Cross 'Carcass of Humanity' £4
Burnt Cross/ A.U.K split ' The Earth Dies Screaming' £4
Police Bastard 'Its Good To Hate' cd/dvd £5
Angry Scenes 4 compilation £2.50
Angry Scenes 5 compilation £3.00
R.A.M-M.A.N 'Toxic Haste' £2.50
Inner Conflict 'Nachhause' £3.00
Officer Down 'Thrown To Water' £5.00
Scarred Society ' Scarred Society' £3.00
Poundaflesh/Rejected split 'Cursed' £3.00
Total Bloody Chaos 'what cant speak cant lie' (cdr) £2.00
Global Parasite 'Memento Mori' £5.00

Schizo service

Schizo Distro list

Here's my current distro list. I have just 1-3 copys of each item, so hurry up. If you wanna
trade, send me your tradelist. Distros, ask for wholesale for Burnt Cross - Break the law...
contact: schizodistro@gmail.com 


Alfatec - Brainphobia (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor  (30kr/£3/€4/5$) ask for wholesale
Burnt Cross - Too many graves (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Constant State of terror - Liberation (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Fed Up - Read between the lines (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Kurbits IR - Inget Liv (40kr/£4/€5/6$)
Niestroy - Ashamed (+ Cd) (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Split 7"

Misantropic / Deathrace (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Passiv Dödshjälp / Livstid (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison / Totälickers (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Pride of place / Judged by you (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Project Hopeless / Offensive (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Raised by drunks / Link (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Tinner / Slapendehonden (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Compilation 7"

V/A Kids wanna dance (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Ambulance, Human Waste, Bombstrike, Kontrovers, Uncle Charles, Tristess
V/A Six ways to fuck shit up (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison, Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, De Reclassering, Dead Subverts


Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary CD (60kr/£6/€7/9$)


Spotlicks interviews

In the beginning of their tour with the new 7"
Here's a new interview with the good swedish punkrock band Spotlicks made by Punk i Sverige http://punksverige.blogspot.se/2012/03/spotlicks.html

And don't forget to read the interview with Spotlicks I made for Schizo Fanzine #6. And don't forget to buy their EP 7". They will also release a fullength later this year. If you want more info, get in touch with the band at their myspace - http://www.myspace.com/spotlicks
And here is my Spotlicks intie... http://schizointerviews.blogspot.se/search/label/Spotlicks


Ungovernable Resistance tonite

Here's a new logo I made for Ungovernable Resistance. And yay... UR is back.
Listen tonite, just go to
http://innerequilibrium.blogspot.com for more info and streamlinks.


Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.2

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.2 (Spotify)

Vol.1 was still hot when Sörling released Vol.2 with 16 more bands. And the standard are high on this volume as well. This is a true proof of swedish punks greatness. Even if I think that Vol.1 is better is there a lot of fantastic bands. One of them is the crust/hc band Brottskod 11. Another good band is The Baboon Show who play a very obstinate kind of punkrock. And for the variation can we find Oi! influenced Vindicate This!, Fru Dörr - a band that could have participated on the classic compilation Varning för punk! and not to forget the fucking raw Insidious Process who I like very much. Kaffekatt and Thurneman are two distinctive hardcore bands, I like them a lot. Trubbel and Tomma Händer play swedish punk not too far from bands like Asta Kask and Troublemakers and so does Mimikry as well who is this volumes veterans. The only band I don't like is Headons, but what the fuck, that's just one song. If you want this LP, send a mail to the email above or get in touch with any of the bands I've mention.


News from Ungovernable Resistance

Ungovernable Resistance Radio show will be back as you probably now by now.
And here's is a new banner. Or almost new, I made it before but have change a few things.
Take a look at http://innerequlibrium.blogspot.com for more info

Ungovernable Resistance is working on a new compilation as well.
Read this if your band want to join the comp.


Inner Equilibrium DIY Collective announces a brand new compilation between Ungovernable Resistance, Agamenon Project, A World We Never Made, & Death From Above. This is a joint solidarity project that will promote DIY music from crust, hardcore, power violence, hc punk, & grind. Bands so far: Filthy Charity, Greed Force, Bring To Ruins, Power is Poison, Agamenon Project, Buried At Birth, Vivisecticide, Sheeple, Askgatt, Oiz II Men, Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, End Result, Social Schism, Death From Above,  more TBC.

  If u are interested and would like to submit your music contact either:

  DJ Resistance @ innerequilibriumdiy@gmail.com or
aworldwenevermade@hotmail.co.uk Deadline is: Late May. Stay DIY. Peace.


Interview: Subculture

Here's a part from the interview I made with the UK band Subculture. The entire interview will be published in Schizo Fanzine 8. It's Peter who answered my questions. I can really recommend Subculture if you like traditional UK Oi!

Hello Peter, Subculture was formed back in 1980, what made you start playing at that time? And which bands influenced you?

We were all young punk fans, and just like a lot of people at the time, we just wanted to make a noise like our favourite bands which were the Pistols, The Clash and the Cockney Rejects. We never said, “right, lets form an Oi band, that’s what’s going on at the moment. We just got put into that category because we dressed in ordinary everyday clothes, not in leathers and studs. I think if we had had a stereotypical punk look, things would have been different, one way or another…

I think you're much better than many of the big classic UK-bands, what would you say is the reason why didn't you become one of them? I have the impression that there is a bunch of bands who've reunite just for the money and don't care about their roots, do you agree or do you have another opinion?

Well I think there are two reasons for that. The main reason was I think that we were younger and about a year behind bands like The Business, Blitz  Infa Riot ect , who all had records out by 1981… our first vinyl outing came just everything was falling apart, so we playing catch up all the time, trying to gain a reputation, even though as you have said, our sound was better than a lot of other more recognised bands. The other reason is probably that we didn’t come from big town like London or Manchester and got little or no press coverage early on. Cambridge is thought of as a snobby well-to-do place,  but like any city, its got working class areas, and all the problems that come with that.

What have you released so far? Do you have any upcoming relases planed? When you write a song today, is it the same procedure like it was when you were active in the 80s? What is your lyrics about?

Well apart from the cd we released last year and the single in 83, we have appeared on various compilation cds, and we are releasing a new 7” vinyl e.p soon, on our own label Council House Records. Four tracks of classic punk rock n roll. We write as a team but Phil and Dean do most of the words and music respectively. There are plenty of things to write about these days, as I’m sure you are aware! The song structures are pretty simple, pretty much like they were before. We are better musicians now but we don’t overplay anything. Its all pretty stripped down and raw sounding. The new e.p is gonna be really good. It will be on download to, as the single will be very limited. 

Related: Subculture web


Ungovernable Resistance is back!

Fucking yes! Ungovernable Resistance will be back. Visit Inner Equlibrium for more info
And I made some new graphic shit for the U.R hip hop edition...


Review: Moral Dilemma - Under Surveillance

Moral Dilemma - Under Surveillance (7")

I am fucking glad that I ordered this 7" from Distro-y because it's a wonderful piece of clear vinyl. Moral Dilemma have male/female vocals and the vocals was the first thing that hit me, it sounds really good. The music is pretty slow and it could be just another ok but boring punkband, but the vocals transform the entire production into great hardcorepunk. This 7" contains of 4 tracks, and I don't think a fullenght would be boring so I hope they will release one soon. The last track Cayenne starts as a ballad with french lyrics but after a while it take shape as a brilliant punksong. This 7" is limited to 500 copys and I can just recommend you to buy it. I hope to get an interview with Moral Dilemma in next issue of Schizo Fanzine.


Gigs in Sweden (March)

Here's a bunch of gigs in Sweden in March

6 mars - Fryshuset - Stockholm

9 mars - What We Do Is Secret - Strand - Stockholm

17 Mars - Erik Ruuth Kulturhus - Höganäs

20 mars - hemgården - Lund

23 mars - Club Dislocated - Broder Tuck - Stockholm

23 mars - Snövit - Stockholm

24 Mars - Trusckstop Alaska - Göteborg

24:e mars 21:00-01:00 - Pizzeria Victoria - Vetlanda (18år)

30 mars - Virus Bar - Örebro

30 mars - KGB - Riot Club - Sthlm

Review: The Lowlifes - TV Addiction

The Lowlifes - Tv Addiction (CD)

The Lowlifes have been around since 2004 but this is their debut album. Their energetic 3-chord punk isn't bad at all, but I wish that they could slow down sometimes because it almost sounds like one long song, and that's not really fair, because The Lowlifes really know how to play this kind of punk. 3-4 tracks on a compilation tape for the summer is just perfect. If I am going to compare The Lowlifes with an other band will probably The Business be the closest even if it's a big class distinction between those bands. The lyrics walk hand in hand with the music, it's pure punk and they have 4 tracks in swedish and 8 in english. The best tracks: False Unity, Jag finns inte alls and Nothing Worth. All in all will you get almost 30 minutes of ok punk, but if you get the opportunity to watch The Lowlifes live, take the chance, they are much better live. 

Filthpact documentary

Here is a cool documentary about the scottish crustband Filthpact. They have just released
a split with one of my favoritebands Kansalaistottelemattomuus. I will review that 7" in a few days.
Read my Kansalaistottelemattomuus interview here... [Schizo Fanzine #5 PDF]
All interviews in #5: Al-Thawra, Zudas Krust, Spotlicks, Jason Vomit, Power is poison, Cow Mag

Filthy Charity live in Sweden 2010

Here's Filthy Charity live at Gula Villan in Haninge outside Stockholm. I arranged their tour
and we had a blast out on the Swedish roads. 2 gigs in Stockholm, 1 in Göteborg and 1 in Malmö. I can really recommend you to to see them live if you get the opportunity. Really nice lads.
I hope you will come back to Sweden in the future.


Schizo Distro list (March)

Here's all items who's available from Schizo Distro at the moment
All prices are excluding postage, and I have just a few copys of
all items left in stock right now. Send a mail with your order and
I will get back to you with the total amount.
info/order: schizodistro@gmail.com

Wanna trade? Let me know what you got...

(Special för Sverige, köp 5 st och jag bjuder på frakten)

Alfatec - Brainphobia (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor  (30kr/£3/€4/5$) (Ask for wholesale)
Burnt Cross - Too many graves (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Constant State of terror - Liberation (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Fed Up - Read between the lines (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Kurbits IR - Inget Liv (40kr/£4/€5/6$)
Niestroy - Ashamed (+ Cd) (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Split 7"

Misantropic / Deathrace (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Passiv Dödshjälp / Livstid (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison / Totälickers (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Pride of place / Judged by you (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Project Hopeless / Offensive (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Raised by drunks / Link (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Tinner / Slapendehonden (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Compilation 7"
V/A Kids wanna dance (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Ambulance, Human Waste, Bombstrike, Kontrovers, Uncle Charles, Tristess
V/A Six ways to fuck shit up (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison, Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, De Reclassering, Dead Subverts

Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary CD (60kr/£6/€7/9$)

Schizo Distro/Fanzine


I have cut down the distro part of Schizo Distro/Fanzine but of course will
the blog and fanzine continue just as much or even more like before.
I have also some new services to offer... 

* Ads
* Sleeves (Cd, Vinyl, Tapes)
* Logotypes
* Convert files from/to JPG, EPS, TIF, GIF
* I have a collaboration with an illustrator

* Digitalize tapes to MP3/Wav
* Convert files from/to MP3, Wav, Ogg etc
* Create music vids and publish them on Youtube

* Promote your band thru reviews
* Publish info about gigs and tours
* Interviews, I will only interview bands I like

* We can brainstorm together to reach the best result, or if you want will I do everything
by my own. You will always see the result before it's going to be published.

* The costs will always vary, it depends much on what kind of help you want.
This is still a DIY work so much of my work will be free. Examples:
- I help a band with a CD layout, then I just want a copy of the CD
- I help a band to digitalize a tape, then I just want to keep the tape
- I help a label with an ad, then I just want material to review

It's always possible to discuss everything from the beginning to the end.
Send an email for questions, suggestions or if you need help with anything...


Saturdays Heroes, new video

Saturdays Heroes have just released their new Ep Backyard Troubadour.
Here's a brand new
video from one of the 3 tracks. Enjoy!

Interview: The Bristles from Sweden

Because of the fact that The Bristles are booked for the 2-day festival at Kafe 44 in Stockholm this summer, here is a recent interview. They might be old, but still angry... let's go...

1. Hello Svegis, how are The Bristles feeling today?
The band just had a winter break. Now the winters almost done were back together, rehearsing, writing new songs... getting the shit together.
2. You are booked for the 2-day fest at Kafe 44 in Stockholm, what do you look forward to? You are gonna play, but is there any special bands you really want to see?

Yeah, really looking forward to play there. We've played at 44:an once before and we're always looking forward to go there and meet Tompa Eken who is a GREAT man, and who we've known since Ultrahuset days. Meanwhile is a nice band, Makabert fynd as well, and I'm looking forward to meet Jallo again, a long time ago since last time....

3. Do you have any other plans for the spring and the summer?

We have just started to look for gigs and festivals, and writing new songs. Do you want us to play, contact

4. And you are also running Heptown Record as well. Can you reveal any upcomming releases now?
Well, I just work at Hepcat Store and our inhouse label is Heptown Records: We have just released Sir Reg (celtic punk) and Troubled Three (rockabilly) and now in march we will release The Cremators  album, a Swedish psychobilly band.

5. Any last words you wanna spread to the people out there? Thanx, and hope you will have a fantastic year.

Keep up the fight against the racists and the fascists!

Schizo #8 cover

This is how the cover of Schizo Fanzine #8 will look like. Out in spring/summer 2012
It can be some changes, but well, it's how it look like now. 54 loaded pages.