Review: Moral Dilemma - Under Surveillance

Moral Dilemma - Under Surveillance (7")

I am fucking glad that I ordered this 7" from Distro-y because it's a wonderful piece of clear vinyl. Moral Dilemma have male/female vocals and the vocals was the first thing that hit me, it sounds really good. The music is pretty slow and it could be just another ok but boring punkband, but the vocals transform the entire production into great hardcorepunk. This 7" contains of 4 tracks, and I don't think a fullenght would be boring so I hope they will release one soon. The last track Cayenne starts as a ballad with french lyrics but after a while it take shape as a brilliant punksong. This 7" is limited to 500 copys and I can just recommend you to buy it. I hope to get an interview with Moral Dilemma in next issue of Schizo Fanzine.

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