Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.2

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.2 (Spotify)

Vol.1 was still hot when Sörling released Vol.2 with 16 more bands. And the standard are high on this volume as well. This is a true proof of swedish punks greatness. Even if I think that Vol.1 is better is there a lot of fantastic bands. One of them is the crust/hc band Brottskod 11. Another good band is The Baboon Show who play a very obstinate kind of punkrock. And for the variation can we find Oi! influenced Vindicate This!, Fru Dörr - a band that could have participated on the classic compilation Varning för punk! and not to forget the fucking raw Insidious Process who I like very much. Kaffekatt and Thurneman are two distinctive hardcore bands, I like them a lot. Trubbel and Tomma Händer play swedish punk not too far from bands like Asta Kask and Troublemakers and so does Mimikry as well who is this volumes veterans. The only band I don't like is Headons, but what the fuck, that's just one song. If you want this LP, send a mail to the email above or get in touch with any of the bands I've mention.

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