Review: The Lowlifes - TV Addiction

The Lowlifes - Tv Addiction (CD)

The Lowlifes have been around since 2004 but this is their debut album. Their energetic 3-chord punk isn't bad at all, but I wish that they could slow down sometimes because it almost sounds like one long song, and that's not really fair, because The Lowlifes really know how to play this kind of punk. 3-4 tracks on a compilation tape for the summer is just perfect. If I am going to compare The Lowlifes with an other band will probably The Business be the closest even if it's a big class distinction between those bands. The lyrics walk hand in hand with the music, it's pure punk and they have 4 tracks in swedish and 8 in english. The best tracks: False Unity, Jag finns inte alls and Nothing Worth. All in all will you get almost 30 minutes of ok punk, but if you get the opportunity to watch The Lowlifes live, take the chance, they are much better live. 

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