Interview: The Bristles from Sweden

Because of the fact that The Bristles are booked for the 2-day festival at Kafe 44 in Stockholm this summer, here is a recent interview. They might be old, but still angry... let's go...

1. Hello Svegis, how are The Bristles feeling today?
The band just had a winter break. Now the winters almost done were back together, rehearsing, writing new songs... getting the shit together.
2. You are booked for the 2-day fest at Kafe 44 in Stockholm, what do you look forward to? You are gonna play, but is there any special bands you really want to see?

Yeah, really looking forward to play there. We've played at 44:an once before and we're always looking forward to go there and meet Tompa Eken who is a GREAT man, and who we've known since Ultrahuset days. Meanwhile is a nice band, Makabert fynd as well, and I'm looking forward to meet Jallo again, a long time ago since last time....

3. Do you have any other plans for the spring and the summer?

We have just started to look for gigs and festivals, and writing new songs. Do you want us to play, contact

4. And you are also running Heptown Record as well. Can you reveal any upcomming releases now?
Well, I just work at Hepcat Store and our inhouse label is Heptown Records: We have just released Sir Reg (celtic punk) and Troubled Three (rockabilly) and now in march we will release The Cremators  album, a Swedish psychobilly band.

5. Any last words you wanna spread to the people out there? Thanx, and hope you will have a fantastic year.

Keep up the fight against the racists and the fascists!

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