Review: Burnt Cross - Protest punk

Burnt Cross - Protest punk (7")
(Tadpole, Lukket avdelning, +9)

Yeah, one of my favorite band Burnt Cross are back with their 9th 7". 2 of  5 tracks are new and the 3 other has been recorded earlier in the past but was unreleased until now. Burnt Cross have a classic UK anarcho punk sound just like Conflict and Flux Of Pink Indians etc but in my opinion is Burnt Cross better than these bands. "We the people" is one of the 2 newly recorded and that is one of the best song on this 7". The best song is "Rise". Paul sounds so fucking angry and I love it when Maureen sings. She has a very interesting voice. This 7" is their first with a white cover and black print and it looks really good. What else can I say more than that they have succeeded again. And of course this is yet a multi label release, 11 labels stand behind this 7" Get in touch with Burnt Cross if you are into anarcho punk. You wont be disappointed.

Burnt Cross - Rise (From their 7" Protest Punk)

Review: Djävulen Möblerar Om - Universum i en kub

Djävulen möblerar om - Universum i en kub (7")

I had never heard of Djävulen Möblerar Om before I got this EP. And I guess it's a pretty new band since I can not find much info about them. And I'm not sure if it is a band, I think it's a solo project by Malte from Malte X which is another band that I know nothing about. Anyhow, there are two tracks on this 7" and none of them make me happy. The anti-religious song on the B-side "Årtusendets skämt" is a bit better than the title track on the A-side "Universum i en kub". I get some Coca Carola vibes, and i wouldn't be surprised if Beat Butchers Records will release a Djävulen Möblerar Om album in the future because this is Swedish punkrock just in that school. I will not give too much of bad criticism, because this is the first release and just two tracks, therefore is it not easy to get the right opinion. 

Djävulen Möblerar Om - Universum i en kub

Review: Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split12")

Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split 12")

This is a split-12" and the bands Per Capita (Germany) and Freedom is a lie (Hungary)  complement each other. Per Capita has been one of my favorite bands for a couple years now. They mix perfect brutal crust, raw hardcore and grind. I came across Per Capita for some years when I listened to Ungovernable Resistance Radio and I became glad to find a new fantastic band (and yeah, that's a good reason to listen at U.R's webradio). Per Capita sounds a bit like a mix of Totalt Jävla Mörker and Skitsystem. I like they way they mix crust and grind, it makes them very dynamic and I just can't get enough of these 9 tracks. Freedom is a lie have lyrics in their native language - hungarian, and I can't understand a single word, but it really fits this genre. Just like Per Capita is it a mix of crust and grind, but F.I.A.L have a more trashy sound where Per Capita have the hardcore sound. So there is a difference between the bands even if their roots are the same. This is a split with 2 good bands, but Per Capita is a bit better if you ask me. 

Per Capita - Doomed

Review: Georgia Barbershop - It's Alright, It's Okay, It Only Took Seven Years

Georgia Barbershop - It's Alright, It's Okay, It Only Took Seven Years

At last I have got what I always are looking for. A dirty sound. But why do I want it this way? Well, I get the feeling that the band is playing live with a lot's of love and lot's of strong feelings. Georgia Barbershop from Sweden has a motley garage/punkrock sound that makes me happy. I wouldn't be surprised if the members in G.B listen much to bands like Buzzcocks and New York Dolls and even if G.B not might be the best band I've heard is the feeling so strong and rock n roll feelings are never wrong. The standard of the songs are approved but hey, some of the songs are really good so there is a few ups and downs but the wholeness is more than ok. I don't use to listen to this kind of post punk 'n roll very often, but I will for sure listen more to Georgia Barbershop in the future and especially to their best tracks "Wife problems", "Quality bird" and "Underneath my couch".

Review: Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)

Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)
(Idiot records)

Pastoratet from Sweden is a new acquaintance for me, and a really positive one. They sounds pretty much like Cosa Nostra which is a Swedish band some of the members from Asta Kask had in a period when Asta Kask wasn't active. There is 6 tracks on this CD and that's good, I have started to prefer when it's not too many tracks on a record. Pastoratets music style was very popular in Sweden in the 90's, and well, Pastoratet was formed back in 1992 and was called Väs at that time. And the music is well-played punkrock in a pretty fast tempo with lot's of meldies. I can't really explain why but I can also hear some very weak fragment of NOFX especially in one of my favorite tracks "Enligt säkra källor". There are many bands who've attempted to play this kind of punk through the years and without any doubts will I consider to place Pastoratet among the best band in this genre.

Pastoratet - Enligt säkra källor

Review: Vånna Inget - Ingen botten

Vånna Inget - Ingen botten 

I had only heard a few songs with this wonderful band before, and I love their contribution on the compilation-LP Turist i tillvaron 3. Vånna Inget released their first full-length in 2011 and now they are back with this album. Their melancholic punkrock have a touch of the legendary Swedish pop band Broder Daniel, something that just are positive in my opinion. Karolina, the vocalist, have a perfect voice which fits perfectly to the music. And the music is filled with melancholic guitar lines while the organ create a really good ground. The lyrics are in Swedish, and they are very sensitive, sometimes almost emotional. I can not but pay tribute to Vånna Inget. I have a feeling that everyone who are just a bit open-minded are going to love this album. But it's not traditional punk, so don't expect anything you won't get. Even if I like all 11 tracks on this album is it something that doesn't satisfy me completely. I get bored after a while. 5-6 songs is okey but after that does it feels like it's just one long song. All in all is this album very good, and my favorite tracks is: "Vart tar du vägen", "Gamla" and "Kungar"


Söker ni promotionhjälp? (In Swedish)

(this text is just for swedes who are active in the punk scene)

Varje månad skriver jag en sorts krönika till Ungovernable Resistance, som har en väldigt aktiv blogg samt att han sänder internetradio minst en gång i veckan. Det jag gör är att skriva om Svenska band/bolag/fanzines/arrangörer osv osv... Allt ifrån aktuell info till recensioner och tips.

Så... om ni vill att jag nämner er på något sätt. Hör då av er till schizodistro@gmail.com Ni kan läsa de två krönikor jag har skrivit. Jag skriver på engelska, så det når ut till folk över hela världen.
September : Där skriver jag bl.a om Spotlicks och Sörlings Svinstia.
Oktober :  Jag tar upp Asta Kasks japanturné samt den nya skivan som Irritation ska släppa.

Ungefär sådär kommer upplägget att vara. Men det kommer nog att förändras allt eftersom tiden går. Det är tänkt att Ungovernable Resistance kommer att lägga upp krönikan i varje månadsskifte. Så med andra ord skriver jag mest om sånt som kommer att hända och inte sånt som redan har hänt.

Kolla gärna upp Ungovernable Resistance: ungovernableresistancediyradio.blogspot.co.uk/

Well, hör av er till schizodistro@gmail.com så kanske vi kan komma fram till något.


Review: V/A - Turist i tillvaron #6

V/A Turist i tillvaron #6 (LP)
Facebook: Turist i tillvaron

This compilation serie are amazing as usual. The standard of Swedish bands really makes me proud. The 16 bands creates a good mix of genres. One of the best band is Utanförskapet who sounds much like Uncurbed, I can really recommend to buy their LP from Rawby records or Fight back records. Dobermann Cult is a band that I've just heard of but never listen to, I wonder why because their hardcore is fucking excellent. If you are into Swedish punkrock this compilation will offer you a bunch of good bands like: Ligisterna, Knivderby and Psykbryt. One of the best band on the compilation is The Sweetshow who play some kind of punk/psychobilly with female vocals. Alison Blaire is another good band with female vocals as well, their Ramones influenced punkrock really appeal to me. I have to mention Planet Trash, a good old band that still knows how to make it. Well, the best bands in my opinion is: Utanförskapet, Kaos kris & Helvete and Lysande Utsikter which contribute with 2 tracks, I love the (female) vocals and the dirty punkrock. The worst band is Pusrad, just a pity that they contribute with 5 tracks, the good thing is that these tracks are very short. Söderberg makes a perfectly ok cover of the old Ebba Grön song "Vad ska du bli". All in all is it a good compilation, maybe not the best in the serie but in the other hand does some of the bands belong to the best bands in the serie.