Review: Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split12")

Per Capita / Freedom is a lie (split 12")

This is a split-12" and the bands Per Capita (Germany) and Freedom is a lie (Hungary)  complement each other. Per Capita has been one of my favorite bands for a couple years now. They mix perfect brutal crust, raw hardcore and grind. I came across Per Capita for some years when I listened to Ungovernable Resistance Radio and I became glad to find a new fantastic band (and yeah, that's a good reason to listen at U.R's webradio). Per Capita sounds a bit like a mix of Totalt Jävla Mörker and Skitsystem. I like they way they mix crust and grind, it makes them very dynamic and I just can't get enough of these 9 tracks. Freedom is a lie have lyrics in their native language - hungarian, and I can't understand a single word, but it really fits this genre. Just like Per Capita is it a mix of crust and grind, but F.I.A.L have a more trashy sound where Per Capita have the hardcore sound. So there is a difference between the bands even if their roots are the same. This is a split with 2 good bands, but Per Capita is a bit better if you ask me. 

Per Capita - Doomed

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