Review: Burnt Cross - Protest punk

Burnt Cross - Protest punk (7")
(Tadpole, Lukket avdelning, +9)

Yeah, one of my favorite band Burnt Cross are back with their 9th 7". 2 of  5 tracks are new and the 3 other has been recorded earlier in the past but was unreleased until now. Burnt Cross have a classic UK anarcho punk sound just like Conflict and Flux Of Pink Indians etc but in my opinion is Burnt Cross better than these bands. "We the people" is one of the 2 newly recorded and that is one of the best song on this 7". The best song is "Rise". Paul sounds so fucking angry and I love it when Maureen sings. She has a very interesting voice. This 7" is their first with a white cover and black print and it looks really good. What else can I say more than that they have succeeded again. And of course this is yet a multi label release, 11 labels stand behind this 7" Get in touch with Burnt Cross if you are into anarcho punk. You wont be disappointed.

Burnt Cross - Rise (From their 7" Protest Punk)

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