Review: Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)

Pastoratet - Sexpack (CD)
(Idiot records)

Pastoratet from Sweden is a new acquaintance for me, and a really positive one. They sounds pretty much like Cosa Nostra which is a Swedish band some of the members from Asta Kask had in a period when Asta Kask wasn't active. There is 6 tracks on this CD and that's good, I have started to prefer when it's not too many tracks on a record. Pastoratets music style was very popular in Sweden in the 90's, and well, Pastoratet was formed back in 1992 and was called Väs at that time. And the music is well-played punkrock in a pretty fast tempo with lot's of meldies. I can't really explain why but I can also hear some very weak fragment of NOFX especially in one of my favorite tracks "Enligt säkra källor". There are many bands who've attempted to play this kind of punk through the years and without any doubts will I consider to place Pastoratet among the best band in this genre.

Pastoratet - Enligt säkra källor

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