Celtic, Old Firm

Wanna watch it again? Here's the 2.nd half from the Old Firm 28 dec. 2012
Celtic - Rangers 1-0...and we're in the top of the league

Schizo Fanzine 7 stats so far

Molander on tour
I just wanna let you know that Schizo Fanzine #7 have been downloaded 140 times so far, if you wanna download it, just go to the Read/Download section on this blog. And that's not all, over 400 people have looked at the issuu version, and over 4000 unique page views. And the blog, 2000 visitiors in just 3 months.
I am glad that people appreciate the work I love to do... If you have any suggestions or wanna
leave good or bad critics, send me a mail - schizodistro@gmail.com

I really wish you a good 2012. Drink with response, especially you Pålle ;)


Pipes and pints

Hey, don't miss that Pipes and Pints from Czech Republic are back on stage. This is one of the best bands out there who mix punk with bagpipes. So if they will come to your town, don't miss that.

For more info: http://www.pipesandpints.com/


So you want some punk?

So you want to blow out your ears with punk? Download the mighty Ungovernable Resistance compilation now, just click the link below and you will found the fat tracklist and the download link.
Suport the underground D.I.Y scene... And yes, my bands Pass Out and Diskent are on that compilation. =)

"Here is a collection of tracks from DJ Res's old Ungovernable Resistance comps. UR is no more, but all of us here at Inner Equilibrium decided to give you something better than some crappy greedmas dinner. Feel free to share & post for Greedmas. Namaste"


Power is poison... this one is new

Here is a new song with the fantastic band Power is poison


Zudas Krust from Indonesia

A current topic right now is the situation in Indonesia. I guess you know the story by now. 
I interviewed Zudas Krust from Indonesia in Schizo Fanzine #6 and I asked them about
how it was to be a punk in the big moslem country of Indonesia. Obs, the interview was
made over a year before this situation happen.

Go to the Read/Download section and read the entire interview in Schizo #6, I hope that
I can get some more updated comments from Esa in Zudas Krust.

Support the punx in Indonesia

Zudas Krust on Facebook

Free the Indonesian Punx on Facebook


Hanna Hirsch

Here's a mail I got from Robert, Adagio 830. 

"Hey ladies & gentleman - the 2nd HANNA HIRSCH  Gå hem över himlen LP is out now.

Hanna Hirsch deliver 6 new songs that follow up the great debut LP tala svart on RTB & Adagio830. The continue w/ 6 tunes of powerful pop w/ swedish lyris sung by Siri. Another masterpiece of beautiful powerpop made in sweden. Mastered againby John Golden (Sonic Youth, Superchunk etc) and the laquer got cut at the famous Abbey Road studios

check out a new tune here:

Get in touch for trades & wholesale rates

Thank you

Inner Equilibrium

Hey, check out this fat compilation. If you wanna live up to your DIY spirit is it
just to download this comp, cause you will find so many good bands. And I am
proud that my band Diskent share space with all the other bands. Wohoo...
Download it for free here

And take a look at http://innerequilibrium.blogspot.com for more great music

Inner Equilibrium DIY Comp 2011 (Track List)
1. Population Zero ( Det the Bomb & Tragedy) - Everthing Burns (Beats by Tragedy) (2:55)
2. The Cult Of Reason(Irrefutable , Jkrazy + Luka) - Divided by Plutocracy Prod.SnakeVsCrane (2:59)
3. Burnt Cross - Ian Tomlinson (2:59)
4. Katma - Karnevlaska (2:21)
5. RUGGINE HC - Il Senso Della Vita (2:29)
6. Eisberg - Salt in the wound (0:56)
7. Buck Williams - Charlie the Bird (2:26)
8. Backstab - Saying the truth (1:04)
9. A Proletarian Manifesto - United (0:42)
10. Angelpiss - no no no (1:19)
11. Kalazaar-Κράτος Δολοφόνος (2:12)
12. Devastation - Cops = Corruption (1:25)
13. INFLUX - Another Slavery (1:52)
14. Agamenon Project Existence (1:04)
15. I Want You Dead - Mora (1:37)
16. Sheeple - Matches and Gasoline (2:51)
17. terror spells - TECTONIC PLATE BOMB (2:07)
18. KROIA - The Nature Of (1:58)
19. Adacta - Stratení v živote (2:19)
20. Katma - On/a/o (1:58)
21. Buck Williams - the Loyal (1:44)
22. Eisberg - Boost your status (1:07)
23. Devastation - Ungovernable (1:30)
24. Angelpiss - Submission (2:12)
25. Sub Alert - The Harder They Come (2:24)
26. Inavel - Varför (1:06)
27. Agamenon Project - No! (1:44)
28. KROIA - Keadaan (2:06)
29. Disciples of Anarchy - Sheeple (2:29)
30. Eisberg - Fuck each other (0:49)
31. Eisberg - SAHC is no more (0:50)
32. Diskent - bajs på batongen (0:37)
33. Milisi Kecoa - Kalian Memang Menyedihkan!! (1:08)
34. Devastation - The Pit (2:00)
35. A Proletarian Manifesto (2:19)
36. Abhorrent System - System scientific fraud (1:43)
37. Triangle Fire - red collar laborer (2:15)
38. Adacta - Zbavený zmyslov (2:40)
39. Inavel - Krossa Rasismen (1:23)
40. Devastation - Vietnam, Nom Nom! (1:40)
41.triangle fire - septic cyanide (1:05)
42. Abhorrent System - Existence Is Futile (1:18)
43.Inavel - Du Är Inte Perfekt (1:19)
44. Beda - 99 Percents (1:50)
45. Beda - Another day (1:43)
46. Beda - End of the world (1:37)
47. Beda - Trust more (2:27)
48. korrüpt - INTRO (0:56)
49. korrüpt-end of day (2:16)
50. korrüpt - genocidexgenosida (2:43)
51. korrüpt - mother to the kamikaze (2:17)
52. korrüpt - terrorismo ultimatum (2:54)


Asta Kask

Asta Kask played at Punk Illegal Festival 2010, and I had a Punk Illegal special
in Schizo Fanzine #6 so I decided to make a small interview for that special.
Go to the interview section if you wanna read it. I will always have Asta Kask on my top-5

Upheaval Fanzine

I got an email from Craig who run Upheaval Fanzine...

Dear friends,

I have finally begun putting Upheaval Fanzine online. Please check out this blog which features Upheaval #14.

Expect Upheaval #15 out soon on paper and more posts from previous issues on this site soon.

Bands/labels/fanzine/friendshippers people etc. please contact me to have your stuff reviewed. Also, to potentially trade ads, correspond etc.

Thank you very much,
Upheaval Fanzine
Boston USA


Liberty Deceit

Liberty Deceit is a 2 person d.i.y. punk band collaborating through music to
express their hate towards the disgraceful & shameless authoritarians of our
human race. With a passion to expose some truth & injustice to a blindly led
world, we are currently in the process of recording a 6 song E.P. to be released
sometime in 2012.


Liberty Deceit will be featured in the international punk compilation
'Emergency Attack' due out Dec 2011 from Varken Records!


Some Schizo updates

Under the interview section will you now be able to find the Sir Reg interview from Schizo Fanzine #3. And tomorrow (Saturday) will my interview with the good swedish girls in Glidslem be up. So take a look. More interviews will follow, both from past issues of the fanzine but also exclusive inties just for this blog.


Uhh, I found a box this evening with a bunch of CDs. The meaning was that
I was gonna review them, and I will. The thing is that I lost them while I was
moving. So they will be reviewed in Schizo #8. I am sorry for the misstake.

Here's the records:

Lost Croutons, Prisonbitch, Mad Pigs, Snutjävel, Violent Affair, Braindead,
Always War and Halvfabrikat Promo 2010


Schizo interview in Untimes Fanzine

I have just finished to write answers for an interview made by the belarus fanzine Untimes.
Untimes is written in russian but the future will probably be in english. And that can be
so fucking excellent, because it seems to be a really good fanzine even when I didn't
understood anything. The questions I got was really fun and interesting, so my answers
is long, I think that's the best, it's boring to read short answers.

Take a look at Untimes #1 here


It's friday tomorrow.... so what?