Schizo Punk Comp: More interviews

Hey, I hope you all will have a good weekend. If you have a few minutes left you can read these 3 new interviews. It's from 3 bands who contribute on the Schizo Punk Comp. I have got answers from 11 bands now and waiting for the 11 last bands. This time I will give you: 

Rännstensorkestern (Swe)
Återfall (Swe)
Los Mas Peroes (Arg)

Here is the link to Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 on Spotify.
Schizo Distro & Fanzine – Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1

It would be cool to get some feedback. If you listen to this compilation, please send your thoughts to schizodistro@gmail.com  It doesn't matter if it's good or bad feedback as long as you are honest. It's just good to know what you are thinking so I can make next volume better.


Schizo Punk Comp: More interviews

Here's a couple of more interviews related to Schizo Punk Comp. You will find all of them at: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html I have just 5 bands left to send questions to. I'm waiting to get answers from around 7 bands which I've already send questions to.

Mindless Violence
Hyrda Knektar



Schizo Punk Comp. Interviews

I will make small interviews with all participating bands on the Schizo Punk Comp. I have sent out questions to 17 of 22 bands. I have got answers from 5 bands so far. I hope that all bands will answer the questions. So why don't you find out more about the bands on Schizo Punk Comp.1... here is the 5 first interviews...

Fokkum (NL)
Demöralyzér (CZ)

Razorblade Smile (UK)

Spotlicks (Swe)
40oz. Folklore (USA)

All info here: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html


UK HC: Lay it on the line

I got this mail from a hardcore band from London, UK. I have just listen to a few tracks on Spotify, and I think they have a interesting sound. 

Lay It On The Line (Hardcore, London, UK) have put out their new mini-album for free/donation of Bandcamp, as well as being on Spotify/Itunes and all the usual places.

The vinyl version is out on July 10th on Fire Engine Records.

The record is about Donald Crowhurst, who committed suicide 7 months into a solo voyage around the world in 1969, having entered a round-the-world yacht race he couldn't possibly win.

FFO: Dead Swans, Vales, More Than Life, Polar

http://layitontheline.bandcamp.com/album/crowhurst - The record is up here now.


Schizo Punk Comp PROMO problem

Hey, I've noticed that the MP3's in the promo package some of you have been able to download have very bad quality. I will change that as soon as possible. The quality on Spotify isn't bad. Just for your knowledge. Take care out there!


New release: Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1

Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1 are now available on Spotify. There is 22 tracks/bands from 13 different countries. And it's a multi punk genre compilation. You will get everything from hardcore crossover to grind and streetpunk. 

If you like this compilation or if you like any bands, there is possible to download the tracks from Spotify for a small fee. This project is focused on the digital Spotify version, but in July will it be possible to get copys from the bands, and maybe from Schizo Distro. I will send the music and coverart + insert to the bands so they can make their own copys, and it's up to every band how much they want to charge for a copy. But I guess that everyone who's gonna sell this CD will sell it pretty cheap. 

My intention is to release Vol.2 in October. If there is any bands out there who wanna participate, send an email to schizodistro@gmail.com and we'll sort things out. What I need for that (later on) is one of your tracks (preferably a wav.file), your logo and then is it up to you if you can donate just a few $ £ €... since it costs for me to upload on Spotify. All profits will go to charity.

All bands will also be interviewed, those interviews will be published as fast as I get the answers from the bands. You will find them and everything else at: http://schizofanzine.blogspot.se/p/schizo.html

Listen on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/5gMIWE5KlzeUxFn2dXV6hd

Here is the tracklist for Schizo Punk Comp:

1. Irritation (Swe) - Ingen lysande framtid
2. Fokkum (Hol) - Backward rituals
3. Frenzy of tongs (US) - Trouble
4. Demöralyzér (Cz) - Je tu ten den
5. Aterpe (Thai)- Ez zan Hil
6. razorblade smile (UK) 35 years (go to hell)
7. Återfall (Swe) - Day of the rope
8. Los Más Peores (Arg) - Superficial
9. Rännstensorkestern (Swe) - Mördarn
10. Mindless violence (Macc) - One spirit
11. The Bristles (Swe) - Gulag
12. Sewer trench (UK) - Prisoners of religion
13. Zudas Krust (Indo) - Raw, chaos, ungovernable
14. Spotlicks (Swe) - Apati
15. 40 Oz folklore (US) - Soapbox
16. Ratbite (Ukr) - Dead minority
17. Hyrda knektar (Swe) - Diamant
18. M.O.R.A. (Fin) - Feikki
19. Born wrong (Can) - Torch the place
20. Sub Alert (Swe) - Get of my back
21. Filthy Charity (Fra) - From the filth of your charity
22. Saturdays Heroes (Swe) - Tear it down

There are many benefits to be included on Schizo Punk Compilation: If you participate will you be on the digital version on Spotify. You will also be on the CD version, and since it is bands from all over the world will your music be spread worldwide, it's up to each and every band if they want to make copys. I will send digital copys to fanzines and blogs for reviews. All bands will be interviewed on the Schizo Blog. I will also write about the compilation in Schizo Fanzine.