UK HC: Lay it on the line

I got this mail from a hardcore band from London, UK. I have just listen to a few tracks on Spotify, and I think they have a interesting sound. 

Lay It On The Line (Hardcore, London, UK) have put out their new mini-album for free/donation of Bandcamp, as well as being on Spotify/Itunes and all the usual places.

The vinyl version is out on July 10th on Fire Engine Records.

The record is about Donald Crowhurst, who committed suicide 7 months into a solo voyage around the world in 1969, having entered a round-the-world yacht race he couldn't possibly win.

FFO: Dead Swans, Vales, More Than Life, Polar

http://layitontheline.bandcamp.com/album/crowhurst - The record is up here now.

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