Schizo Punk Comp: More interviews

Hey, I hope you all will have a good weekend. If you have a few minutes left you can read these 3 new interviews. It's from 3 bands who contribute on the Schizo Punk Comp. I have got answers from 11 bands now and waiting for the 11 last bands. This time I will give you: 

Rännstensorkestern (Swe)
Återfall (Swe)
Los Mas Peroes (Arg)

Here is the link to Schizo Punk Comp. Vol.1 on Spotify.
Schizo Distro & Fanzine – Schizo Punk Compilation Vol.1

It would be cool to get some feedback. If you listen to this compilation, please send your thoughts to schizodistro@gmail.com  It doesn't matter if it's good or bad feedback as long as you are honest. It's just good to know what you are thinking so I can make next volume better.

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