Review: Turist i tillvaron Vol.5

V/A Turist i tillvaron Vol.5 (LP)

This compilation serie is fucking impressive, this is the 5th volume and 80 bands has been introduced so far. And it's ONLY swedish bands, Turist i tillvaron is the proof that the swedish scene are fucking strong. There is bands from north to south and east to west and every volume have lot's of good bands from all kind of punk genres. I guess that everybody knows that we have a b big pile of good hc/crust bands but it's the soft/punkrock bands who have impressed most, like Vånna Inget, Nobelkommittén and Glidslem from the earlier volumes.

On this volume I will put some highlight on Brottsvåg! and The Volcano, two good punkrock bands. Gatans Lag is good as always, their song about hipsters is one of the best tracks this year, I have liked their street-ish punkrock from the beginning. More punkrock will you get from Math and the Blah Blah Blahs, Hjärtattack and Jealous Cowards. There is some good hardcore acts on this volume where Angelpiss is the first band out and probably the best as well, both Fredag den 13:e and Sub Alert has never been a disappointment for me and not this time either. Spiknykter and Utbrott are two new acquaintances and I like their hardcore punk.

UX Vileheads
sounds a bit like The Exploited and that can never wrong. Lurken Boogie Band is pretty fun but I think you have to be a swede to enjoy them, or? So who's left... Blåslampa, Vinnarcirkeln and Nedslagsplats. None of them are bad but the standard is high and all bands can't really make it all the way. A big thanx to Sörling who release this compilation serie, Vol. 6 will be out in March 2013.

GALE - Ecuadorian Grindcore

GALE, is formed in mid-2009, playing a dirty and rotten hc punk, which was reflected in our early demos. After several lineup changes, our rhythms became increasingly rapid and violent. Recording our first album "2010", giving concerts in different cities and participating in several national and international compilations. In July 2011 we recorded our second album, "Eres una Niña y te Encanta la Verga" with a much more accelerated sound.

The musical influences of each member have given the band a unique sound, focused on grindcore. We just finish recording our third album "Todos Valen Verga", it will be produce by Hybrid Music Records

GALE currently has a stable line-up which is formed by:
Pablo Muñoz - Vocals
Christian Armas - Guitar
Luis Cuysana -bass and vocals
Andrés Utreras - Drums





Review: The Bristles - Bigger than punk

The Bristles - Bigger than punk (CD)

Listen and learn... To Bristelize something is to take an orginal idea an make it heavier, harder and often better because of the rock n roll touch. That's exactly what The Bristles anno 2012 does. In this case is the original idea old school US hardcore like Minor Threat or Gorilla Biscuits but after the Bristelizing is the output something else, it is the sound of The Bristles. I think you know by now that The Bristles was formed in the early 80.s and they are just as pissed today as they were back in the days, the biggest difference is probably the lyrics, which are more mature today. And the political lyrics are fucking excellent with always current topics about the sick society. Two years have passed since their last album was released, I really liked that album (Reflections of the bourgeois society) and they continue almost like that album ended, but "Bigger than punk" is a bit harder but still with the punk rock feeling. The cover is awfull, but the music contents is fantastic. Finally, the reggae song Spirit Way isn't bad at all. 


Death by armborst - Slave state

Death by armborst is a new acquaintance, I don't know much about them but I got an email from them with a youtube link. This is a pretty new song and the video is pretty new as well