GALE - Ecuadorian Grindcore

GALE, is formed in mid-2009, playing a dirty and rotten hc punk, which was reflected in our early demos. After several lineup changes, our rhythms became increasingly rapid and violent. Recording our first album "2010", giving concerts in different cities and participating in several national and international compilations. In July 2011 we recorded our second album, "Eres una Niña y te Encanta la Verga" with a much more accelerated sound.

The musical influences of each member have given the band a unique sound, focused on grindcore. We just finish recording our third album "Todos Valen Verga", it will be produce by Hybrid Music Records

GALE currently has a stable line-up which is formed by:
Pablo Muñoz - Vocals
Christian Armas - Guitar
Luis Cuysana -bass and vocals
Andrés Utreras - Drums




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