Gig: Gatans musik (amazing line-up)

Punk till förmån för Stockholms hemlösa.

Situationen för Stockholms hemlösa ser mer desperat ut än tidigare år och antalet uteliggare ökar. Gatans Musik, med hjälp av ett gäng oldscholl Punk band och Fryshuset anordnar Stödgala där all eventuell överskott oavkortat går till Situation Stockholms verksamhet.

Banden som spelar är:

ALONZO & FAS 3 [sthlm]
BITCH BOYS [sthlm]
THE BRISTLES [landskrona]

Ingen åldersgräns. Öl/vin-bar finns på övervåningen/balkongen.

Pris: 160 kr i förköp / 195 kr på dörren.
Info om biljettsläpp inom kort.

MORE INFO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/401368779928417/

Comming soon: Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta 12"


7" For sale: from my private collection (PART 1 & 2 of 3)

Ask for details... schizodistro@gmail.com


3-way cum - Battle of opinions [Sound pollution]
Swedish crustpunk recorded back in 1993. Black vinyl

Against Me!
Tracks: Jordans 1.st choice, Those anarchopunx are mysterious, Reinventing Axl Rose, We did it all for Don. Black vinyl

A.O.C - Rapelle toi didier [One by one Rec]
Really good Oi! from France. Black Vinyl

Chiatiks - On en a bavé [Crânes Blasés Rec]
French Oi punk from the 90's. Limited 937/999. Black vinyl

Colt 45 - Usch då. From 1987. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Visst fan! From 1988. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Huu jaa. From 1990. Black vinyl
Swedish punk band who released these 3 7"s

Constant State of Terror - Liberation [Inflammable Material Rec.]
This is one of my favorite bands from The UK. Good hard punk. Black vinyl

Cruelle Section - Oi! E.P [One by one]
Don't know much 'bout this French Oi! band. This ep was recorded 1997. Black vinyl

Endless Struggle - Leathers, studs and punks [Charged rec]
Poserpunks who play really good streetpunk. Black vinyl

Forca Macabra
Raw hardcore/trash from Finland. Black vinyl

The Gaia - No.1 [Six weeks]
Raw hardcore from Japan. Released 1994. Black vinyl

Hazardous Waste - Another warning [Lazy Records]
Hardcore from Finland. Released in the mid-90.s. Black vinyl

Hellkrusher - Dying for who [Tribal war]
Raw punk from UK. One live side and one studio side. Black vinyl

The Informers - 45 rpm
UK Punkrock. Don't know more about this 7". Black vinyl

Kazjurol - Messengers of death [Uproar Rec]
This is the Swedes first 7", released on legendary Uproar Rec in1987. Black vinyl

Kurbits IR - Inget liv [Really Fast]
13 fast Swedish rawpunk tracks from 1996. Black vinyl


NOFX - Single of the month #1. Black vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #9 Light blue vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #10. Black vinyl
Fat Wreck Chords released 12 7"s, one of each month with NOFX 2005

Otakt - En alternativ livsstil
4 tracks of Swedish punk from 1987. Black vinyl

Razzapparte - Gente senza poesia [Resta rude Rec]
Italian Oi/Street. 5 tracks on Black vinyl

The Rude Kids - Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers
Really RARE 7" from Sweden. This is one of the most classic song. Black vinyl

Skitsystem - Beväpna er
Limited 85/245. A really cool EP with Skitsystem playing a cover of the famous Ebba Grön song Beväpna er. I suppose this EP is hard to find now. Red vinyl

Stalin's Daughter - Oktoberfest
Cool US Hc/Punk from 1988. Black vinyl

TEST A - Sound der strasse [Oi Hammer]
German Oi! from 1997. Black vinyl

White Flag - Live! Bleeding' in Sweden 1986
Classic band, recorded this in Gävle, Sweden 1986. Black vinyl

V/A Never again - An anti-fascist compilation
Totuus, Wind of Pain, Hiastus, TPL, Forca Macabra, Kirous, Ghost of mankind, Uutuus
Nice compilation from the mid-90's

V/A Emergency Broadcast Systems - Volume 2
Assück, Crain, Schedule, Friction
punk/hc/grind. Black vinyl

V/A Oi! It's party time for real. Working class kids Vol.3 [One by one rec]
Bovver '96, A.O.C, The Suspects, Riot Squad
3 US bands and 1 French. Oi! on Black vinyl

V/A Six ways to fuck shit up [Pumpkin records]
Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, Dead Subverts, De Reclassering, Power is poison
Anarch punk compilation. Black vinyl

Asta Kask / Crispy Nuts Split 7"
Sweden Vs. Japan. Playing 2 tracks each And both bands play a cover of the other band


Interview: Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma from UK is one of my favorite bands. I missed them at Punk Illegal when they played there for some years ago, too bad, but I hope I will get another chans sometime. Here is a part of the interview that will be published in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out before the end of 2012.


Hello, tell me about your summer 2012, you did a tour with the legendary D.R.I, did you have a good time on the roads?

Yea the D.R.I tour was great, for the most part is was us and D.R.I with metal bands every night due to them being a "cross over" band. We always liked the idea of playing with bands of a different genre, and weren't too sure how a predominantly metal audience would take to our music. But fortunately they where open minded and seemed to really enjoy what we where doing. It was cool to see guys in Manowar t-shirts down the front waving devil horns and head banging, which isn't what we're used too so it was a refreshing change and a lot of fun
Please, write some lines about each member of the band

I'm Craig- I play guitar, I sing, I have an unhealthy obsession with movies, Chloe plays bass and sings, loves yoga, and is doing a phd in english literature. Pasty plays drums and is called Pasty because he is from Cornwall home of the cornish pasty

What is your lyrics about?

Our lyrics tackle things that we feel are important. Generally the things within society that angers us and  that we would like to see change. To summarise some of the themes without getting into specifics: Exploitation, struggle,  injustice, and our governments roll within international politics etc.

What is you influences, and what characterize your sound?

We all listen to completely different things, when we're touring what comes on the stereo in the van usually sounds like some kind of crazy spastic mix tape, we can go from listening to Tragedy to Motown classics, to Bob Marly to James Brown to the Swinging utters, to Fear and the Circle jerks, to Ike and Tina. We've NEVER made a conscious effort to sound like a particular band.

We don't really categorize our sound, its too difficult to do as our sound can change quite dramatically from song to song we just call ourselves a punk band, I find sub genres to be boring and tedious, and always under scrutiny from someone else's definition.

Read the entire interview in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out before the end of 2012


Interview (Schizo blog): Moral Dilemma about summer 2012
Schizo review: Moral Dilemma - Under surveillance 7"

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moraldilemma

Punk Illegal Festival 2013

Yeah, it seems like the best swedish punk festival will be back in 2013. They will have a meeting about the festival in the end of September. It has been the most important punk festival in Sweden for a long time with lot's of Swedish and international bands. The two years I visited the festival was really fantastic. Even if I won't be able to visit the festival 2013 will I really hope that they will arrange it. Take a look at the Facebook page (in Swedish) and wish your favorite bands to the fest.

Punk Illegal 2013 @ Facebook
Punk Illegal @ Facebook

"What is Punk Illegal?
Punk Illegal is an active part in the No One Is Illegal network (IMäI), and is an autonomous, nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness and support hidden refugees here in Sweden. We organizing shows and an annual festival to support and raise money for this cause. The work is entirely DIY-based therefore we totally depend on the efforts of our volunteers."

Among the bands we've had you will find: Asta Kask, Assassinators, Atomvinter, Avskum, Baboon Show, Behind Enemy Lines, Beyond Pink, Conflict, Cress, Dia Psalma, Disfear, Diskonto, Doom, Drop Dead, E.A.T.E.R, El Banda, Extinction of Mankind, From Ashes Rise, Gorilla Angreb, Imperial Leather, Inepsy, Inner Terrestrials, Kamikatze, Kvoteringen, Martyrdöd, Masshysteri, Meanwhile, Mob 47, Moderat Likvidation, Moral Dilemma, Nuclear Death Terror, Oi Polloi, Palm, Project Hopeless, Regulations, Restarts, Riistetyt, Sju Svåra År, Skitkids, Skitsystem, Subhumans, Tysta Mari, Uncurbed, Varukers, Victims, Vicious Irene, Warcollapse, Wolfbrigade, World Burns to Death and many more.