Review: Eye for an eye - Krawedz

Eye for an eye - Krawedz (LP)

Polish is one of my favorite languages, even though I don't understand one single word so don't ask me why but I just like it. In the big combined poster and lyrics sheet will you find the lyrics in both polish and english. That's a good initiative. Well what about the music? It's 13 tracks of good punk with old school hardcore vibes like Negative Approach and Gang Green but also something I can't really pinpoint, maybe is it their aggression, especially the (female) vocals but in the melodies as well. They have lot's of melodies in general and melancholic melodies in particular which reminds me of a couple of Swedish crust bands like Passiv Dödshjälp and Vervain. My favorite tracks: "Droga" and "Oko Miasta".  


Nonsens - Fredagsnatt

I just wanna share this song. It's a Swedish band called Nonsens and this is the only track I've heard by them. It was the skateboard label G.spot who released a compilation back in the mid 90s. And this is one of the best tracks from that comp. Swedish ska with Swedish lyrics, it's not everyday you'll hear that. 

Nonsens - Fredagsnatt


Video: SevenSeven - Rage and unity

Yo! Here is a new song from my solo project SevenSeven. This song will contribute on the big compilation that will be released by Ungovernable Resistance. If you are an artist or in a band, check out this compilation since they are recruiting bands: Ungovernable Resistance

This is a song about revolution, and when the people unite and take back the power. If you want more info about SevenSeven, don't hesitate to send an email: schizodistro(@)gmail.com

SevenSeven - Rage and Unity


Review: Fokkum - Paradise

Fokkum - Paradise (CD)

If you know that you have prejudices, don't judge the music by the cover. It's easy to think it's some kind of trance electro music, but no no, Fokkum from Holland play really aggressive hardcore punk and the influences comes from different hardcore genres, like the furiosity from Negative FX, the melodic stuff from Stalag 13, the heavy guitars and distorted bass from Integrity and the political view from MDC. As you can see is they influenced of a lot of old hardcore bands, but they doesn't sounds straight as any of them. One of the 17 tracks is a cover by Doom, which they do well, with their own sound. This CD is 31 minutes long, which means that the songs are short, and that is something I like, no unnecessary guitar masturbations or boring parts. Fokkum say that they try to be indiependent and think and act by themselfs, and belives in DIY which give an already good band some extra points. Demand Fokkum to your local venue today! 

Review: Eskatologia - Stormens öga

Eskatologia - Stormens öga (CD)

This is Eskatologia's first full length. Their brutal melancholic-melodies are mixed with lot's of good ideas, d-beat and misery. There is also a big portion of metal in the sound. If I'm gonna compare Eskatologia with any other bands would I probably say something between Passiv Dödshjälp and From ashes rise. The lyrics are mixed between English and Swedish and they are just as dark as the whole package. Eskatalogia did a tour in Southeast Asia in the summer of 2012 and they feel very established, so therefore is it sad to take part of the news that Eskatologia are on ice now. Some members have quit the band and I don't know what their future looks like, but I really hope they will be active again. I have seen them live a few times and I think they deliver just fine. 10 tracks in 30 minutes, and that is 30 evil and dark crusty minutes. Favorite tracks: "Skamtyngda böner", a song about religious child molesters, "I kravallernas mörker" which is about how the police protect the rich bastards against the ungovernable resistance. I prefer the songs written in Swedish and if you don't understand them can you at least read the comments in the booklet.  

Review - Spotlicks - Spott, bett och tårar

Spotlicks - Spott, bett och tårar (10")

Spotlicks from Stockholm, Sweden is one of my favorite bands. Their 77-influenced KBD punk rock is cocky but still full of feelings, especially the lyrics who is very personal. This kind of swedish punk rock is one of my absolute favorite punk subgenre but they have some shortcomings where the biggest probably is the guitar performance. There is nothing wrong with the riffs but I miss some guitar lines and solos. I think it would benefit Spotlicks with an extra guitarist who could spice up the sound. Rikke who play the bass make it fantastic and he works from time to time as a solo guitarist with his bass. The bass lines are really good. Elins vocals fits perfect to the music and Staffans choirs complements her really great. There is 8 tracks on this 10", my favorites are "Pallar ej trycket" and "Jämna plågor", these tracks are of high class. The last track "Tvivlar" is a bit different because of the melancholic pop feeling, but I like that song much. The other tracks do not reach quite as far as "Pallar ej trycket" and "Jämna plågor" but all in all is this a good record. 

Review: Step Aside - Reaching out

Step Aside - Reaching out (Digital)

Really good sXe hardcore

Life to live records must be one of the best hardcore label at the moment. All bands I have reviewed from this label have been of high class. The sXe-band Step Aside are no exception. Strife, Sick of it all and Minor Threat are probably bands as the Step Aside members consumes very much. I can not find a single thing to complain about. I almost like Step Aside more than all the classic bands, much because of the vocals, it's more of the singing style than the screaming style. This EP contains of 5 tracks and I like them all. The guitars are more straight on insted of boring chugga-chugga riffs, I like it that way.This EP was released  2011, they have also released an album back in 2007 so I really hope Life to live records will release one more album soon. Good work lads!


Video: South City Locos

From the upcoming South City Locos Album Mama Joined the Black Bloc.

South City Locos - Garra Charrua


Review: Passiv Dödshjälp - Skit på repeat (7")

Passiv Dödshjälp - Skit på repeat (7")

Passiv Dödshjälp continues in the same old tracks with their dark and melancholic crust hardcore. This EP is released by Halvfabrikat which can give you a clue about the sound. Passiv Dödshjälp have a good mix between mid tempo and d-beat which make the sound dynamic. But it doesn't matter which tempo they use, the touch of anxiety are always there. This 7" is one of their best release. And 4 tracks are just right, it never gets boring. Two of the tracks are justified critic against the police in different ways. "Evolutionen backar" is my favorite track on this 7" and one of the best song from Passiv Dödshjälp so far. That song is so fucking raw and have some good breaks and slower parts. 

Review: Die Schwarzen Schafe - Jetzt kommen die jahre (LP)

Die Schwarzen Schafe - Jetzt kommen die jahre (LP)

Die Schwarzen Schafe have been around since 1985 and have released more than 20 records, that's really impressive. They have probably influenced bands like Rasta Knast, Dritte Wahl and lot's of other german bands. "The Black Sheeps" is very energetic and melodic and there is almost some Oi! vibes in their music. Is the german punk scene underrated? I would say yes. The more I look for good band, the more I find. There is so much more than just Die Toten Hosen, a band I never have been very keen of. I wish my german was better because the lyrics are in German and they seems to be interesting. Please, translate them to english next time. I had never heard Die Schwarzen Schafe before so I don't know much about their earlier sound but I have read some other reviews of this album and it seems like many reviewers think that they just get better and better. Even if it's lot's of melodies is there a few tracks that is more aggressive like "Das ist nicht mein punk", "Schrei" and my favorite tracks "Nein nein nein". 

Review: Born Wrong / Kleins96 (split)

Born Wrong / Kleins96 split

It's not often I got music from canadian bands. But this split contains two canadian bands with 4 tracks each. Born Wrong are fucking angry and their harcore is filled by crust and trash vibes. The vocals also get me thinking of NYHC. The political lyrics are just as angry as the music. If you like From ashes rise and Wolfbrigade will you like Born Wrong for sure. I din't know it was possible to be from Canada and be so fucking angry. Kleins96 is a bit more melodic than Born Wrong, but still very angry. They remind a bit of 59 Times the pain and 7 Seconds. This is a good split with two bands that do not sound the same but still orginate from good old hardcore.