Review: Eye for an eye - Krawedz

Eye for an eye - Krawedz (LP)

Polish is one of my favorite languages, even though I don't understand one single word so don't ask me why but I just like it. In the big combined poster and lyrics sheet will you find the lyrics in both polish and english. That's a good initiative. Well what about the music? It's 13 tracks of good punk with old school hardcore vibes like Negative Approach and Gang Green but also something I can't really pinpoint, maybe is it their aggression, especially the (female) vocals but in the melodies as well. They have lot's of melodies in general and melancholic melodies in particular which reminds me of a couple of Swedish crust bands like Passiv Dödshjälp and Vervain. My favorite tracks: "Droga" and "Oko Miasta".  

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