Review: Step Aside - Reaching out

Step Aside - Reaching out (Digital)

Really good sXe hardcore

Life to live records must be one of the best hardcore label at the moment. All bands I have reviewed from this label have been of high class. The sXe-band Step Aside are no exception. Strife, Sick of it all and Minor Threat are probably bands as the Step Aside members consumes very much. I can not find a single thing to complain about. I almost like Step Aside more than all the classic bands, much because of the vocals, it's more of the singing style than the screaming style. This EP contains of 5 tracks and I like them all. The guitars are more straight on insted of boring chugga-chugga riffs, I like it that way.This EP was released  2011, they have also released an album back in 2007 so I really hope Life to live records will release one more album soon. Good work lads!

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