Review: Die Schwarzen Schafe - Jetzt kommen die jahre (LP)

Die Schwarzen Schafe - Jetzt kommen die jahre (LP)

Die Schwarzen Schafe have been around since 1985 and have released more than 20 records, that's really impressive. They have probably influenced bands like Rasta Knast, Dritte Wahl and lot's of other german bands. "The Black Sheeps" is very energetic and melodic and there is almost some Oi! vibes in their music. Is the german punk scene underrated? I would say yes. The more I look for good band, the more I find. There is so much more than just Die Toten Hosen, a band I never have been very keen of. I wish my german was better because the lyrics are in German and they seems to be interesting. Please, translate them to english next time. I had never heard Die Schwarzen Schafe before so I don't know much about their earlier sound but I have read some other reviews of this album and it seems like many reviewers think that they just get better and better. Even if it's lot's of melodies is there a few tracks that is more aggressive like "Das ist nicht mein punk", "Schrei" and my favorite tracks "Nein nein nein". 

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