Review: Fokkum - Paradise

Fokkum - Paradise (CD)

If you know that you have prejudices, don't judge the music by the cover. It's easy to think it's some kind of trance electro music, but no no, Fokkum from Holland play really aggressive hardcore punk and the influences comes from different hardcore genres, like the furiosity from Negative FX, the melodic stuff from Stalag 13, the heavy guitars and distorted bass from Integrity and the political view from MDC. As you can see is they influenced of a lot of old hardcore bands, but they doesn't sounds straight as any of them. One of the 17 tracks is a cover by Doom, which they do well, with their own sound. This CD is 31 minutes long, which means that the songs are short, and that is something I like, no unnecessary guitar masturbations or boring parts. Fokkum say that they try to be indiependent and think and act by themselfs, and belives in DIY which give an already good band some extra points. Demand Fokkum to your local venue today! 

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