Review - Spotlicks - Spott, bett och tårar

Spotlicks - Spott, bett och tårar (10")

Spotlicks from Stockholm, Sweden is one of my favorite bands. Their 77-influenced KBD punk rock is cocky but still full of feelings, especially the lyrics who is very personal. This kind of swedish punk rock is one of my absolute favorite punk subgenre but they have some shortcomings where the biggest probably is the guitar performance. There is nothing wrong with the riffs but I miss some guitar lines and solos. I think it would benefit Spotlicks with an extra guitarist who could spice up the sound. Rikke who play the bass make it fantastic and he works from time to time as a solo guitarist with his bass. The bass lines are really good. Elins vocals fits perfect to the music and Staffans choirs complements her really great. There is 8 tracks on this 10", my favorites are "Pallar ej trycket" and "Jämna plågor", these tracks are of high class. The last track "Tvivlar" is a bit different because of the melancholic pop feeling, but I like that song much. The other tracks do not reach quite as far as "Pallar ej trycket" and "Jämna plågor" but all in all is this a good record. 

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