Review: Eskatologia - Stormens öga

Eskatologia - Stormens öga (CD)

This is Eskatologia's first full length. Their brutal melancholic-melodies are mixed with lot's of good ideas, d-beat and misery. There is also a big portion of metal in the sound. If I'm gonna compare Eskatologia with any other bands would I probably say something between Passiv Dödshjälp and From ashes rise. The lyrics are mixed between English and Swedish and they are just as dark as the whole package. Eskatalogia did a tour in Southeast Asia in the summer of 2012 and they feel very established, so therefore is it sad to take part of the news that Eskatologia are on ice now. Some members have quit the band and I don't know what their future looks like, but I really hope they will be active again. I have seen them live a few times and I think they deliver just fine. 10 tracks in 30 minutes, and that is 30 evil and dark crusty minutes. Favorite tracks: "Skamtyngda böner", a song about religious child molesters, "I kravallernas mörker" which is about how the police protect the rich bastards against the ungovernable resistance. I prefer the songs written in Swedish and if you don't understand them can you at least read the comments in the booklet.  

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