Review: Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta

Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta (LP)
(Fight Back Records - http://bloggasfuck.blogspot.se/)

Nothing can go wrong when you form a band with members from Asocial, Crossing Chaos, Svart Parad and Uncurbed. This must be the most brutal LP I've heard for a long time. Utanförskapet are significant with Swedish käng/rawpunk at it's best. The music is filled with extreme brutal rock n roll riffs, D-beat as hell, TB's lovely vocals and a dirty sound. I don't think I'm the only one to think that Utanförskapet are just as good or maybe better than bands like Wolfbrigade, Disfear and Victims. The Swedish lyrics are just as angry as the music, and TB sounds pissed off as always. When it comes to raw/kängpunk is these 13 tracks the only thing you need at the moment and the best tracks according to me is "Vildhjärta" och "Kängor från rännstenen", but all the tracks are absolutely brilliant. I don't know why they play a Svart Parad cover when they prove that they can write their own songs. Buy this LP today!

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