Review: Al Bundie's army - Robopop

Al Bundie's Army  - Robopop (CD)

This is the first full-lenght with Al Bundie's army from St.Louis, US. It is 13 tracks of pretty charming powerpop or college punk which I would prefer to say. But it's no boring Blink 182 wannabe fucked up disgusting stuff. No, I would rather compare them with bands like The Dickies, Riverdales and the way how The Buzzcocks sounds nowadays. The only reason why "The Army" doesn't reach the same grade as those bands is due to the vocals that sometimes feel a bit uninspired and powerless. It makes the whole thing a bit monotonous and it's not really fair, given that several of the songs are good songs. "Paying for drugs in change" "Never Was" and "No bed for the wicked" are my favorite tracks on this CD. They have also recorded a cover, "Teenage Kicks" by the Undertones but I don't really like that version. Well, all in all is Al Bundie's army an interesting band.

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