Review: Torpedo Göteborg - Nu jävlar (CD)

Torpedo Göteborg - Nu jävlar! (CD)

What an amazing flashback I got with this album in the CD-player. Torpedo Göteborg has the classic Gothenburg punkrock sound and could without any problems been one of the participating bands on the excellent "GBG Hardcore Punk 81-85" compilation. And Torpedo had the intention to sound like this when they formed the band, so I must say that they really  succeeded. I love this 77-punkrock style and the Gothenburg accent give the vocals a working class feeling. I like many of the old Gothenburg' bands so it's really fun to hear a new band (well, they was formed 2002) with better sound quality than all bands I've just heard on compilation tapes. Perverts, Troublemakers and GBG Sound are some bands that must have influenced Torpedo Göteborg. My favorite tracks is: "Gatans Musik" with a strong rock n roll feeling. The song "Vad har du för val" is the ultimate punkrock song. There is 12 tracks on this CD, 6 studio recordings and 6 live tracks. There will be a Torpedo Göteborg interview in the future, I don't know yet if it will be on the blog or in the fanzine. This CD can compete for this year's best album in the Swedish punkrock genre. 

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