Interview: M.O.R.A (Finland)

Here's M.O.R.A from Finland. One of the best existing band when it comes to brutal punk. This interview is just a small part of the interview which you can read in its entirety in Schizo Fanzine #9. If you like really raw punk with trash influences will you love M.O.R.A. Get in touch with them and buy their self released CD. They will also contribute on the Schizo Punk Compilation #001 which will be released on Spotify in April/May 2013. 

[www.stereokiller.com/mora09hc] [https://www.facebook.com/mora09hc] [mora09hc@gmail.com]

Ok, start with a short story about M.O.R.A, members, history and what does the name mean?

Yaki: It was Ruriks and Turos (Ratface, St.Hood) idea to form M.O.R.A. somewhere around 2006 I think. Katja and myself joined soon after. So first it was Rurik on guitar, Katja on bass, myself on drums and Turo doing the vocals. Things didn’t advance quite as one would hope at the beginning, and after Turo decided he couldn’t give his all to M.O.R.A. since he already had two prior bands to see to Rurik, Katja and me ended up just fiddling around for a while. After Piia and Suvi joined the band around 2008 things gradually started to happen so to speak... But all in all M.O.R.A.s current lineup is as follows: Piia & Suvi: Vocals, Rurik: guitar, Katja: bass, Yaki: drums.

I’ll tell you what comes to my mind; Mora is town in Sweden. In this cozy swedish town they make knives. These knives are very, very popular in Finland. They’re good for both construction-work and for gutting your best friend after you had a night of Koskenkorva-vodka and speed. Ask any finnish guy over 16 what comes to mind when they hear the word mora and it’ll be the knife. With the periods between the letters, we’re trying to take some distance to all the violence. Also, I googled the bands name and it turns out that mora means blueberry or something in spanish, so it’s not that hard-core, now is it?

You sound so fucking pissed, what make you most angry in this society? And I guess that’s what you write your lyrics about as well?

Piia: Everytime when starting to write stuff I endup pondering about grievances. It seems hard to write about good vibrations, payday or sunshine with all the crazy shit happening around you. Greed and ignorance are subjects that occure in everyday life from which one can instantly obtain lyrics for 3 albums and then some.

Finnish is the most brutal language or? Have you ever thought about write lyrics in english?

Rurik: Since we are Finns I believe our mother tongue was the logical way to go conserning the vocals. I think after finnish rap came around people have been more inclined to do other kind of music in finnish aswell, allthough punk bands have been singing in finnish since day one, but in metallic hardcore it’s still pretty rare.

Tell me about your CD you released. What have the response been?

Yaki: We decided from the beginning that we were going to do this CD all by ourselves. I’m happy that we’ve gotten some great reviews from abroad, and that a lot of people outside the so called scene have found our music! One review said that our band was probably a joke, founded in two minutes and broken in less and Maximum Rocknroll truly hated us! Their review was funny as hell so thanks MMR, we had a good laugh!

Piia: The album has been received really well all over the world. It was made by the band from start to finish, and we’re proud of that! CD format seems to be the only issue, but the truth is we didn’t have the finances to put it out in vinyl. If people wouldn’t mind giving our music a chance and stop bitching about the album being a CD they might be pleasantly surprised!

What can we do to fought elitism in the scene? Have you got any problems with that somewhere?

Piia: Does such a thing still exist? I remember a time when there were people who only listened to certain kind of music and wore a certain brand of clothes but thats in the past or at least it has escaped my attention during the last few years. I wish people would listen to more punk and rap so they wouldn’t get too caught up on hardcore. There’s so much good music being made outside this genre!

Rurik: I disagree; elitism is something that’s always been around when it comes to the hc scene. But since people are getting older things have calmed down a notch, and now there’s a much better atmosphere here.

Let me know your future plans, have you got any feedback from any labels? I really hope and think you will have a good future

Yaki: No feedback from the labels, but I wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to participate in publishing our next release... The ideal situation would be that a couple of record labels from different countries would want to release our album so we’d get more exposure abroad. Since now we’ve been selling most of our records in shows, though a few record stores have it in their selection as well. A handfull of few people have ordered the CD from us via mail.

Review from Schizo #8   [MORA - S/t CD]
This Helsinki band really know how to play angry hardcore, with some trash metal influences. And the both female singers have brutal voices, the finnish language make it even more brutal and better. This wouldn't sound good in norwegian for an example. It's 9 tracks on this CD and 16 furious minutes. MORA is a band that follow the finnish tradition playing this kind of brutal punk. The sound quality is perfect and I can just congratulate this 5 piece band to a great release. I will follow this band for sure. Order this CD and you will get the finnish lyrics translated to english. If you take the hardcore from Disrupt and the trash from Beyond Description will you get close to MORA. I am not a fan of music with too much trash influences, but MORA mix it just perfect. And they do it so well that I have to consider if an interview in Schizo Fanzine can be possible for the future.  

M.O.R.A, 24 minutes of live madness

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