Review: Garrafa Vazia CD (Brazilian punk)

Garrafa Vazia - Pedrerage Sessions #01 (CD)

Here is a DIY punk trio from Brazil. I think they are a charming band with lot's of street punk feelings. Most of the Brazilian bands I've heard has been playing more crusty hardcore so it's fun to hear something new. The lyrics are in Portuguese so I don't understand them at all. The music is pretty slow and contains of much 4-beat. The only thing I don't like is the vocals, they are a bit to dark and rough for my taste. But the song "Piriguets on fire" is a bit better because of that he sing insted of disguise the vocals. There are 8 tracks on this CD. And I like the slow tracks best, like "Geracâo Iogurte" and "Eterno Desempregado". Garraffa Vazia, which means Empty Bottle, have the potential to become a good band. Some more ideas to break the unconvential sound wouldn't be wrong and maybe customize the vocals a bit. 

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