Review: Sir Reg - 21st century loser (CD)

Sir Reg - 21st century loser (CD)

For two years in a row (2010-2011) Paddyrock.com appointed Sir Reg to the best band in the Celtic Punk genre. And I wouldn't be surprised if this album will place them in top-3 for 2013. Although Sir Reg had a professional sound from the beginning, you hear that they have developed and they get their own sound more and more. From being a band influenced by Flogging Molly and similar, they're now a band that will infuence other bands. I called for more roughness when I reviewed their last album "A sign of the times" but insted they took away the most prominent punk elements and replaced them with some kind of britpop and suddenly the crystal clear sound became 100% right. I would say it's more paddypop than paddypunk now. Sir Reg are fantastic musicians and Bren has a great voice. There is one thing that provoke me, I would like to have more Irish tunes in the songs. Since Karin is one of the best fiddle players I've ever heard could they have make use of her much more, like they do in "Walking into doors" which is a lovely ballad. One thing I like much is that Sir Reg has very good lyrics, it's not just ordinary drinking songs, their lyrics portray the society in a very mature way, and that's good. It's not an art to write about drinking whiskey and Guinness, their lyrics are more thoughtful. This album just get better and better for each time I listen, and I have no problems that they play more pop insted of punk now, but please, take back I hope you'll have more irish folk tunes next time, you have all the possibilities. All in all will you get 12 songs in 42 nice minutes. 

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