Review: Gatans Lag - Från fest till arrest

Gatans Lag - Från fest till arrest (CD)

This CD will be released in the end of March and I think this will be the best Swedish punkrock album of 2013. When it comes to Gatans Lag you always know what to get, their lyrics always seems to be very honest and they are much more mature now, they use to romanticize heavy drinking, but on this CD is there also reflections about that topic. But they are still filled with rage against almost everything even if I find more joy on this album. I know some people will label Gatans Lag as an Oi! band, but for me is it punkrock just as Ebba Grön or an angrier version of Troublemakers. But of course, a bunch of the choruses have street/Oi! vibes and so has the lyrics, much because of the drinking, fighting and living topics. The way they use the saxophone is just brilliant, more punkbands should use that instrument. Best on this CD: "Från fest till arrest" which is a fantastic punksong. "Turister" is a pure Gatans Lag song against hipsters and sounds much like their earlier stuff. "Norrby Soul" is a tribute song to the local football team Norrby IF. The chrous on "Livet är för kort för sorgliga sånger" is wonderful. This is a great album that grows the more I listen to it. 

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