Interview: Slaktrens

Here's a part of the Slaktrens interview that will be published in Schizo Fanzine #9 which will be out in a few weeks. It's Johan, the guy who formed the band who answer my questions. If you want more info about Slaktrens, visit their blog here and Rawby Records on Facebook here

Hey Johan, what's up? Please start to introduce the band. And how has the band developed since you released Ur Balans 7" 2010?

 Hi Micke! Here's the story of the band: first it was only me that recorded a pretty shitty demo (mangelattack), then Stefan joined and we did the ur balans 7", the strålande tider 12" and a bunch of tracks for comps. Then Befa and Tobbe joined, Stefan quit and Joel joined. We did our first recording as a full band this spring. It's not released yet but sooner or more probably later those songs will be on a split lp with Stick & Brinn. (Update: it will be a Slaktrens 7" insted of the split)

I like the titles of your songs, they are fun but also smart and directly, what is your lyrics about and which of your lyrics are you most satisfied with?

Generally just stuff that gets me annoyed or pissed off. I dont think im very good at writing lyrics and i dont have any favourites really.

You also run Rawby Records, what is the future plans? And you (and Masken) have just released Utanförskapet, what can you say about that LP?

No big plans really. Im still waiting for the Freaknation/Violent Headache split that i took a little part in paying for, to be released. I have really high expectations for that 7", especially the Freaknation side. The spanish version of Hellnation! I just hope it gets released sometime... Sometimes it feels like DIY = delay it yourself haha. Yeah the Utanförskapet 12" is really fucking great! Best record 2012 if you ask me, but i guess im a little biased hahaha. I guess i will also be involved in the Stick & brinn/Slaktrens split release.

Slaktrens, Nödslakt, Slaktattack, Skitslakt... ?

Slakt is a good word to put in a band name. 

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