Review: Animal Train - Commercial Suicide

Animal Train - Commercial Suicide (Digital)
Well, I try to be as honest I can when I write reviews. Therefore wasn't my earlier Animal Train reviews so fun to read for the band members. But that's history now. They've actually developed a lot since then, in a very positive way. This 5-tracks EP offers a really pleasant 3-chord punkrock. They have done a lot of gigs during 2011/2012 and it might be the reason to their development, they have been much better to handle their instruments. They mix their punkrock with some old school hc/punk influences like 7 Seconds and Circle Jerks. I still think A.T is a band that can be better and they have all possibilitys, they have a strong card in CJ, I really like her voice. 3 tracks from this CD-ep will also be featured on the upcomming 7", one of those songs is Sith Vicious which I think is their best song ever. I am glad that I gave A.T a new chance.

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