Punk Illegal Festival 2013

Yeah, it seems like the best swedish punk festival will be back in 2013. They will have a meeting about the festival in the end of September. It has been the most important punk festival in Sweden for a long time with lot's of Swedish and international bands. The two years I visited the festival was really fantastic. Even if I won't be able to visit the festival 2013 will I really hope that they will arrange it. Take a look at the Facebook page (in Swedish) and wish your favorite bands to the fest.

Punk Illegal 2013 @ Facebook
Punk Illegal @ Facebook

"What is Punk Illegal?
Punk Illegal is an active part in the No One Is Illegal network (IMäI), and is an autonomous, nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness and support hidden refugees here in Sweden. We organizing shows and an annual festival to support and raise money for this cause. The work is entirely DIY-based therefore we totally depend on the efforts of our volunteers."

Among the bands we've had you will find: Asta Kask, Assassinators, Atomvinter, Avskum, Baboon Show, Behind Enemy Lines, Beyond Pink, Conflict, Cress, Dia Psalma, Disfear, Diskonto, Doom, Drop Dead, E.A.T.E.R, El Banda, Extinction of Mankind, From Ashes Rise, Gorilla Angreb, Imperial Leather, Inepsy, Inner Terrestrials, Kamikatze, Kvoteringen, Martyrdöd, Masshysteri, Meanwhile, Mob 47, Moderat Likvidation, Moral Dilemma, Nuclear Death Terror, Oi Polloi, Palm, Project Hopeless, Regulations, Restarts, Riistetyt, Sju Svåra År, Skitkids, Skitsystem, Subhumans, Tysta Mari, Uncurbed, Varukers, Victims, Vicious Irene, Warcollapse, Wolfbrigade, World Burns to Death and many more.

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