7" For sale: from my private collection (PART 1 & 2 of 3)

Ask for details... schizodistro@gmail.com


3-way cum - Battle of opinions [Sound pollution]
Swedish crustpunk recorded back in 1993. Black vinyl

Against Me!
Tracks: Jordans 1.st choice, Those anarchopunx are mysterious, Reinventing Axl Rose, We did it all for Don. Black vinyl

A.O.C - Rapelle toi didier [One by one Rec]
Really good Oi! from France. Black Vinyl

Chiatiks - On en a bavé [Crânes Blasés Rec]
French Oi punk from the 90's. Limited 937/999. Black vinyl

Colt 45 - Usch då. From 1987. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Visst fan! From 1988. Black vinyl
Colt 45 - Huu jaa. From 1990. Black vinyl
Swedish punk band who released these 3 7"s

Constant State of Terror - Liberation [Inflammable Material Rec.]
This is one of my favorite bands from The UK. Good hard punk. Black vinyl

Cruelle Section - Oi! E.P [One by one]
Don't know much 'bout this French Oi! band. This ep was recorded 1997. Black vinyl

Endless Struggle - Leathers, studs and punks [Charged rec]
Poserpunks who play really good streetpunk. Black vinyl

Forca Macabra
Raw hardcore/trash from Finland. Black vinyl

The Gaia - No.1 [Six weeks]
Raw hardcore from Japan. Released 1994. Black vinyl

Hazardous Waste - Another warning [Lazy Records]
Hardcore from Finland. Released in the mid-90.s. Black vinyl

Hellkrusher - Dying for who [Tribal war]
Raw punk from UK. One live side and one studio side. Black vinyl

The Informers - 45 rpm
UK Punkrock. Don't know more about this 7". Black vinyl

Kazjurol - Messengers of death [Uproar Rec]
This is the Swedes first 7", released on legendary Uproar Rec in1987. Black vinyl

Kurbits IR - Inget liv [Really Fast]
13 fast Swedish rawpunk tracks from 1996. Black vinyl


NOFX - Single of the month #1. Black vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #9 Light blue vinyl
NOFX - Single of the month #10. Black vinyl
Fat Wreck Chords released 12 7"s, one of each month with NOFX 2005

Otakt - En alternativ livsstil
4 tracks of Swedish punk from 1987. Black vinyl

Razzapparte - Gente senza poesia [Resta rude Rec]
Italian Oi/Street. 5 tracks on Black vinyl

The Rude Kids - Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers
Really RARE 7" from Sweden. This is one of the most classic song. Black vinyl

Skitsystem - Beväpna er
Limited 85/245. A really cool EP with Skitsystem playing a cover of the famous Ebba Grön song Beväpna er. I suppose this EP is hard to find now. Red vinyl

Stalin's Daughter - Oktoberfest
Cool US Hc/Punk from 1988. Black vinyl

TEST A - Sound der strasse [Oi Hammer]
German Oi! from 1997. Black vinyl

White Flag - Live! Bleeding' in Sweden 1986
Classic band, recorded this in Gävle, Sweden 1986. Black vinyl

V/A Never again - An anti-fascist compilation
Totuus, Wind of Pain, Hiastus, TPL, Forca Macabra, Kirous, Ghost of mankind, Uutuus
Nice compilation from the mid-90's

V/A Emergency Broadcast Systems - Volume 2
Assück, Crain, Schedule, Friction
punk/hc/grind. Black vinyl

V/A Oi! It's party time for real. Working class kids Vol.3 [One by one rec]
Bovver '96, A.O.C, The Suspects, Riot Squad
3 US bands and 1 French. Oi! on Black vinyl

V/A Six ways to fuck shit up [Pumpkin records]
Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, Dead Subverts, De Reclassering, Power is poison
Anarch punk compilation. Black vinyl

Asta Kask / Crispy Nuts Split 7"
Sweden Vs. Japan. Playing 2 tracks each And both bands play a cover of the other band

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