Some Schizo updates

Under the interview section will you now be able to find the Sir Reg interview from Schizo Fanzine #3. And tomorrow (Saturday) will my interview with the good swedish girls in Glidslem be up. So take a look. More interviews will follow, both from past issues of the fanzine but also exclusive inties just for this blog.


Uhh, I found a box this evening with a bunch of CDs. The meaning was that
I was gonna review them, and I will. The thing is that I lost them while I was
moving. So they will be reviewed in Schizo #8. I am sorry for the misstake.

Here's the records:

Lost Croutons, Prisonbitch, Mad Pigs, Snutjävel, Violent Affair, Braindead,
Always War and Halvfabrikat Promo 2010

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