Review: V/A - Turist i tillvaron #6

V/A Turist i tillvaron #6 (LP)
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This compilation serie are amazing as usual. The standard of Swedish bands really makes me proud. The 16 bands creates a good mix of genres. One of the best band is Utanförskapet who sounds much like Uncurbed, I can really recommend to buy their LP from Rawby records or Fight back records. Dobermann Cult is a band that I've just heard of but never listen to, I wonder why because their hardcore is fucking excellent. If you are into Swedish punkrock this compilation will offer you a bunch of good bands like: Ligisterna, Knivderby and Psykbryt. One of the best band on the compilation is The Sweetshow who play some kind of punk/psychobilly with female vocals. Alison Blaire is another good band with female vocals as well, their Ramones influenced punkrock really appeal to me. I have to mention Planet Trash, a good old band that still knows how to make it. Well, the best bands in my opinion is: Utanförskapet, Kaos kris & Helvete and Lysande Utsikter which contribute with 2 tracks, I love the (female) vocals and the dirty punkrock. The worst band is Pusrad, just a pity that they contribute with 5 tracks, the good thing is that these tracks are very short. Söderberg makes a perfectly ok cover of the old Ebba Grön song "Vad ska du bli". All in all is it a good compilation, maybe not the best in the serie but in the other hand does some of the bands belong to the best bands in the serie.  

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