Schizo Distro list (March)

Here's all items who's available from Schizo Distro at the moment
All prices are excluding postage, and I have just a few copys of
all items left in stock right now. Send a mail with your order and
I will get back to you with the total amount.
info/order: schizodistro@gmail.com

Wanna trade? Let me know what you got...

(Special för Sverige, köp 5 st och jag bjuder på frakten)

Alfatec - Brainphobia (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Burnt Cross - Break the law, not the poor  (30kr/£3/€4/5$) (Ask for wholesale)
Burnt Cross - Too many graves (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Constant State of terror - Liberation (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Fed Up - Read between the lines (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Kurbits IR - Inget Liv (40kr/£4/€5/6$)
Niestroy - Ashamed (+ Cd) (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Split 7"

Misantropic / Deathrace (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Passiv Dödshjälp / Livstid (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison / Totälickers (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Pride of place / Judged by you (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Project Hopeless / Offensive (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Raised by drunks / Link (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Tinner / Slapendehonden (30kr/£3/€4/5$)

Compilation 7"
V/A Kids wanna dance (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Ambulance, Human Waste, Bombstrike, Kontrovers, Uncle Charles, Tristess
V/A Six ways to fuck shit up (30kr/£3/€4/5$)
Power is poison, Vals, Spam, Burnt Cross, De Reclassering, Dead Subverts

Burnt Cross - Mankind's obituary CD (60kr/£6/€7/9$)

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